Wings of Fire: The Fallen Kingdom

Author's Note

This fanfic is RimeTheIcewing's fanfiction of the Wings of Fire series, you may not copy parts of this story, or it's charaters without her permission. Please do edit if you see a spelling error though. This fanfiction takes place however, in a non-canon alernate future, where the dragon world was destroyed.

(This is one of my older stories. Grammar mistakes ahoy!)


It has been 30 years since the war, 10 years after the meteorite. Doomsayer's back prickled as rain fell on his back and wings, making him too heavy to fly. It's not long now until I die. Thought Doomsayer sadly as he looked to the huge wound right below his left wing.

Not long ago, the remains of his tribe, the NightWings, broke into battle with the IceWings over a single freshwater lake. Water was hard to come by, especially non-toxic, pure water like that and while the NightWings eventually won that skirmish, Doomsayer was in a dire state. He laid down, his wounds bleeding and heard the faint noise of flapping wings.

Doomsayer winced as a pale blue IceWing with unusual yellow eyes around forty-five years old came down. The IceWing looked down at the pitiful Doomsayer, angry but surpised to see a Nightwing in former Icewing territory.

After the meteor landed, all of the snow melted away, revealing dozens of chasms and ravines, making it a great place to hide but nobody even thought of going in there as the IceWings patrol the kingdom every day and night. Doomsayer backed away, only to hit cold, deep grey rocks.

As the IceWing shot a breath of frosty air, Doomsayer's life reflected before his eyes, as well as a future event and in true NightWing manner, he spoke it in a riddle:

This land is as bleak as can be, but there is a way.

To seek this truth, you must find the four.

The SwiftWing egg with a night blue stripe, shall you give all the will to fight.

The GeodeWing egg with soft shell, shall make all things go well.

The SkyWing egg in an eternal blaze, and we shall be lifted above this haze.

The SeaWing egg, found in the shore, and this world will become great once more.

Once they have gained their elemental grace, they shall all be given a task to face.

If they climb to the mountain of life, all strife shall end, once and forever.

If they choose, we will give.

If they succeed, we shall live.

They are coming, we have a chance.

They are coming.

Doomsayer, after saying the last word, crumbled to the ground. He was frozen and was losing heat and breath. The IceWing snarled " The thoughts of a madman, nobody will help your little NightWing plot, and this world is never going to get better!". The IceWing flew off into the night, but unknown to her, a MoonWing and her friend, a MudWing, had heard all of the prophecy. Both of them flew off into the night to find the eggs.

Part 1: The Night Blue SwiftWing...

Aether glanced at the plucked, dead chicken in front of her and barfed. Why does Phobos eat such poor creatures? She thought, looking at the white feathers and her white scales, she could almost see herself plucked and eaten. Aether ducked down and ran out of the dining room.

They lived in a cave, in the area that was once called the Diamond Spray river but now it's just a dry and hollow land, besides a few murky rivers and remains of some settlements.

The MudWings didn't care about them being there, as most of them had moved out to the SandWing kingdom, the landing site of the meteor and where all the water flowed to. Aether didn't go outside much, only when it was Phobos's plucked chicken night.

Aether sat down and looked at the sunset, the red haze in the air made it hard to see anything, but the sun was bright enough. Aether felt a tickle inbetween her toes and looked down to see some reeds she had accidently broken. All of a sudden, a fiery blaze dashed towards her, seeming to come from the sun itself.

Blitz Thought Aether as the SkyWing dragonet did a roll in the air before landing right beside her, radianting a glow from her fire-producing body. " Hey what's up Aether?!" Said Blitz as she flapped her wings quickly and took to the air again. Blitz seemed nice enough on the outside, but Aether knew sometimes she could sting. Quite literally, as she had so much fire that it contantly bursted through her skin.

"Hi Blitz." Said Aether softly, wary of the SkyWing dragonet.

"Not much of a talkative one, Aether?" Said Blitz, her flames slightly expanded with curiosity. Aether moved back a bit, and put on a fake smile. " Um, yeah I'm just not talkative." Said Aether. Blitz nudged Aether

"Let's get to a place where there's less mud, ok? Oil and Talc are down by the beach, I think they found something!". Aether didn't have much of a choice as Blitz dragged her off, a bit careless to the fact that Aether wasn't flameproof.

After a long flight and a lot of crying due to Blitz's painful flames, they were finally there. Aether dashed into the water as soon as they hit the ground, to soothe the burns. Talc and Oil were looking at a scroll, long and detailed.  

"Hey guys, I got Aether." Said Blitz, who landed on a big sand dune, scattering little bits of sand everywhere.

"Geez, Blitz you didn't have to actually pick her up." Said Talc, wincing at Aether's burnt leg that she was picked up by.

"Hey, at least I did it, right?" Said Blitz defiantly. " I guess... Hmph." Said Talc, who went back to reading the scroll.

Aether read the scroll's title. The Great War, was the name of the book. It describes the brutal war from 30 years ago, over which SandWing would be queen. The war was ended by five dragonets who were chosen by destiny, and chose a Sandwing queen. The name of the queen was too faded to read, leaving Aether slightly dissappointed.

All of a sudden, Oil burst out. "Wouldn't it be cool if we were some sort of dragonets of prophecy?". A brief silence followed the suddden comment by the black-colored SeaWing.

"That would be really awesome!" said Blitz.

"Yeah, I mean, we could use a little adventure in our lives." Said Talc. Aether was not so sure, having the balance of the world rest on your shoulders would be a  big responsiblity. But, saving this barren, broken world was one thing Aether wanted to do more than anything else.

After reading several more scrolls, one written by a SeaWing named Whirlpool, another by the previous SeaWing queen, who died when one of the the fragments scattered by the meteor hit her in her sleep, all of the dragonets went to the cave and slept.

Meanwhile, far from the cave, several dragons talked in the Jade Mountains. One, a burly NightWing with a scar slashing across his face grumbled

"Venom? Are you there?" A shadowy figure appeared, a RainWing in shape. "Yes, I am here. Use your eyes, fool." The NightWing hissed angrily

"Close your mouth, RainWing." The RainWing glanced back, his eyes gleaming in the shadows.

"RainWing is hardly an insult. In fact, I think it's better than being called a crazy NightWing." said Venom. The NightWing leaped out at Venom, who quickly dodged the NightWing's attack.

"You wouldn't risk trying to kill me, I would hate to dissapoint the master when all I return with is a dead NightWing. We need to kill the foolish survivors of this camp. Now just hand me the dagger, and I wouldn't melt you." The NightWing shot a glare at Venom, but handed the dagger to him. Venom grinned, and proceeded inside.

Aether's ear twitched slightly, hearing footsteps in the distance as she laid in a bed made of thick, old leather hides. Sludge, an old MudWing that used to make weapons for Burn, made them himself out of what few cows they used to have. Now all they had left was a goat and some chickens. Aether loathed the now-constant serving of chicken, as she never liked chicken much in the first place.

But now was not the time to talk about chicken Thought Aether as she sniffed the air. It smelled like sulfur and ash, much like everything else, but this thing had a different kind of smell on it, the smell of fruit. Weird, I don't think we have fruit around here Thought Aether as she heard the footsteps come closer slowly. They were almost silent, barely noticable but present and steady. Aether felt a pain in her tail and snapped awake very quickly.

A black RainWing stood by her tail, his ears starting to turn green with displeasure as he realized that his venom-filled fangs had started to drip and had awakened his target. Venom looked around, spotting the exit. "Heh, sorry to interupt your night. You're marked for death in these parts, Ragedasher, kill her!" Aether's eyes opened wide." Marked for death? I didn't do anything, don't hurt me!" Venom just grinned as he blended into the enviroment, letting his lackey, Ragedasher, the burly NightWing do the work for him.

Ragedasher roared as one of his claws extended, swiping at the small SwiftWing. Aether easily dodged the attack, but didn't even attept to fight back. Ragedasher snarled, his wing fluttering madly and Aether noticed the insides of his wing which were covered in starlike underscales in many different colors, like some kind of supernova. He saw the SwiftWing's unwillingness to fight back and started to change his attack pattern, doing risky moves like biting at the neck.

Aether tried to dodge his huge jaws, but it just barely scraped her neck, damaging the scales along the edge and leaving ugly, painful bruises. Ragedasher smashed his head into Aether's side, sending the dragonet flying to the other side of the cave. Aether let out a ear-piercing roar, as she stumbled to get back on her legs, only to face more hard blows.

Aether heard a distant growl, then the sound of flapping wings. Phobos burst into the room, her expression grim and angry. For a dragon that was so childish, even at this age, she was scary when she got angry. The only other time when Aether had seen Phobos this angry was when she hid away the chickens so that they couldn't have plucked chicken night.

Phobos growled at Ragedasher who replied " This is the best caretaker for the elements they could find? I'll snap your bones like twigs!". " Not if you can't catch me and her." Said Phobos, as she picked up Aether and threw her on her back. Aether shifted uncomfortably, as she was around three-quarters of Phobos's size and wondered how Phobos could carry her. Ragedasher snarled as he chased after the duo, but was falling behind, as he started to get tired. Phobos was clearly tired too, from carring Aether and dashing at the same time, but she didn't quit.

But there was only so much to run before they reached the end of the cave, the underground lake. Phobos blew cold wind at Ragedasher, who backed away, but only for a moment. Just as Ragedasher lifted his claws to strike, Blitz and Oil leaped on him, pushing him into the lake. Ragedasher started to thrash madly in the water while Oil and Blitz pushed his head underwater.

"We need some help here..." Said Oil. " Bit off a little more than we can chew.." Oil looked at Ragedasher as he kicked the young Seawing's front leg. Aether dashed over and held him down and Talc rushed in the room, helping them. Ragedasher's thrashing began to slow down, until he was weakly clawing foward and his wings drooped.

Ragebringer's eyes rolled back into his head, and Aether gasped as life left Ragebringer. It didn't matter that he was trying to kill me, I should have never killed another dragon. It's a disgusting deed! Thought Aether, removing her claws from his head, now completely limp and dead. Aether's tail twitched in disgust before leaving the room. Oil, Blitz and Talc surveyed the dead body.

Talc pulled out what appeared to be a chain wrapping around one of his legs, with something etched in it. " Queen's Army..." Said Talc " Hmm... Guess some of them are still alive, maybe he's a soldier from the Nightwing army.".

Oil shrugged " I don't know, but boy am I tired, let's get some SLEEP!" While the rest of the dragonets slept, Aether went near the entrance of the cave and slept there, more space to run. She looked around, and thought about the scary green and black Rainwing. As she grew more unsettled, the winds rustled, only for a second, but still did. Huh? Did I do that? No, it's probaly my imagation... Thought Aether as she drifted off into a sleep.

Part 2: Will to Fight

The next morning, Aether slowly crawled out of bed and looked for something edible. Due to the extremely low amount of food in these wastelands, they only got to eat once a day, and even then it's usually not very much.

Aether looked around for Talc, Oil and Blitz. All three of the dragonets were still sleeping and snoring. While Aether knew that if the dragonets were still asleep, the caretakers probaly were, she flew out the cave entrance anyway. Aether hated being in the cave, were she couldn't fly, as flying was one of her favorite things to do.

Aether looked around in the area around one of the few murky lake. Hmm, no sign of food here Thought Aether as she contuined to look around. All of a sudden, Aether saw something in the distance, something billowing smoke. Despite her mind telling her not to go too far from the cave, Aether rushed south to see the object.

As she looked at the object, or more accurately, the building, she saw something that she had never seen before, a spear, ready to be placed in a harness, as well as a freshly killed horned animal. MudWings still live here? Thought Aether as she sneaked in, ready to take a bit of the food. Aether snatched a few dead carcasses quickly. They all smelled purgent and each already had a bite taken out of the neck, the presumed way that Aether thought the MudWing had  killed them.

As she exited the small hut, she took a backwards glance before sneaking away. All of a sudden, Aether heard a angry roar. That's a Mudwing roar, it's either Stone, calling us back to the cave or that Mudwing. Judging by the anger, that might be one enraged Mudwing. Thought Aether as she started to walk slightly faster.

All of a sudden, the Mudwing leaped out, his harness adorned with the spear that Aether saw earlier. He was a rather young dragon, at about only 23 and his scales were a dark brown color with tiny hints of gold. The Mudwing dashed towards Aether at blinding speeds.

Aether felt searing hot pain burst through her body like a eel shock as the spear burst of some of her scales near her wings, thankfully only scarring the flesh underneath. Aether weakly started to fly, wincing in pain. The Mudwing easily grabbed her and pinned her down.

"I expected more from the night blue Swiftwing. Your just a pathetic, thieving excuse for dragon." He said gruffly, his voice raspy yet strong. Aether struggled under the weight of his massive claws, her tail whipping about.

"L-let me go!" Said Aether as the claws started to push her into the ground. The Mudwing's eyes narrowed, his frown becoming more of a malicous grin as he pushed Aether, watching her roar in pain. Aether, for one of the first times, felt genuine rage at him. Yet at the same time, why did he know about her? She wasn't anything special for a Swiftwing, in fact, she was almost completely normal.

"How do you know me?" Said Aether, now having to gasp for air.

"Bah, some Nightwing made a so-called prophecy a few years back. It's about a night blue striped Swiftwing, a soft Geodewing, a black Seawing and whatever the Skywing's supposed to have. I trust it a little, but judging by your cowardly stealing, your clearly not of the proper moral fiber." The Mudwing said, spitting out every mention of Aether like it was a rotten scavenger corpse. Aether despised the next few minutes, of him alternating from endless insults and lectures, to painful beating whenever she stopped listening.

Finally, after several painful minutes, Stone, Oil, Blitz and Talc came flying overhead. The Mudwing looked up and gasped then threw Aether into a bush.

"Sorry, whelp but my show's over, time for you to die, thief." Aether backed up into the corner of the bush, and yelled

"Don't come any closer or.. or... or I'll kill you!" The Mudwing laughed

"How? I'm bigger, stronger and have fire!". The Mudwing reared back, before charging at Aether, his spear aimed for her vital organs.

Aether felt a wind evelop her, her vision turned a brilliant sappire blue. The MudWing stopped in his tracks, the winds blocking him. Aether's rage had come into truth, as a tornado of destruction. It picked up the MudWing and threw him into the air, while tearing at his wings. Aether saw him screaming as he slowly was being ripped apart and wished in her mind for the winds to stop.

But the primal forces of air she called upon would not easily be controlled. " Tear him to shreds! " Said a voice in her mind, the primal force of air and fury speaking to her " Let us kill him, let him die! " Aether saw the Mudwing screaming and while part of her had no problem with it, another part, a kinder part, couldn't let her powers tear him apart.

Aether focused all her power into keeping control of the whirlwind. The whirlwind stopped growing, but rather glowed blue and shrank down slowly. The MudWing collasped to the ground, and Aether gasped. His wings were completely snapped and bent, his legs broken. His eyes only reflected emptiness as he glared at her, and he reached out with one of his claws, very slowly and tried to grab her but his movements were sluggish and clumsy. He lied his head down and hissed before he stopped breathing.

Aether started to panic and ran away, back to the cave. The rest of the group soon came back after seeing the whirlwind and found Aether waiting for them. They all hugged, but to Aether, something wasn't quite right.

Later, Stone and Phobos met up near the underground lake.

"Did you see the whirlwind?" Said Stone to Phobos. Phobos nodded " Yes I did, do you know what this means?" She said. Stone shrugged his large dark brown shoulders.

Phobos said "Didn't you noticed, it glowed sapphire? That is unnatrual, a storm made by a dragon, or maybe in this case, a dragonet.". Stone gasped " You don't mean!? Aether?".

Phobos nodded " Yes, she's developing her powers, but as of now, we can't tell them yet." Stone said " Perhaps after the others develop theirs?" Phobos looked out to the tunnel, as if she was trying to look out at the dragonets. " Perhaps." Said Phobos, as her greying blue mane blew in Aether's breeze.

Part 3: The Seawing Egg in the Shore...

Oil growled under his breath, jealousy streaming through his body, like a sort of corrupt blood. The guardians gave so much attention to Aether and the others, but have seem to forgotten about him. Worst yet, Talc and Blitz had developed these sorts of powers, like Talc controlling small stones and Blitz being somewhat in control of her fire.

This is unfair! They get powers and attention and I get nothing! Oil thought looking at Talc talking to Stone, who seemed quite intrested in his powers. It made Oil wonder if they were taking advantage of their powers. Taking advantange of them.

Oh course! Thought Oil. There was no other way to explain it. They were just greedy dragons who want to take advantage of his friends.

So, later that night, he nudged Aether in her sleep, waking her up.

"Huh? Wh-wh-who?" Said Aether sleepily.

"It's me, Oil. We gotta leave right now, I think these caretakers are crazy!" Aether rolled over before groggily saying " You got a leaf? Cool, now let me sleep.".

"No we gotta leave, not leaf." Said Oil, getting impatient.

"I know you said leaf..." Said Aether, drifting back into sleep. Oil snarled before looking for the others. He went over to Talc, who snored loudly in the corner. As soon as he approached Talc, the Geodewing swung his hard tail upwards before smashing it to the ground, not even making a crack. In the corner of the cave, his light grey scales melded into the wall, creating a sort of illusion.

He clearly didn't want to be bothered if he spent this much time preparing a hideout. Perhaps he was as stressed as Oil, or as sleepy as Aether. But it didn't matter to Oil, who went to go check up on Blitz. Blitz slept messily, her legs sprawled out and her tail flopping about. Oil went over to her and heard an odd noise, a hissing sort of noise. Oil had thought about how dragons hiss before breathing fire, but nobody had ever breathed fire or ice at him before.

A blast shot above his head and he looked at the attacker. Blitz sat there on her haunches, looking surpised.

"Oil, did I hurt you!?" She said, expressing concern, something she usually never expresses. " I'm fine, it didn't hit me. Hey, Blitz, we have to escape this place. Do you want to come?" Blitz stood there, shocked but soon nodded.

"I though you, one of the loyalists would never ask that. Sure I'll come, it'll be more fun than we could ever have in these caves." They both raced up to the entrance, which had surpisingly little to keep them from just escaping. They both leaped out in the middle of the night, spreading their wings of fiery velvet and jet black.

Oil felt ice-cold water wash over him as he dived into the water. Blitz's flames turned to mere smoke as she entered the water. Oil looked around and saw only water and gray sand, with a hint of life here and there.

Blitz swam underwater alongside Oil, looking out at sea. It felt so right to him to be in the sea, the place he should have been born in and stayed in. Meanwhile, Blitz was having much more trouble swimming and holding her breath. Skywings were not built with swimming in mind and her large wings spun about as she went up for some air. Oil went up along with her and looked as her head ignited as it left the water.

Blitz turned to him and said

"Wait for a clean little second, why are we going to the Seawing Kingdom?". Oil pondered for a few seconds before saying

"I wanted to see my kind's kingdom and I think that maybe... um.. the caretakers are using us.". Blitz looked at him for a few seconds before bursting into laughther.

"Oil, you silly dragon! We are part of a prophecy, they're training us and they want to keep the truth hidden from you for some weird reason!" Said Blitz quickly.

"Wait.. what?!" Said Oil loudly.

"We're prophecy dragonets! Yah!" Said Blitz, splashing about.

"WHAT!?" Said Oil, who's mouth was hanging wide open.

Blitz roared "Yes, I just said that! We.Are.In.A.Prophecy.".

Oil shrieked a high-pitched, almost-scavenger like noise "Oh wow! We can like travel around and fight stuff!".

Blitz's ears went flat against her head " Yeah, just like that...". Oil splashed about happily and dived back down, towards the summer palace in the distance. " Wait for me, Oil!" Said Blitz as she dived into the water, leaving little trace they were there.

Phobos laid her head on a rock, growling angrily. Last week, Aether had ran away and had almost gotten killed. Now, both Oil and Blitz were nowhere to be seen. She scrapped her claws against the cold hard rock wall of the cave, like she always did when she was angry. Stone came up to her and nudged her with his big claws. " Phobos, can you hunt today? I injured my wing while working with Talc."

Phobos snarled and flicked her tail at him, nearly taking out an eye. Stone backed away for a second before saying " Phobos, are you ok? Phobos?".

Phobos could care less, as she merely went outside, dragging her tail along while Stone kept questioning her. As Phobos went outside, something wasn't quite right as she heard footsteps, but didn't see anything.

All of a sudden, Venom leaped out at her, grappling her to the ground. Venom grinned

"Hello, Moonwing. Tell me where underground you his those little dragonets or else..." He spat a bit of venom beside her, sizzling into the ground. Phobos stared back before saying

"The dragonets aren't my responability anymore so go ahead, kill me. I don't want to live in a world like this, where even those of us that are more noble, are still villians. A world where hope is not even a glimmer.". Venom glanced back " Bah, I'm not giving up easily, Moonwing. But if you really want to die.". Venom grinned before shooting a streak of jet-black venom along Phobos's side, with no intention to kill her, but to cruelly torture her until she dies.

Phobos roared as her scales melted into her skin, making a sloppy line of half-melted scales along her side. Her vision went blurry as one scale started to melt into her eye, spreading the venom. Venom tried to stop the deadly liquid from killing her, but as it seeped into her blood, she collapsed and died. " Rrrrr, I must find the other one now, bah useless Moonwing." Said Venom, storming away. But he had a clear target in his mind, the one his master ordered dead.

Oil swam deeper into the water, against Blitz's wishes. He could feel the rushing current coming to a halt as he saw the biggest castle that he could ever imagine. He visualized himself, as royalty, living in the castle, still quite grand despite having a few cracks in it and algae growing out of it.

Blitz flew above the water, before stopping, looking at the Seawing guards. Seawings and Skywings were never friends, having fought in the great war against each other. It is told that the Skywings bombed this palace and it took years to rebuild, or at least that what's believed to have happened. The war is still a sore topic, especially for the dragons that partook in it. Oil motioned that he would be right back before he went into the palace.

Two strong, armored guards sat near the entrance, looking at him oddly. One of them eyed him up and down, while the other just stood there, glaring at Oil.

" Um, hi?" Said Oil as the glaring guard's stripes lit up around his arms and neck. What is he doing? Thought Oil as the two exchanged more flashy stripes before one of them lifted his tail up high and swang the heavy tail at Oil, knocking him out. All he could feel was the cold water and the sound of moving dragons as he drifted off into a dazed state, his head throbbing.

Part 4: Great Once More

Oil awoke to find himself standing on hard rock, adorn with pieces of kelp that resembled a bed.

Oil hissed " Where am I!? Get me out of here, or... or else I'll stomp your tails!". He took a look around the dull room. Thick stone bars, too hard to even dent prevented his escape. The kelp was dried and rather unclean, the floor stained with blood, like a dragon had been killed. Worst of all, there was no water in the cage, not even a tiny drop. The mere thought of being without water made Oil crave it even more.

Many hours of boredom and restlessness later, a shadowy figure came to him, a figure that was Seawing in shape.

"Hello, prophecy whelp." Said the voice, a voice so kind and musical that it made him just stop and listen.

"So musical... Wait, sorry! Uh, I'm Oil and can you free me, please!" Said Oil, trying to get a look at the dragons face.

"Sorry, no can do. It's not in my control. You are to speak with master Abyss." It said.

"Why are you here then?" Asked Oil, who was growing sleepy.

"I'm to make sure that none of the prisoners escape. It your case, it's to make you get out of that cage and meet him." Said the voice. All of a sudden, the bars opened and revealed a dragon standing outside of the cage, a deep sapphire-blue dragon with angular green eyes and a necklace with a seashell in the middle. Then Oil saw an entry to run, but he couldn't tell himself to go. There was a noise, a song to beautiful to go away from.

All of a sudden, he was away from the dark depths of the cages and in the royal court, standing face-to-face with the Seawing prince. The prince bellowed loudly " Tie him up, Siren. Make it quick, King Abyss is coming back from negolations with the Icewings. We can't let the king see this... thing loose."

Oil quickly realized what was going on and kicked the sapphire Seawing away from him, careful not to listen to her song. The Seawing prince, much bigger, well-fed and stronger, easily whipped Oil away with his tail.

Oil ducked under the next blow before striking back with great force. The Seawing prince's stripes flashed widly, messaging something to Siren. Siren ran towards Oil, like a full-on charge, yet as Oil flew up, the prince slashed at him with his claws, leaving a painful cut on his neck. Oil rammed the prince, but started to feel the power fade out of him as his gills bled, leaving puddles of blood behind.

Siren screeched a horrid noise as she and the Seawing prince both pounced at him, their claws gleaming like gems. Oil quickly ducked under them and hit Siren with his tail, causing her to crash into a wall. The blue Seawing gasped as she looked up. The Seawing kingdom had been reconstrusted so fast that it had major flaws and unfortunatly, being flimsy was one of them. A chunk of the room fell onto her, leaving only a red stain to indicate that she couldn't dodge in time.

The Seawing prince roared " Guards! Tie the fool up!". The guards, honor-bound by their code, obeyed the prince, raining down on Oil like blue and green raindrops. Then, came a loud roar, the loudest roar that Oil had ever heard.

All of a sudden, a very dark blue Seawing, covered head to toe in pearls, gold and silver came charging into the room. His face had a large scar cutting through it, with such a torn look that it must have been cut by an Icewing. However, his wings didn't have the royal pattern of old, but instead a pattern that looked like cuts in his wings.

He had at least 4 gold loops in his ears and black pearls surrounding his neck, a show of great wealth. " Father, we have found the traitor." Said the Seawing prince, walking up to his father.

"Nice, now go. All of you." Said the Seawing, his voice sounding rough and deep. Oil stared at the king, probaly that King Abyss Siren talked about.

"Heh, I thought we would never find any of you dragonets. After my assasain failed, I thought I would have to take a more.. direct strategy." King Abyss said.

"Wait, what? Why do you want to kill us?" Said Oil. King Abyss laughed, a sound that sounded like a eel being strangled. " Did I ever say I wanted to kill you? No, I did not. You are a foolish dragonet, as well as a traitor." Said King Abyss, flying slowly up to him.

Unable fight back, Oil got hit by King Abyss's sharp claws, cutting a bleeding wound near his eyes, almost blinding him.

"Then why would you send an assasain to get us?" Said Oil, angrily. " Oh, he was nothing. Only a mere test. I wanted to see the extent of your powers, to see how I will be the king." Replied Abyss.

"But aren't you already king?" Said Oil. " No, I want to be king of all the tribes, and I need your weaklings powers to do it. I'll start with you, and eventually, I'll be too powerful to stop. The world will be a better place with me in control." Roared Abyss, but not too loud so that his subjects could hear.

"You can't take away my powers, I don't have any." Said Oil " Besides, didn't you have a peace meeting or something with the Icewings, how are you gonna betray them all?".

King Abyss grinned a tiny but, breaking what seemed like a constant scowl. " I've betrayed royalty before. How else would a poor runt like me become royalty... Heh.. You also lie to my face when you say you have no power. It will come, and I will wait. The uprising is coming. It is coming for the land, like a crashing wave." With that, he ordered the guards back in, to take Oil away. Oil roared one last time before being taken away.

Part 5: The Skywing egg in an Eternal Blaze...

Blitz moaned. Oil has been down there forever! I gotta go drag him up here, that Rainwing of a dragon. Thought Blitz as she dove down into the water and felt her heavy blaze, the one thing she truly hated about herself.

Her blaze meant she could never really touch anything without burning it to near crisp. The water lifted this burden from her, turning it to a mere smoke as she swam in it's depth. As Blitz's wings splashed wildly, she descented into the deeps and swam to the castle.

The two Seawing guards leaped into action as they saw Blitz dive down. The larger one spun around quickly, trying to hit Blitz with his oversized tail. Blitz felt the water move by as she quickly bound back with a harsh movement. The guard's yellow eyes only reflected hate towards her, as she did what her Skywing instincts told her, to bite the neck. The guard's blood came gushing into the water, turning it from blue to red, while the other guard, clearly smaller and more afraid, started to run. The large Seawing thrashed in the water, his eyes gazing over, but not willing to die to Blitz's neck blow. Blitz, looking victorious, smiled but it was too soon. The guard's thrashing talons caught onto Blitz's horns, cutting a claw mark into the ivory horn as it slipped down. Blitz roared in fury, and smashed the guard's head into the seafloor then choking him to death.

At this moment, Blitz realized how much she needed air and struggled to the castle. Her vision started to go foggy and she snapped her eyes shut, bursting through the water as fast she could. Blitz's body felt relief as she came into the palace, a fire returning slowly to her body, starting from a single ember on the tip of her wing. The blaze cloaked her and she felt relief, but not safety.

The palace's wall had been decorated to be menacing to outsiders, with marble dragonic statues around every second corner. Pearls were incased in the walls but there was no marvelous carpets or rugs on the floor, unlike the other castles. Blitz heard murmurs from down one hallway and flew to the ceiling silently.

A seawing guard ran down the hallway, calling out to his fellow guard. " Capture the dragonet! Storm the palace! We will find her!" Shouted a voice that sounded like it would be from Blitz's darkest nightmares. The echoing rough voice hinted with anger resonated through the palace. More guards, in colors of green and blue flew through, narrowly avoiding spotting her. It was only a matter of time before they found her and killed her, or worse.

Blitz snuck in the shadows, to the throne room. On top of a throne of gold, sat a dragon that was dark blue, almost night blue, his electric blue eyes staring grimly at the guard who had fled the battle earlier.

"Worthy report. But do you know the price of cowardice? Three strikes and... Oh! Your third battle fled by pure cowardice, not on our command. You know what that means, coward?" Said Abyss, the king upon the throne. The small Seawing shook his head, his helmet swaying back and forth, too big for his head. " Your out... Forever." Said Abyss, walking over to him. The Seawing guard jumped up and ran, his green wings flapping crazily. The king laughed and snapped his gnarled talons.

Several guards narrowed in on him, giving Blitz a chance to dash away. But Oil... Where is he? Thought Blitz as she slipped through the palace, hiding behind pillars and flames to mask her own. She heard an awful moaning noise, but one that sounded oddly like Oil. She turned to the prison, the seeming source of the noise.

Oh course, how could I be so foolish? Thought Blitz. But how will I get in with being captured? She thought as she lurked behind a pillar. The sounds of flapping wings were getting closer and Blitz wound have to make a choice, one that could mean life or death.

Blitz looked around quickly. There was nowhere left to hide, as Seawings flew in every way. As Blitz felt fear creep through her body, her blaze flickered with doubt. A deep green Seawing with a missing eye saw the flickering and roared in fury as she dashed up to Blitz and swung her large tail.

Blitz narrowly avoided her large tail and hit her with her claws. Blitz hit the Seawing on the head with her talons curled into a fist, sending the Seawing grasping her face as she stumbled back. The dark green Seawing let go of her face and Blitz saw a burn wound where the flaming had hit her.

The Seawing roared loudly and more guards came to the pillar, all of them hissing and roaring. A large blue Seawing stomped Blitz's tail and Blitz screeched in pain as she went up against a wall. All of a sudden, a light aqua Seawing chucked his spear at her from the side. Blitz ducked and the spear went through another guard's chest and then, the army erupted in anger.

Seawings rushed in from all sides, not caring who they attacked, Blitz or the spear-throwing Seawing. Blitz jumped up and flew to the prison, an angry mob of ruthless guards following her.

Blitz reached Oil's cell and saw a Seawing holding a key around his neck. Blitz breathed a burst of flames at him, causing him to fall over backwards. Blitz held him down with her two front legs and heard him scream in pain. Blitz's ears folded against her head as he screeched a horrible noise. Blitz bit the Seawing's neck and the screeching stopped as he quickly bled to death.

Blitz was so short on time, she ripped the key off of his neck struggled to jam it in the lock. The gate snapped open, to reveal Oil, fainted over water loss. Blitz gasped at seeing him like this, nearly dead of thrist. Blitz roared and with a strength she never knew she had, threw Oil over her shoulder and started to run as fast she could. Blitz regretted putting him on her shoulder, as he was getting seared by her flames. She forced herself to dimish it to a few embers as she dashed to the exit. Her body screamed in pain and tiredness as she jumped into the water. Blitz spent the next hours gasping as she swam to the mainland.

Abyss sat upon his throne. Well, it wasn't exactly his, but now that the queen was out of the way, the entire palace belonged to him. All it took to cover the murder up was the altering of a few scrolls and nobody even knew he did it. A Seawing that was nearly ice-blue ran into his throne-room and proclaimed

"The dragonets have escaped, my king!". Abyss growled and narrowed his eyes " Gather all of the troops to the courtyard. I have something planned, something that we have been waiting for." As the pale blue Seawing ran out, his claws kicking up dust as he left, Abyss flew to the spire above the courtyard.

Part 6: Lifted Above The Haze

He overlooked the courtyard and patiently waited for the guards to come. It was time for him to serious, time to settle the deal, time to take the land. His sent his messager to the Icewing kingdom to deliever the news and rallied the army.

He has trained his best soldiers for this very moment, the moment that he felt needed to be now, while they still had the chance to nab the escaped dragonets.

"My subjects, I have gather you here for my most important annoucement. Tonight, we all become the kings and queens of the land and sea. Tonight, I declare the beginning of the uprising of our kingdom!" Abyss roared to the Seawing army and citizens. The sounds of cheers and flapping wings almost blocked out all of his reason.

Abyss hated the world for what it was. For most of his life, he was just a mere speck to Queen Tsunami. Abyss never had a true family, being abandoned at an early age, left to die. But instead of dying, he lived in the wild, growing to hate the outside world as he did.

He took the leadership role by force, killing most of the royal family himself, or with his assasain, Venom. Abyss declared any dragon who disagreed with his new rule a traitor, having them killed brutally. Now was his time to take out what he held against the world.

Bltz flew for many hours, stopping along the way to take breaks. She used her blaze to purify the water and keep herself and Oil hydrated. After what seemed like days, Oil's eyes began to open slowly.

"B-Blitz?" Said Oil, who got up slowly. Blitz couldn't help herself and hugged Oil. Oil yipped for a moment, but then realized the when Blitz touched him, her flames turned to a smoke like they did in the water.

Oil reached out with one talon to touch Blitz, and when he did, it didn't even hurt. The flames slid past his talons, turning into a light smoke. Blitz gasped

"Oil, I can't burn you. This is amazing, it's like I'm not even a fire-freak.". Oil said

"I think it must be.... The water! I could have only gained my water powers after being near it for a long time, like Aether flying before, or you sleeping in that flame just to prove to Talc you could not burn yourself." Blitz nodded, it sounded about right to her.

Then Blitz said to Oil "We gotta go tell Stone, he said something about once we all get our powers..." Blitz flew to the cave, and saw Venom and Stone battling each other, Talc and Aether knocked out nearby. Stone gasped weakly and fell down as Venom approached him limping, clearly injured recently.

"Lassst words?" Said Venom as he lifted his claws. Blitz dived onto Venom, causing him to fall over and get a dense burn on his side.

"What? Not more of them.." Said Venom as he got back up and fired a stream of jet-black venom at Blitz. Blitz roared in agony as a bit of it hit the side of her neck and her scales started to melt into each other. Oil smashed the side of Venom's head as Blitz bit Venom's tail, holding him in place.

" Sorry..." Said Oil as Venom fainted from the impact and Stone got back up. Stone growled angrily and walked up to Venom, who was knocked-out cold.  Stone slammed his full weight onto Venom's head, smashing his skull and splattering blood everywhere.

Stone looked over to see Blitz and Aether and motioned for them to come over to him, as he sat down, bleeding lightly but had signs of being hit with venom in several areas.

"I thought.... you two were... dead..." He said weakly, looking at them. " Nah, somebody here just wanted to swim, but I think has powers or something so you gonna tell us the end of your story!?" Said Blitz. Stone glared at the two for a second and then helped Aether and Talc up before starting.

"Ah, yes, if I recall correctly, that Nightwing said you have to climb Life Mountain, one of the highest mountains as far as I know. It should be north of Queen Scarlet's old palace, but there is one catch. You dragonets are the only ones allowed to climb it, for if I did too, I would break the the prophecy." Said Stone. The dragonets seemed to understand and they all went in a little band, walking to the mountain.

Two weeks later, Talc began to feel unsure. " Ok, so now that we're in a prophecy or something, we all need to.... Climb a mountain?" Said Talc, unsure of what to think of it.

"Come on, it'll be fun" Said Oil.

"More like deadly, for someplace called the mountain of life, it sure is deadly" Said Aether, looking at a map. They walked for hours before settling down, using Blitz's flames to light the fire. Blitz bored, scouted ahead and then she gasped happily before calling over the others. Before her, stood a steep, deadly mountain, the final test.

Part 7: The Geodewing egg with a Soft Shell...

Talc collasped on the floor, his legs giving out under him. He was never strong or tough, like he should have been, but rather soft and weak, his geodes as soft as talc, but still almost as heavy.

Talc gasped as he dragged along a dead deer, hit with his earth powers. He and all the other elements had gained a way to control their elements in a small way. Aether had rather uncontrollable wind telekinese, Blitz had her blaze, Oil could change the current of water and I, Talc could move rocks slightly, causing them to fall. The poor deer near our training camp had been smashed by accident, but was kept for food.

Talc looked at the deer and licked his lips. It was a rather plump and juicy deer, not enough to last them to the top of the mountain, but enough to keep the band full for now. Talc calculated that they would need around three more to last them to the peak, as they were just dragonets, but always hungry because of their constant trek.

Talc wheezed harshly as a rock broke away under one of his talons, almost sending him pummeting. Only a bit more... Thought Talc as they contuined to walk. Talc sighed with relief when he saw the leader of the group of dragonets, Blitz stop and sit down. Talc heard Aether make a similar noise as she let go of a bunch of wood she and Oil had collected, and sat down. Oil took the wood and threw it all in the middle of the dragonets then Blitz placed her hand on the wood. Blitz stared at the wood for a few seconds and felt it, like she often did with things that didn't burn as soon as she touched it.

"Ok people, I have something serious to discuss tonight.... unlike last night. I think I saw a Seawing soldier here in Skywing territory, and you know what the king said, right?" Said Blitz. Talc shook his head.

"No, Blitz, that's the only story you never told us." Replied Talc. Oil started to talk before Blitz could open her maw.

"You mean how Abyss, that Seawing king, wants to be the king of the world?" Something clicked in Talc's head as soon as he heard that.

"You mean, he's attacking the Skywing Kingdom!? No way, this is the wrong time! We're all gonna die!" Squeeked Talc, his wings flailing wildy. " Calm down, I have faith that we will make it..." Said Aether, in an almost-monotone voice. Talc wondered how Aether always kept her calm like that, even when they were on the verge of being trapped in a war.

Blitz nodded silently though from the corner, approving of Aether.

"We must stay alert and calm if we are to survive, after all, the Seawings aren't the only thing we have to worry about. We are close to Edge Valley, an area of the mountain that was almost destroyed, leaving only a few chunks of rock left..." Blitz said. Talc felt his worries ease a bit, as the stars circled about in the sky.

He up at them, the bright stars in the sky. They looked colorful compared to the white rocky mountain, with only a hint of green on it. Talc felt his eyes droop, and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Talc awoke the next morning hungry and together with the other dragonets, ate the deer to the bones. Oil even ate some of the bones as Aether was still struggling trying to bite the tougher bits of the meaty deer. They all started to travel again, weaving up through the mountain, catching food. Talc was personal impresses by a trap he made using what little they had. Using a bit of the firewood and by attaching a bit of meat to it, he was able to lure prey, which when they tried to pull the meat off of the wood, it caused a rock to fall on his prey.

The group was happy and full, moving faster than usual. Talc smiled as he saw the map. They were almost there, just the Edge Valley then the tunnel to The Peak.

However, upon closer inspection, Talc realized how deadly this area of the mountain was, especially for himself, who couldn't really fly, but glide like other Geodewings. The area was to cramped and full of spiky rocks, making it almost impossible to fly through. The only way across was an unreliable cliff-side that winded up the mountain slowly.

Talc gulped as he realized that they were almost there. Blitz, Oil, Aether and Talc stopped in there tracks as several large spike formations crossed the path. Carefully going over each, the group ventured into Edge Valley. Blitz growled as she tried to fly, but got her wing almost snagged on the cliffside. The area started form a sort of tunnel into the mountain, the only way to go up without having to deal with the stormy weather outside.

Suddenly, the cliff gave way underneath Oil and he roared with terror. He flapped his wings crazily and landed on the cold hard rock cliff-side again.

"Be careful. You don't want anything like that to happen again." Said Blitz, a bit angrily. Oil snarled back

"It wasn't my fault! This mountainside is way too fragile!". Aether cringed and seemed to fade into the background for a moment. Talc just sat there, looking a bit gloomy. This entire place gave him the shivers, a bit literally since they were so high up. All of a sudden, the passage became very cramped, almost impossible for them even spread their wings, much less fly without breaking a wing. Then, the passage seemed to cut off.

"A dead end?" Said Blitz. Talc growled  under his breath. They were much too far to turn back now, and he wasn't going to let his own element, earth, stop him. Talc thought hard for a few good seconds before trying to use him powers on the cliff-side. Several chunks of rocks came out of the side and started to hover.

Talc felt a bead of sweat come down his forehead as he roared " Go across now! I can't hold it for long.". Blitz, Oil and Aether all crossed, their weight adding stress to his powers.

"Talc, you have to come over too!" Yelled Aether from the other side. Talc, gasping for breath, walked slowly across, unable to move fast. It felt like he was carrying the rocks on his back, heavy and stressful. He felt dizzy as he tried to grasp the end, but failed, plummeting down with the rocks. " TALC!" Yelled Aether as she almost dove for him, Blitz grabbing her just in time.

Aether roared long and hard, conjuring a small tornado under Talc. Talc was thrown and whipped by the winds, but felt his claws reach land again. Too weak to move, he dug his claws into the ground, happy to be on it again. Oil lifted him up and said " You ok buddy? Aether might have been a little hard with the wind."

Talc nodded weakly and they contuined, Aether glancing at him every few seconds, as if to make sure he was still there. As the group started to settle down near the tunnel to the Peak, a long tunnel leading to the Peak, Talc felt something warm by his side.

A white Swiftwing laid by him, and she said "I'm sorry... I was so worried about you. I thought you were going to die." Said Aether.

"It's ok, seriously..." Said Talc. " I forgive you for that, it was stubborn of me not to come until the last second." The dragonets all settled down and slept, preparing for the long trip tommorow.

Talc woke to the sound of battle. Oil was being tackled-no, straggled by a large deep green Seawing. Talc smashed his tail into the Seawing, as his instincts told him. However, due to it being as soft as talc, the dragon didn't get clobbered, but rather, surpised, stumbled backwards.

The Seawing glanced at him with fury as he flew into the air and dived down at him. Talc, frozen with fear, stood there as the hissing comet of fangs came crashing down. Oil gasped and leaped at the dragon, Aether and Blitz just awaking. Oil screamed as the other Seawing bit into his front talon. Oil gasped as he grasped onto the edge with his other talon, his bitten one hanging limply. Blitz snarled and ran at him but got hit with his huge tail, sending her flying into the cliffside.

Aether tried to conjure up a storm, but was too tired and weak to do so. Talc hissed and leaped out at the Seawing, tearing at his wing. The Seawing screamed in pain as a large tear was cut in his wing. Talc then rammed his body at the Seawing, sending it flying. " Wait.... No!" Cried the Seawing as it's wings beat crazily as he plummeted down the mountain, each of his bones snapping with each edge he fell on.

All the dragonets regrouped quickly, but Oil was still limping.

Part 8: And All Shall Be Well

"We have to get to the peak and quick. They're attacking us now." Said Blitz, who helped Oil walk. The trek was lengthened by this, as Oil could not move as quick as the rest of the ground. But many hours later, they started to reach the edge of the tunnel. Talc moved his talons to touch a plant growing in the tunnel, a lovely flower.

He had never seen a single flower as they all died to either the blistering heat of the comet's fire or the cold that followed. Talc felt uneasy as the saw the light that marked the end of the tunnel. The light felt warm... Too warm to be natrual. Talc looked at the other dragonets. Clearly they were thinking of the same thing, as each of their faces reflected dread.

The warmness quickly turned to searing pain as the were mere feet from the exit. It felt like it was pushing them back, trying to halt them. But their sprits were too hard to break, as they pushed against what seemed to stop them. Talc struggled against  the heat as the finally reached the exit.

As they exited though, they did not see a grand tree reaching to the skies, but rather a mighty fire blazing around the grove. Beautiful plants were being swallowed into the mighty blaze, the many peacocks that surrounded the grove running around. Oil focused his powers, using the water to put out the fire. The grove was burnt badly, but the tree was still alive, just barely. Talc remebered this tree, from an ancient book.

The Mountain Tree was it's given name, and it was said to be infused with the magic of a hundred animuses. It was meant to be a failsafe if the world was dying, to revive the remaining specks of life. However, such a great blessing had a cost, as the animuses went insane and killed each other, making the tree unuseable until another great force of magic was brought to the peak. The tree now looked burnt, but the red leafs filled with animus power still were unburnt, a sign that the tree wasn't dead yet.

Talc felt a tugging from within, something tugging at his power. As he looked to the tree, he saw the cracks in it glowing with animus power, trying to sap the magic to restore the land. All of a sudden, the gentle tugging stopped and the trees animus magic stopped working. A small metal disk had been put onto the tree's trunk. Talc looked over to see who put it there and looked into the icy eyes of King Abyss.

"Hello, my dragonetssss..." Said Abyss, hissing angrily. Several guards dived down and grabbed them. " Thank you for bringing your nice little powers up here for me." Said Abyss as he put his knarled talons on the tree and grinned at them.

"What do you even want with us!?" Blitz roared.

"Your powers of course. I don't know if you know this, but the extent of your powers is far greater than you realize. Yes, and now I could use it to unlock the animus's tree." King Abyss said, clawing the tree. " Guards! Formation three! The world will see how great the Seawings are, we will be at the top! Now take your disks out and simply attach..." Said Abyss, clipping a weird device to Talc's chest. This time, the tugging felt forceful and painful as a deep blue glow spread across his body.

"Rrrrrrrargh!" Screamed Talc as he felt drained. The disk glowed an earthly brown with power as the guards let go of Talc. Talc's vision faded as well as his hearing. He could barely even move as powerlessness surronded him. King Abyss took the disk and cut a thin line down it with his claws.

The brown glow slipped into his talons.

"Earth, the most stubborn of the elements. Seems as though it's host isn't as hard to deal with..." Said King Abyss.

"Stop! You're hurting him!" Said Aether as King Abyss kicked aside the fainted dragonet.

"Ah yes, Air, the most carefree. But I'll make sure you have every reason to care about this." Said King Abyss, sticking the metal device to Aether's chest. Aether collasped almost instantly. Blitz snarled and kicked one of the guards.

"No more funny buiness! You're joining to die!" Said Blitz, running at the king. " Oh, please!" Said the king, flying upwards. Abyss snatched the other disk, letting sky-blue enegry surrond his talons. Blitz dashed at King Abyss quickly, but got smacked down by a rock. " Huh? Oh..." Said Blitz, looking at the brown enegry orb glowing beside Abyss. Abyss laughed as he took the blue air enegry and converted it into a similar orb.

Abyss then threw a disk at Blitz. Blitz laughed as she easily dodged the thrown disk but didn't expect the wind carry it right to her. The disk hit her neck, and knocked her out of the air. " What are these?" Said Blitz. " Draining disks. Normally used for prisoners to separt them from their venom or fire, but now, you and your element. The work quite well with a few tweaks." Said Abyss, clutching a red orb in his talons. " Oh yes, there is one more. You have been rather silent compared to last time, Oil." Said King Abyss, flapping his clawmark pattern wings as he landed.

Oil fell to the ground, but along with him, grasped the disk in his talons.

"Grab it!" Declared Abyss, roaring loudly. The two guards holding Oil tried to turn him over, but the limp dragonet let go of the disk. It hit the ground, shattering into tons of pieces. The deep blue water orb danced in the air before going into the tree. Abyss screeched and battered the tree with as much elemental magic as he could, but each time the tree absorbed the power into itself.

"No! If it won't let me have the power, nobody will! Burn it to a crisp like we intended too!" Roared Abyss. But as the Seawing with the torch came, Aether knocked him over. Talc grabbed the torch and threw it off the cliff-side. Blitz meanwhile, deciding to take the more direct approached, punched King Abyss in the face very quickly. " Gargh! You can't beat me, I have all of your powers!" He said, throwing a rock at Blitz.

"I'll burn the tree myself, then lets see who is laughing!" Roared King Abyss, lighting his claws on fire.

All of the dragonets, even Oil got together and charged at Abyss, who conjured a harsh wind. " There is no hope for you! You will lose!" He roared.

" No, we will come through! We can hope!" Said Aether, flying through the wind.

" Everything will be good! We know it will happen." Said Talc, running fastly.

" Just because we live in a dark time doesn't mean we can't lift above this haze and see the light!" Roared Blitz, charging head-on.

" The world can become great once more!" Said Oil, joining the others. As they hit Abyss, the combined forces of the blow knocked the orbs out of his hands, restoring it to the tree. King Abyss screamed as he fell down into Edge Valley and got impaled on a large rocky spike.

The dragonets, now sure of hope and success, touched the animus powers. Instantly, the tree's leaves flew off into the wind, scattering across the land.

The leaves landed on the land, plants springing up where they landed, and life coming out of hiding.

The animus magic from the Mountain Tree restored the kingdoms below, the Skywing kingdom turning from a bleak rocky wasteland to plains.

The Seawing Kingdom's sea florished with coral and life once more.

The Icewing Kingdom finally had it's first snow ever since the comet.

The Mudwing kingdom's marshes sprang up with plants. 

The Nightwing Kingdom even got a bit of life, a single palm tree growing out from the ruins. However, it would still take many years for life to truly come back. The dragonets began a trek back down to land, where they were greeted by Stone.

Many, many years later, a Skywing dragonet, playing in a lush field, found a scroll. A scroll marked " The Fallen Kingdom".

The End