Behold the first fanfic in the third prophecy! This is the page you all have been waiting for so all I have to say is... Enjoy and TA-DA!


The prologue describes the way the Order of the Talons found Wind Rider's egg and brought it back from the nest her mother had been guarding and died in the attempt. Sicon had already died in battle.

Part One: Within the boring mountain(Oh, I'm sorry, VERY boring mountain)

(8 years later) "I am unhappy with the way we are treated. We are treated like specks of dust with the way they speak." This is a quote from Wind Rider. The rest of this part goes on and on about their escape from under the mountain and results in their capture by the DeathWings.

Part two: The possibility of death

"UM, HELLO, WE ARE TRAPPED BY DEATHWINGS!!! TRICKS AND CUNNING WON'T GET US OUTTA THIS LOKI!" A quote from Pheaseant when their in the DeathWing prison. DeathWings call forth one of their tribe to fight the prisoner and also is used as a DeathWing rite of passage for both genders. The dragonets have to fight out. But after the arena champ, Deadheart, says that he works with the Order of the Talons the dragonets trust him. At the Exit waits Echoline who also works with the Order.

Part three: To the desert to continue

"Well, well, well. Who said that trick's and cunning won't get us outta that?" The best Loki line in history. This part examples the escape from the DeathWing castle and shows the path to the desert. This is the lead-up to the next book!

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