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Background Information
Creator Bermuda
Aliases Z, Zetty, Zet, Z-Z
Main Attribute intelligence
Elemental Attribute neon
Theme Animal poison dart frog
Theme Color cyan
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 22
Gender female
Orientation bisexual
Occupation hacker, graffiti artist, leader of her female hacker group
Tribe RainWing
Goal never get caught, be the greatest criminal legacy in Pyrrhia, keep the crew under her control
Residence her hacker crew's HQ in Nightcry
Relatives unknown
Allies Circuit, Denary, Lacey, Quimby, Ava
Enemies the authorities
Likes computers, phones, her music, hacking, her friends, the nighttime and darkness
Dislikes the sunlight (strange for a RainWing lmao), male dragons, the authorities, being outside for long periods of time alone
Powers and abilities weak venom, expert hacker abilities
Weapons see the above
Quote "If they can't catch you, you're doing nothing wrong."

Few know that Zetta even is a real dragon. She sits in her room, the lights dimmed or off completely, the glow of her laptop screen and phone illuminating a female RainWing's face. The only dragons who have talked to her more than once recently are her best friends - who happen to be other hackers.




Zetta's scales are anything but simple. A toxic-looking pattern not unlike a poison dart frog's back spreads across her scales, the blues both beautiful and mysterious. A smooth, but lopsided gradient flows from a dark royal blue to a pale seafoam green, most of it being blue. The light seafoam is at her spine, and that area is actually quite thin. Zetta has navy blue splotches on top of the gradient for extra detail, making it even more like a poison dart frog.

Her wings are themed the same way, the seafoam at the edges and near the main part that hold up her wing membranes. The splotches here are very large, but get smaller the further in you go towards her main wing part. Her wings are quite small actually, and usually keeps them tucked in neatly so she doesn't knock over any important equipment pieces that would be extremely difficult to replace.

Her head frill is ridiculously long, and is patterned the same way as her wings.

Her build is quite thin and lanky, almost no muscle on her slender limbs. This doesn't mean she is weak inside though.

Her eyes are a pale golden yellow, the color of the light element. They often seem to glow, and it is quite strange to see her eyes glowing in the dark along with her computer screen. Some of her friends say that she should change her color scheme to yellow because blue doesn't match her eyes, but honestly, she doesn't like the sunny color on her scales.

The RainWing usually is seen in a loose-fitting black hoodie, sometimes with a cyan electronic "power on" symbol on the front. She also wears black sweatpants, but when it gets too hot (and if the AC breaks down), she'll don a dark colored t-shirt or tank top with short shorts or capris.

On the few occasions she'll leave the HQ, she'll tug a black hat down over her head to cover it, and place dark blue aviator sunglasses with silver metal frames over her eyes.

Zetta can almost always be seen with her sleek pale grey wireless headphones on, but this doesn't always mean she's listening to music. When she does, it's usually soft and simple techno, or maybe some kind of Celtic tune. Very few know what she listens to. They have an electric blue power sign on them too, and they seem to glow, pulsing with the beat of the music she's listening to.

You can bet that she's got her phone on her, no matter where she is. She can't stand being away from it for over an hour, and is extremely protective of it, though not as much as her laptop.

Her laptop was built by herself, and is the same grey as her headphones, with the same logo on the front. After all, she built both of them with her own talons. She has lots of data stored on it, and won't let almost anyone even come near it.

Zetta wears a simple, smooth silver ring on her left pinkie finger, but no one really knows why. It was a gift from her father when she was younger, as he wanted her to become an architect like him.

The female hacker is by no means drop-dead beautiful, but will wear eyeliner and mascara on occasion, but usually she just either changes her scale color to look like makeup, or she just doesn't make an attempt to look acceptable at all. Despite this, she is actually rather attractive, but not to the extent of the others, who smash her down in that field.

Zetta, overall, looks like an introverted, harmless, nerd, but that hides what she can do with her technology- and trust me, you don't want to be on the recieving end of it.




Zetta is a very introverted dragoness and can't stand being outside, especially during the day. She'll sit on the roof of her small headquarters building and watch a meteor shower if another of the crew is with her.

This RainWing is one observant dragoness, and always has her eyes open, with the exception of when she's completely immersed in her technology, which honestly, is almost all the time. She will notice when the smallest detail is out of place when she has her screens shut down.

Zetta hates the outdoors, and can't stand getting blinded by the giant glowing thing in the sky called the Sun. She'll go out when she absolutely has to, but she has to have another crew member with her to be comfortable.

She likes the dark, and usually doesn't even bother to turn lights on in her room at all, even though she doesn't have the ability to see in the dark, like Denary.

The RainWing is very quiet, and isn't very comfortable with others talking to her. She's gotten better, but she will be nowhere as outgoing as Denary, no matter how much she improves.

The young adult doesn't talk much at all, even to herself like some other hackers do. Occasionally you'll hear a snort of laughter from her when she sees someones' feeble attempts to block hackers, but other than that, she's dead silent.

Also, the RainWing practically runs on coffee. Though Denary tried to get her started with energy drinks, Zetta remains loyal to coffee. However, she can't stand hot or cold coffee, so she's gotten very good at determining when would be a good time to drink it.

It takes her a while to get used to things, and by no means has an addictive personality, though she went through a time when all she knew was alcohol. She's past this, and the only thing she's addicted to now is her laptop.

The dragoness literally doesn't know how to flirt. She can barely even recognize it, which is hard considering the fact she lives with Denary. She can't tell when anyone is trying to make advances on her, but honestly, she's never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. She's given up all hope on finding a bae, and doesn't think she'll ever even come close.

Zetta can't stand to be separated from her computer or phone, and will freak out and have panic attacks if away from them for more than an hour. She also is inseparable with her headphones, and won't let anyone tear her away from her technology.

Zetta hates being told what to do, and will often give the..less subordinate crew members orders just to show she's in charge. Only her closest buds can tell her to do something without getting her upset or angry.

Something special about this dragoness is that she hates males. This has something to do with her past, and won't hesitate to change the subject when her fear of them comes up.

Despite her quiet and collected behavior, she knows an alarming amount of insults and swear words, and mutters them under her breath a lot. Even worse than this, she's one of Pyrrhia's most dangerous - and most wanted - hackers.




Zetta had a rather interesting upbringing. Unlike most of the criminals in Nightcry, she was born to rather wealthy parents; her mother being a lawyer and her father being a cop. Her parents loved her, but were very limiting on her freedoms. They didn't let her have her own phone or any electronic, and only let he have about half an hour of computer time a day.

Her growing fascination with computer led to her breaking household rules with her little brother at the ripe age of eight. Whenever their parents were gone, they hopped on the two computers in the house, hoping to get more time on them.

The young RainWing didn't find much joy in playing video games like her brother. She liked to write stories and draw pictures on a very basic art program.

But when she reached fourteen, she began to learn to hack. Just little stuff, like getting her brother a missing ingredient for the weapon he wanted but couldn't get. But soon, she was looking at e-mails adressed to her parents, even going to her teachers' accounts and reading their student reports.

She told her few friends that she could find out what their teachers were saying about them, and they immediately asked Zetta to find out. She was shocked with what she saw. All of her friends were failing classes, which wasn't what they had told her. She didn't know what to tell them, as the reports were all quite harsh.

Without knowing that it would hurt her in the future, Zetta lied. She told them that their reports were all great, and there was not a harmful word on there.

Somehow, they believed her, despite the fact that they were awful in every class. Zetta felt guilty for lying, but didn't feel any regret in getting into the teachers' files.

Her "friends" asked how she got the information. She trusted them.

That was her first mistake.

She eagerly demonstrated on a library computer her skills, and they were fascinated. They promised not to tell anyone. She gave them a secret: Zetta told them that one of the hottest guys in the grade was failing school.

That was the second mistake.

Her friends immediately told the guy that Zetta was stalking him, and that the RainWing had a crush on him. The guy, who was an IceWing, never looked her way again. Maybe she did have a small crush on him, but that wasn't the really bad thing.

Her friends told everyone about her abilities, and the information inevitably found the ears of the school authorities. Zetta was put into extreme punishment, being suspended for the rest of the school year.

Of course, her parents found out. They turned their backs to her, disgust in their eyes as they got the phone call from the principal. She was locked in her room for a week straight, and the young RainWing fell into extreme depression.

Her parents didn't care. Her brother was the only one who talked to her for longer than five seconds, and he was the only one who kept her away from the knife. She grew extremely close with him, and he was the one who convinced their parents to let her out of her room and let her do something.

Because she hadn't been exercising, the RainWing had put on quite a bit of weight in fat. She worked vigorously to become as healthy as she once was, and her parents were fine with that.

Between grueling workouts, she didn't eat. If she had to, it was a small salad with nothing on it. She didn't care what happened, she just wanted to be skinny once again.

Her hard work finally paid off, and her parents bought her a smartphone. It wasn't that great, but it was still a phone. She was going into her freshman year of high school, and was eager to prove herself as changed and a perfect friend.

However, high school was no the accepting place she thought it would be. She was hates, treated as the wierdo no one wants to be around. Rumors spread, and she drowned in the pressure of homework and keeping her head above the ocean of harmful phrases.

She never told her parents about them, but somehow managed to get through her first high school with shaky A's. The only class she excelled in was tech. That was when she remembered what joy she felt while hacking. The phone she had only did so much, so she kept her desire to continue hacking a secret when she asked her parents if she could have a better phone.

Of course, her parents asked if her current phone would be okay. Zetta smiled, and only half lied when she said that dragons teased her because she had a very old-looking phone. Her parents immediately agreed, and gave her one of the best on the market.

The moment the teenage RainWing closed her talons around the phone, her parents slipping it into her grasp, Zetta knew she had freedom. She immediately downloaded specialized apps to look at the apps she already had in new ways, customizing it to its full potential. Her parents hadn't bothered to take her old phone, so she took it apart, examining the parts so she might be able to build one later. She used her talons itching to hack, and began hacking into almost every teacher's account and seeing, once again, their reports on multiple students.

Somehow, Zetta managed to avoid getting in trouble in the three years that followed. She gained a good knowledge on how computers work and started to specialize in creating little viruses that infected multiple computers. She also began to hack into extremely secure systems, such as banks. When she hacked in, she always left some sort of "worm hole" so she could get back in on a later date.

She got into a relatively good college in Nightcry, but decided it wasn't for her after a year of classes - mostly technology ones. But she did learn some things about laptops and how they were built, and immediately began building one herself, slowly, but steadily. Meanwhile, she constructed a pair of headphones for herself, and created her own logo - pretty much a power button symbol. Just noticeable to get by, but not to significant.

The RainWing soon met another RainWing dragoness at a coffee shop in downtown Nightcry. Her name was Circuit, and the two quickly grew to be great friends. The two teamed up and hacked together, doing small missions.

Eventually, the two RainWings broke a certain hybrid known as Denary out of jail, enlisting her as their third member. Other soon joined the group, and they took on bigger and bigger jobs, rarely working for anyone unless the pay was so high it was totally impossible to resist. The group is actually quite wealthy, but they use their money sparingly - who knows when you'll need it most?




Zetta is definately not physically blessed, but has enough strength to maintain fitness good enough to run from street corner to another without getting tired. She is not strong, and has trouble with heavy lifting, usually leaving that to the other more powerful dragonesses in the group.

Despite that, she is extremely smart, and excels in math. She can run numbers through her head extremely quickly, almost as if she has a calculator built into her head. Of course she's amazing with technology, but struggles with English and history.

She's a good leader. Quiet, but good. She can be very strict, though most of the other hackers she views as friends, not subordinates. She makes it her job to know them well, but also keep order.

Overall, Zetta's very strong mentally, but lacks physical prowess.





Ava: wip

Circuit: the RainWings are very close, and Zetta has let Circuit take a little bit of her control, making her co-leader, as the other RainWing was the first member besides her. Zetta doesn't feel intimidated at all by the other dragoness, despite her strengths. She is really jealous of her knife throwing abilities, but tries not to show it. wip

Denary: Zetta likes the hybrid, and Denny has actually attempted to get her into video games, with a surprising amount of success. She thinks that the outgoing dragon was treated unfairly in her life before now, but hasn't told anyone about this. Despite being bi, Zetta feels no romantic attraction towards her, and is sure that the hybrid feels the same. Still, Zetta and Denary are good friends, and the hybrid is one of the only dragons who has ever seen her laugh or goof off. wip

Lacey: wip

Quimby: wip





  • she is left handed
  • her favorite color is actually orange, but thinks that blue looks nicer on her scales
  • has never been in a romantic relationship
  • she loves the sound of rain











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