Zydrate is a SkyWing made by Electrical-Onyx.

A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Zydrate is a very dark red SkyWing with orange eyes. He always looks a bit tired or lazy.


Zydrate was born from a very poor family. His parents argued all the time, and his siblings were all mean. At seven years old, Zydrate became addicted to this drug to escape his real life. He then grew up to become a soldier in the SkyWing Army. DON'T DO DRUGS KIDS!


Before addiction, Zydrate was very shy and quiet. He was very tolerant of his family members constant abusing. It was until after addiction when he became a rather violent and troubled dragon. Zydrate would hear voices, and he would hallucinate often. Many dragons think he's crazy.

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