You all know I can get outrageously angry sometimes

But the comment on a deviation on Da literally made me throw a pillow across my room, and scream. The comment said this

" I hate snakes. They are stupid and slimy and deserve to die"

This ticked me off so much, I had to let all my rage go into this.

So yea.

The NightWings words hit Constellation like a meteor.

You'll never reach the stars. You can't even take care of your stupid snakes"

Something came to Constellation's mind that no NightWing ever expected.

" Your right."

Glory snickered at Constellation. "Good, now leave" She gestured towards the exit, ready for the NightWing to leave her throne room.

Constellation did exactly what Glory told her to do. When she got back to her hut, she couldn't sleep.

All because of those fake words.

Chapter 1: Glory going down in Constellation town.