Yuki is a male IceWing ('Yuki' means 'Snow' in Japanese) and is one of Tide the Seawing's OCs. HE IS MY CHARACTER AND MY CHARACTER ONLY. IF YOU COPY HIM IN ANY WAY, THE ADMINS WILL KNOW. And... He may or may not be based off of Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket ^_^


Yuki is a very pale blue color, almost white. He is 8 years old. His wings are a shimmery white color, like the sun shining on fresh snow. Yuki's eyes are deep blue and he's quite skinny.


Yuki is very shy and was bullied a lot as a child for being a nerd and a bookworm. You could say he's slightly mouse-like. He's very intelligent, but doesn't like to show off or be in the spotlight. Yuki doesn't have many friends, but is very close to the few he has. He likes being with his parents and family. In the rare occassion in which he gets angry, he becomes filled with rage.


Like all other IceWings, Yuki can breath icy stuff, however, his breath isn't very strong. It could stop a dragon for a few minutes, perhaps, but other than that, it isn't very effective. His talons aren't quite as sharp as most other IceWing's either. In saying all that, Yuki has strategy on his side and is extremely quiet, giving him heightened ability of sneaking up on people.

A typical IceWing. Art by Aoy Ang