Something of an alternate history story. I think this could work out well.

I apologize if there his bad grammar, I haven't really written a fully fledged story. Edit for bad grammar and such if you seen any.

Criticism and all that is accepted.

What if IceWings originally didn't have the freezing death breath? In one of the early wars, IceWings are being completely devastated by the other tribes. IceWings claimed the northern territory of the SkyWings which greatly angered them. The SkyWings dragged in their allies the MudWings and the NightWings took a chance to wipe out the IceWings.The IceWings ally themselves with the RainWings and SandWings. [Long before they're widely called lazy and useless.]The SeaWings have claimed neutral status for unknown reasons.

Coldstroke must defend herself from the flaming rage of her enemies and help the IceWings survive. She must do all this and all while keep her mind from going into the depth of insanity. 

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