"Earthquake!!" shouted a MudWing carrying a red-gold egg. The Talons Of Peace already had the other egg, but they needed another one. The MudWing was shaking all over because of the earthquake that was happening. "Hill! hand the egg to me!" shouted a SkyWing. Hill tossed the egg to the SkyWing. CRACK! The MudWing was on a breaking piece of rock. His wings were broken. The SkyWing said he'd get help as he lifted off. Suddenly, the MudWing fell into a crack in the earth. He was doomed.


Fire hated the underground caves. He was a SkyWing, he didn't need protection. SkyWings were always avoided. Smokey hated it, too. He was the other SkyWing in the prophecy. " Fight!", shouted an IceWing. The IceWing slung Fire across the cave. BAM! Fire was slammed into the wall. Fire ached all over. Claws slashed across his back, he felt unable to move. Fighting training always ended like this. Fire fails, soreness, then dinner. But not today, Fire got up, and attacked the IceWing called Ice. Fire wouldn't fail this time. Fire slashed his now blood-stained claws across the under belly of Ice. Ice left a trail of blood behind.