Xeno is a GeodeWing. He has dark red scales. He represents onyx, a dark mineral of sorts. 

Facts n' stuff

  • Xeno is blind in his right eye. He depends on his left to see.
  • Xeno is always getting injured due to his thinking of "superior" complex. But he heals quickly, so... derp.
  • As reckless as he is, he also cares for his fellow GeodeWings. This means he is willing to put his life on the line to save someone.
  • He is slightly bigger than Kel and ShadowEye, but is younger than his friends, but not really that close. Nearly at equal size with Catalyst


Xeno is a dragon that likes to make jokes even in a serious fight. (i.e. "Why don't you kiss him, Amethyst?") He has deep care for his friends. So deep, that he usually risks his life to save another. To him, others are the top priority. This said, this makes him pretty dense in the situation, charging in blind. Xeno's top priority is eating.


  • The blind eye is also a way for me to experinent with shading.
  • Drew the picture while listening to "XenoBlade Chronicles- You will know our names" Annnnd I just gave the name meaning away -.- but to be serious, I actually based it off Xeno, as in "Stranger". It was just a coincedence.
  • Came off something else I was doing, I was doodling a dragon when I added detail to it. Then, I decided to make Xeno.
  • It's onyx backwards. Same Pronunction.
  • Also, his color sho

    I was too lazy to draw wings, plus, It would obscure the view :3

    uld be a darker color of the "Monado".

    Xeno at top left.




    ShadowEye (Left), Kel (Middle), Xeno (Right)