Author's notes

A story about Coral's life. From the start to death. So enjoy! - Shadow


Queen Anglefish and King Sharpfin waited impatiently outside the royal hatchery, they waited for their eggs to be delivered by the protector of the Royal Hatchery. Queen Anglefish was a loving and caring queen, however, Sharpfin... not so much. His fiery could be compared to Burn and Blister's after Blaze "accidentally" sent IceWing soldiers to kill the SkyWings and SeaWings.

Sharpfin's dark blue claws flexed out as a winpy looking care- taker brought out three dragonets. Her eyes were pale as Sharpfin's talons laid about three inches away from her tail. Silk quickly shoved the Dragonets in Anglefishes grasp. Anglefish looked shock as she quickly swam away.

"Why I wonder why she acted like that? Maybe I should raise her pay in pearls and emeralds.." Anglefish hiccuped.

"I don't have a thought why she would do that." Sharpfin silently giggled. The SeaWing king had threatened to kill her a day earlier if the eggs weren't delivered that day.

"But-t, she brought us dragonets, not eggs! They hatched a day early!!!" Anglefish said. She lifted them up and gasped.

The bodies of the dragonets hung silently, dead. They were dead. Murdered. Their eyes hung in the back of their head. Their tails wickedly twisted, and a tiny spear shoved down their throats.

Sharpfin roared. Had Silk done this? He hurried towards the door, where the nervous Silk was trying to open it. Sharpfin slammed her into the door.