If you touch her, you die!

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Wolf is a female IceWing-RainWing hybrid. Her scales are a deep silver color, and her eyes are a very dark blue. Her spines are long and blue, tipped in purple.

Her face has a narrow RainWing complexion, but the hard IceWing snout. Her claws are long and sharp, and her tail curls up like a RainWing's and ends in the long spines. Her underbelly is a light blue and is bordered by dark gray scales. Her hands are a dark purple around her claws.


Wolf was found in the mountains along the Ice Kingdom by a pack of Arctic Wolves. Taking pity on the small, newly-hatched dragonet, the raised her until she could fly. She was given her name because of her adopted family. She found the Ice Kingdom and was spared by the Great Ice Cliff because of her IceWing blood. She was allowed into the kingdom, but was placed at the very bottom of the Seventh Circle. Wolf was often teased because of her RainWing roots, but Wolf ignored their jeers and kept clawing her way up the ranks... one step at a time.

Wolf reached the Second Circle when she was ten. A male IceWing tried to take her talon in marriage, but Wolf insisted that she was a loner and refused his proposal.


Wolfer- Wolf and Wolfer would often joke in the Ice Kingdom about how they had similar names, until Wolfer went on a killing streak

Glowstick- Wolf loves her sweet, bouncy personality
Wolfdragon by Dreaming

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