Author's notes

This is a story about my new favorite character, Horizon.

Even though he had a short role, I really wanted to explain him more in-depth.

So here you go. Enjoy! ~ Shadow.


A female SandWing wrapped her tail around two eggs. One a creamy orange, another a white yellowish color. A male SandWing stood proudly next to her.

"Have you figured out the names yet, Sunbright?" The male SandWing asked his wife, a creamy yellow SandWing named Sunbright.

"No. I need to see them first." Sunbright smiled warmly at the two eggs. "The healer said they would hatch tomorrow. Grain, I just can't wait for them to hatch." Sunbright softly said to her husband, a sun yellow SandWing named Grain.

"I can't either." He looked up the starry night sky. "I think it's time to go to bed. Bring the eggs down with us into the burrow." Grain laid a talon on his wife's shoulder, who looked up to him with pride and joy.

"Alright. But we must get up early. We wouldn't want our dragonets hatching without us." Sunbright carefully picked up the smallest, creamy orange egg. Grain picked up the bigger, almost white egg. They both walked over to a whole in the sand. A sandy colored rock laid right next to it. Both the dragons nervously climbed down into it, and Grain slowly lifted the rock over the entrance.

The couple walked down long tunnels. Until they reached a bedroom. A grass and sand nest laid in wait of the two eggs. Sunbright laid the small egg down first, then Grain placed it carefully next to the other. Sunbright sat down on a silk bed. Grain laid down on a bed with a very soft and warm blanket on it. Made with sheep wool imported from the Mud kingdom, and woven with grass, it pretty much summed up their wealthiness.

A small candle kept the room lit. It laid on a night bench right next to the eggs, keeping them mildly warm. Sunbright pinched the flame out with her white talons, and rolled over in her bed.

"Good night, my babies. I will see you tomorrow."

Chapter One: The Morning Light.

Two dragonets laid in their mother's palm, as big as a small scavenger. Although they had a wide smiled on their faces.