"Hazel! Wake up!" The RainWing's eyes opened slowly. "What is it, Flame?" Hazel said. "The eggs are hatching!" Flame excitedly said. "Come on!" Ever since Flame and Hazel had 3 eggs together, Flame had been so excited about when they would hatch. Hazel lumbered into the hatching where Flame stood over a nest with 3 twitching eggs in it. Flame's heat radiated onto the eggs, warming them up. CRACK! the first egg which was a red-gold, had a SkyWing head sticking out, the second egg had a RainWing dragonet in it, the third egg, had the new generation, a RainWing/SkyWing hybrid. Hazel gasped. "Flame... our daughter is in the prophecy!" They called the SkyWing dragonet Flame jr, the RainWing Grace, and the hybrid was called Praise.

                                                          Just a short story...nothing big...@

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