A male RainWing called Drain is a prisoner in the SandWing kingdom. SandWings there talk about a strange prophecy about a RainWing dragonet with a silver (unchangeable to color) birthmark. Drain has this mark on his forehead ... is he the dragonet?

Chapter one: Horrible Life

It was a dark stormy night, and a mother RainWing carried her fragile cargo close to her body, which was changing black. She was unaware a SandWing guard was watching her. BAM!!!!! a poisonous barb hit her back. "Ha" the SandWing said, "I thought you guys were strong... oh well..."   

"Stop! this egg is part of the prophecy!" the RainWing yelled, "This will help your tribe escape extinction!!" The SandWing snatched the egg from Delphie's talons. His poison barb twitched as his tongue slipped over his teeth.

"So?" he asked, "I don't care... and my tribe, the population might get lower, but extinction? ridiculous!" The SandWing's tail hit Delphie's heart, she screamed in agony. But... a RainWing would be a gift for the SandWing Queen, the SandWing thought. He took off into the night.

"WAKE UP LAZYHEAD!" a hateful voice shouted, "MAN RAINWINGS ARE LAZY!". Drain always hated mornings. Especially when Sandy was grumpy.

"Alright, I'm up. Sandy, please don't do that ..." , Drain said.

"Quiet! STUPID", Sandy said in his mad voice, "The Queen wants you."      

What now?, Drain thought, More cows? he was about to find out. The SandWing Queen always gave him orders. Drain was nothing but a slave. Without thinking, he wrapped his tail around Sandy's neck, and choked him. Drain quickly ran to freedom. This is his story... Drain's eyes flooded with light, he had never been outside the kingdom. He shifted to a sandy gold color. But the silver birthmark stayed there.

"Where is he?!" shouted a SandWing.

Okay, now or never Drain thought. He lay down on his stomach and slithered across the sand like a snake. He was heading to a small oasis close by. The sand made his scales itch, but he ignored it. Trying to get to the oasis was probably a good idea.

Chapter Two: My Destiny...

Once Drain made it to the oasis, he figured out it was a path to the RainWing kingdom.