OK by the title you can see it's about Pinkie my pink OC.


Rain rolled off of a red dragon's scales as she truged through the sky. Her wings were heavy with rain but her living cargo kept her going.

The egg was pure white- Already weird enough, but there was more. The egg was a sphere like a silky pearl. Most were ovals.

The SkyWing dipped down from the clouds to land in front of an agora. Inside the cave were many weird scavenger objects and in the corner were a couple of them. The mother turned her head to the owner.

"Crimson, take this egg," she demanded, "It will give you oynx or maybe even diamonds. It's a freak of nature and everybody likes to see those,".

She handed him the egg and he slowly reached for the fragile ball.

"Thank you," Crimson said nodding his head and placing the egg in a nest.

"As always," replied the mother.

She gave one last glance at the egg and sped off into the night.

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