This is a short one-shot that came to mind while reading The Dark Secret. Hope you enjoy!

SkyWing Arena


The genius.

The inventor.

The master mind.

Has competition.

Mastermind and Ferocious stood face-to-face with each other as they stood in the now-packed SkyWing Arena, two tables separating each other. The loud crowd in the stadium consisted of dragons from every tribe; RainWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, NightWings, SandWings, MudWings, and IceWings. Of all the tribes, the NightWings and SkyWings had the most visitors, for obvious reasons why.

Even though the SkyWing Arena was often used for staging bloody gladiatorial fights, the dragons, here, are to witness a nice, clean competition. This competition was about brains, not strength and skill. O.K. Maybe skill. But, as the sun reached its zenith, a SeaWing, by the name of Tsunami, flew out out of, what is usually the SkyWing queen’s private viewing balcony, clutching a heavy-looking bag, and landed beside the tables, between the two, neutral-looking competitors, in tense air. She did not place the bags on the table, but, rather, placed them on the ground next to them, where they clanked, as they contained numerous nails for the competition.
When her job was done, Tsunami flew back where she came from, and disappeared.

Ferocious and Mastermind did not move.

As the sun approached the zenith, a blood red SkyWing, commonly known as Vermillion, flew out of the SkyWing queen’s balcony, and said, in a loud, booming voice, said, “Welcome, fellow dragons.” The audience slowly quieted down, until it was so quiet, that a feather could drop and everyone in the stadium could’ve heard it. Vermillion continued, “As you probably heard, the NightWing, Mastermind has challenged the SkyWing, Ferocious, to a showdown of smarts. who shall come out on top? The dragon of the sky or of the night? Let’s see! Their goal is to make a basket out of the table that is in front of them, without having any scraps leftover, by sundown. Hammers up, saws ready, BEGIN!”

Ferocious and Mastermind started.

Who shall win?

Mastermind or Ferocious?

Nails, saws, and hammers came to life as the two genius dragons set to work, all while ignoring the roaring crowd.

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