WOLF is my original dragon. you can use him but dont claim him as yours! and dont forget to say he's mine! Wolf is a small IceWing dragonet.

He's often bullied by bigger IceWings about being small, and having weak frost breath.


Tribe: IceWings

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Powers: Frost breath, sharp curved claws.



A typical Icewing

Wolf is a grayish IceWing with deep black eyes, short spikes, and a short tail.     

Wolf is small and weak, but he's smart.


My name is Wolf, a small, weak IceWing.

I live around the edge of IceWing territory, with my dad and sister.

My name wolf comes from how when i was a tiny dragonet, i was captured by a white wolf.


  • Wolf has almost never been alone for more than an hour, so he has developed athazagoraphobia (i think i spelled that right), the fear of being ignored or forgotten.

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