Yannick is a 9 year-old IceWing scientist who tests on the scienceborns.


Yannick is boring, sometimes ruthless and deceptive. He loves to test on the scienceborns, especially Kamaria and Oscillation. Yannick is descried as creepy and suprisingly inventive, with his bulging eyes and his voice that sounds like cracking ice and icicles dropping. He is a coward and is exceptional at lying. Yannick is slightly annoying to the mutants, as he tests on them almost every day. Yannick, however, is caring towards dragons he loves. He barely talks about his past, and would prefer it that way. Yannick is highly intelligent.


Even though Yannick was taught to be a scientist, the IceWing was forced to be a chef after unknown reasons occured. Yannick highly disliked the job working for Glacier and never really talked to anyone at that point. However, one day he put a unknown toxic substance in a rather large walrus. Glacier was poisoned and Yannick was going to get excuted. Two days before his excution, he was kidnapped by the scientists, obviously wanting him to be on their team. Yannick accepted, happy that someone appreciated his hidden skill.


Yannick was born with a tuft of soft fur on the tip of his tail, supposedly a deform at birth. His scales are a shimmering silver and Yannick is a little underweight. Yannick has pure seashell white talons and icicle horns that are pronged. His horns resemble a Qilin's with five prongs on each side. Yannick's eyes always look groggy. The IceWing also uses his tounge to smell.