Xeriam is a 21 (In human years) year old IceWing.


Xeriam is very uncaring and may be obsessed with his studies in science. It has been hinted he may be insane, but this is very unlikely. Xeriam is very good with weapons such as shurikens and kusarigamas. Xeriam is anti-social and extremely intelligent and diligent. He has made a robot NightWing dragon that follows his orders, almost like his "sidekick." When he sets his mind of something, he tries his best.


Xeriam was born into a family of ancient warriors. His parent's found him very special and he would do something great one day. Xeriam studied very hard and earned wonderful grades in school, but he loved science the most. His family got him a chemistry set and he still has it to this day. Xeriam developed his anti-social behaviour at the age of 4, as most dragons bullied him for being alone and loving his studies.



Xeriam has pure white snowy scales the sparkle in the sunlight. He has a very skinny build and is very swift. He has oversized wings, bigger than most IceWing wings. Xeriam cannot see the color yellow, this may hint he's somewhat colorblind. His eyes are a icy blue and faintly glow.