The Third Prophecy is a fanfic series for the 3 dragonets PheaseantLoki,and Wind Rider. It consists of 3 books WOF:More than Likely,WOF:In the desert,and WOF:The Last Gust.

Wings of Fire:More than likely(Pheaseant)

This book describes the life under the mountain and the epic escape of the "next ones"Pheaseant is the main protagonist in this book. Echoline and Deadheart make their first appearances in this book.

Wings of Fire:In the Desert(Loki)

This book describes how the dragonets found out Loki was the son of Oasis and their exploration of SandWing territory and accidentally crossed into FlameWing territory.(spoiler alert)😉 Loki is the main antagonist.

Wings of Fire:The Last Gust(Wind Rider)

As the final book in the fanfic, it describes the final battle between rival sisters Desert,Oasis,and Sun. Wind Rider is the main antagonist in the final Book.Characters Maybel and Nighttime first show up here.