Zircon is a male GeodeWing and is one of Tide the Seawing's OCs. HE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HIM IN ANY WAY, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW.


Zircon is a bulky gray dragon. He has rough skin and the crystals on his head are a light blue color. His wing membranes are pale amber. Zircon's eyes are light brown and he has sharp claws and teeth.


To be truthful, Zircon isn't the brightest dragon. He always aims to be at the top, and is VERY persistent. He's a bit immature at times, and has a big personality. Zircon is also impulsive, prefering to jump in and do things before thinking them out.


He has all the usual GeodeWing abilities, like strength.

Old Zircon chibi. Credit to Lightning for the base. Yeah, I failed....