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WOF Add-on Story Cover

Wings of Fire: An Add-On Story for anyone! Art by Foxy


Prologue (FlightRewritten)

The stormy sky lit up with white as another bolt of lightning flashed somewhere in the distance. The rain pounded the floor, and the booming of thunder could be heard nearby. Shiny globules ran down the green leaves of the rainforest trees, and splashed down into a puddle somewhere below. Dragons huddled in their huts, trying to keep dry. Today was no day for suntime. Not at all.

Chapter One (Matau99)

It was around this time that Jambu realized he hadn't been enough of a bro lately. His broliness meter was dropping fast, and he needed to raise it in order to become a true broverlord.

Terrified at the thought of being unbroly, he quickly flew to Glory's--oops, Queen Glory's--hut, and landed outside. He saw the very creepy shadow of Deathbringer over him, and shuddered a little. But he pushed his mind past that. It was time to be the broest bro that ever broed other bros broishly.

He landed beside Glory, and announced, "Hello, Glory! I am now officially a broverlord!"

Chapter Two (Whitefoot&Tigerstripe)

Glory smacked Jambu in the face. "NO YOU ARE NOT YOU ARE UNBROLY!" Jambu burst into tears.




Suddenly his manliness meter exploded! His bro meter could not handle the manly. Jambu put on sunglasses and checked off his REKT status.

Streak flailed past and stole Jambu's glasses.

Jambu sobbed girly rainbow tears. The world sobbed with him.

Suddenly the world stopped sobbing. The reason became clear: Jambu had manly cookie earrings! And manly omelet glasses!

The sun shone brighter, and Jambu went prancing outside. Matau leapt onto his cookie earring and begged him to use his manly-broness to bring back the best characters in the series. Soon, Matau was leading an army comprising of Burn, Blister, Morrowseer, Whirlpool, Darkstalker, and all the other antagonists that Matau tended to fanboy.

Together, they ruled the world, and then turned into pineapples and floated to the moon, where helicopter fish spun around and a very weird family tree danced in circles.

Then they had to float down back to the world, so they could celebrate Glory’s birthday. Jambu’s bronzes meter was soon equal to his manliness one, and the world cheered sat the MANLIEST BRO RAINWING


Chapter Three (Crowning)

The girly rainbow tears reminded the sky of lightning for some reason, so a bolt came down onto Jambu's tail.

Jambu yowled, his pink scales turning white.

Then for some reason, the sky decided that hitting Jambu with lightning was fun.

He was shocked so much that he turned into an evil electrician with a tendency to spit lightning infused venom.

"Shocking, Isn't it?" He cackled.

Then he decided to do evil things.

Chapter Four (theend222)

Jambu ended up as his first evil deed to be to take over all the tribes.

He started a war on all wing's forgetting all his friends.

He first decided to attack the RainWings challenging Glory for the crown.

Chapter Five (FlightRewritten)

Glory had been lounging around in her hut, drinking mango smoothies and reading the three scrolls that existed in the Rainforest Kingdom. She had grown bored of them, so she decided to call in her un-broly brother to get her some. It would make up for the broliness points he already lost.

"JAMBU!!! GET OVER HERE AND BRING ME SOME SCROLLS!!! BRING ME SOME REAL SCROLLS IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BROLIEST BRO IN ALL OF PYRRHIA!!!" she roared. Then, she sat back to read "The RainWing Chronicles" for the thirty-fourth time since yesterday.

Chapter Six (GloryRainWing)

Jambu, who had been secretly plotting his evil plan, decided that now would be the perfect moment. He strutted into Glory's hut.

"Well, Mr. Unbroly?" Glory growled. "Where are my scrolls?"

Now was the perfect moment! Jambu leaped at her and crashed into her, knocking her mango smoothies into the air and spattering the two of them with cheerful yellow goop.

"ARGH! Jambu, what in the name of the moons has gotten into you?" demanded Glory, trying to wipe the mango pulp out of Silver's fur.

Jambu knew that now was the time for an evil speech! Too bad he hadn't prepared one. Well, he could make it up on the spot!

"Ahem," he began. "Glory, I have decided that I want to rule the universe and all of that, so I thought hey, you know what, becoming the queen sounds like a good start, you know?"

"Jambu. Princes can't become queens," explained Glory. Jambu was so shocked and angry at the horrible unfair stupid news that he did the unthinkable.

Chapter Seven (Matau99)

Jambu narrowed his eyes, and inscribed dark runes upon the floor. His eyes blazed with horrifically broly power. His lightning surged into the runes, making them glow bright pink. Glory could hear his mad laughter, but she thought that maybe, just maybe, the runes were laughing back.

He tossed down a strip of tie-dyed cloth, and chanted potently, his every word accompanied by a surge of magical power, "I invoke the name of Cf'ac'thaglaargog, Greatest of All Broverlords, Eldritch Swagifier, First of the Gnarly Gods, Founder of the First Council of Mega-Awesomeness, the Unutterable Word, the Flirtatious One, Beloved of the Dawg, Heir to the Throne of Bombliness, Whirler of Worlds, Arcanity of Brofisting, and Befriended of the Surge That Nose-Picks! I invoke you, Cf'ac'thaglaargog, and I call upon your might to aid me in the creation of a more broly world!"

A tie-dye rainbow portal appeared in the middle of the runes, and a sky-blue SeaWing appeared. His eyes crackled with the barely contained power of pure brotanium, as his brolid scales pulsed with brocclesiastical brollence. Glory's eyes widened in terror, for never had she beheld such an unbroly manifestation of pure broliness in one broverlord.

"Sup, whirl dawg?" Vent asked.

And then everything went tie-dye.

Chapter Eight (A Random MudWing/ARM)

"Aha! I have done it! Behold the absolute power of Jambu, master bro! You are bound to me, bro!" Jambu shouted.

Once Cf'ac'thaglaargog was summoned he yelled:

"Trifling RainWing! Your arrogance will be your undoing!"

"But I'm in charge!" Jambu said, not feeling like a bro.

"YOU FACE Cf'ac'thaglaargog, YOU FACE Cf'ac'thaglaargog, BROADON BROVERLORD OF THE BRO LEGION!" Cf'ac'thaglaargog yelled.

Cf'ac'thaglaargog destroyed the entire RainWing kingdom, and those within in his extreme broness!

Chapter Nine (Happy)

Far away in the SandWing Kingdom, Thorn heard a screeching noise. She looked around wildly, trying to see where it was coming from. Suddenly, Cf'ac'thaglaargog drove in, riding a giant, wild boar that he had stolen from the invisible forest broliness (aka Glory's backyard). "VFUGDWKVCUGAWDVVUYOAERBCUA" he screamed, and ran over the Magnificent Queen of the SandWings.


"DO NOT GIVE UP! WE SHALL CONQUER ALL TOGETHER !!!!!!!!!!" shouted Cf'ac'thaglaargog insanely. The minuscule caterpillar inched along the side of the rock, and onto the sand below (This took 45667886234866823 years). Suddenly, a bird swooped down and ate it. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Screamed Cf'ac'thaglaargog.

Chapter Ten (Whitestreak)

Clay, Tsunami, Starflight, Fatespeaker, and Sunny all heard the rainforest being destroyed. When they got to the edge of the rainforest, they saw that nothing was left but a technicolor whirlpool of tie-dye waters.

"Who could have done this?" Clay said horrifiedly.

Then they saw that the inhabitants weren't dead, they were just flailing about in the water. Glory and Deathbringer pulled themselves out, and when Jambu tried to follow, Glory punched him back in like a lady, causing her lady meter to rise.

"This was the work of none other than Cf'ac'thaglaargog," Deathbringer said gravely.

"No," Starflight said disbelievingly.

"Who?" Fatespeaker and Sunny said at the same time.

"The Broverlord," Starflight continued. "He was sealed away five thousand years ago."

"Jambu summoned him," Glory said plainly.

Tsunami did an epic facepalm. It was so epic, in fact, that it made the whirlpool stop.

Matau then walked up, followed by all his antagonists. "Cf'ac'thaglaargog is trying to take over the world with his broness. We have to stop him."

"Yes, we do!" Whitestreak said, appearing out of nowhere. Everyone within 10 miles stared. Whitestreak stood there awkwardly for a moment. "Er, I'll be over here," he said, hiding behind a tree.

Just then, a bird carrying a caterpillar flew overhead. An approaching voice yelled, "GIVE ME BACK MY CATERBROLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFJRBGODIBFSLDBNFOUAIVDFUISKVFIUGEF" Cf'ac'thaglaargog then appeared over a hill. When he saw that the technicolor whirlpool was gone, he said evilly, "Looks like it's time for me to use my secret bro-weapon."

Chapter 11 (Foxlover16)

Within 0.000001 seconds of Cf'ac'thaglaargog saying this, the entire world and all the dragons in it went tie-dyed.

"You monster!" cried Tsunami. She wildly flapped her wings, sending waves of pure tie-dyed broliness flying everywhere. "How could you do such a thing?"

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cf'ac'thaglaargog screeched insanely. "Behold the broverlord! Quiver before my broliness! For I am the ULTIMATE BRO! I AM RULER OF THE BROLANDS!!!!!!!!" 

Deathbringer inhaled so sharply he sneezed, causing giant rainbow boogers to fly everywhere. "The Brolands!"

"This is bad," agreed Starflight.

"We're doomed! We're doomed!" wailed Blaze, running around in circles. "We're all gonna die!"

"The whatlands?" asked Sunny and Fatespeaker.

"The Brolands were Cf'ac'thaglaargog's old realm, back when he had power," Starflight explained. "They were dangerous lands, only for the broliest of the bros. We thought that when Cf'ac'thaglaargog was defeated, the Brolands evaporated. But that is no longer the case. Cf'ac'thaglaargog has brought them back, and one of us has to go in to defeat him."

Sunny, Fatespeaker, and Blaze fainted.

"How will we decide which to send?" said Glory.

"What if I just burn him up?" suggested Peril.

Starflight shook his head. "Cf'ac'thaglaargog is fireproof."

"I'm out," said Peril. 

"I know!" Tsunami announced. "We'll draw lots!" She grabbed some tie-died leaves and wrote down their names, before stuffing the leaves in a coconut bowl. She stuck her talon in, rummaged around and then...

"Behold!" cried a posessed RainWing. "The broliest of them all! Clay of the MudWings!"

Chapter 12 (RimeTheIcewing)

Clay suddenly made the skies turn a vivid rainbow.

"AAAAAAARGH, MY EEEYES!" Screamed Cf'ac'thaglaargog. But he was too bro-ly to cry about that. " IS THAT ALL YOU GOT!? BROLANDS, SUMMON TO MY WILL!!!!!!!" All of a sudden, a great wave of bro swept the nation, turning all upon it into Broland. Only the broliest survived, as Blaze got evaporated in a flash of disco light.


Clay smiled. " GIVE ME YOUR BRO POWER, PEOPLE OF PYRRHIA!!! BRO BOMB POWERRRRR!!!" Clay said, raising his talons into the sky. The tie dye flowed into his talons, and every protein shake melted into his talons. Every disgustingly bright t-shirt flew into the bro bomb.

Then, Clay's arms got tired and he dropped it on Cf'ac'thaglaargog.

The bro was so brotastic it caused a broplosion to broplode the brolands back into Cf'ac'thaglaargog's broly body. Cf'ac'thaglaargog started to broplode from the bro powers.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted Cf'ac'thaglaargog.

And then he finally broploded.

Chapter 13 (Foxlover16)

Starflight, Peril, Tsunami, Queen Moorhen, Deathbringer, Sunny, Fatespeaker, Queen Glacier, and Glory stared in shock.

"Yay! You did it Clay!" screamed Sunny. Then she noticed Clay's crumpled form on the ground. "Clay...?"

Slowly the MudWing stood up. He hunched his back, his long neck curled into his wings. Then he unfurled his wings. 

Every dragon in a 3,000,000 mile radius was temporarily blinded by the waves of pure tie-dyed broness flowing from Clay.

Starflight gasped. "Clay!'re the new broverlord!"

Queen Moorhen and Queen Glacier got on their royal knees and started bowing to the bro. All but 1 thing in Pyrrhia followed their example.

Clay studied the neon bright colors on his wings. "Just how broly am I now?" he nervously asked.

"You are the source of all broness, Clay. You alone control the bros. You are the broliest bro to ever broinate the broworld with all your broish broiness in the broly body of the the broverlord!" cried Mastermind, appearing out of nowhere.

"That's my boyfriend!" shouted Peril, slinging an arm around Clay's broly shoulder. She batted her eyelashes at him. "Wanna go to the fireworks with me?"

"I'm afraid he'll be elsewhere," hissed someone. "I can only have the mos thrilling in my brorena."

Queen Scarlet landed in front of them in a puff of tie-dyed smoke. "Hello, Clay the broverlord. I've waited a long time for such broliness."

Chapter 14 (ARM/Mediocre Waffle)

Clay was so broly that he knew he could survive in Scarlet's arena. He followed Scarlet, and was given the best tower! He even had broly pizza!

But this was just the good before the.... bad. There were bro rebels that had rebelled against the new broverlord, and only after a couple of minutes! Why? BECAUSE IT HAD TO BE PUT IN FOR THE STORY, THAT'S WHY! They called themselves the... Bronies! Their leader, who believed themselves to be the true broverlord was... Lauren Faust! She stood for bro-rights, too! She strongly believed that women could be broverlords, too, and she was determined to set an example!

Clay was about to fight an entire bro rebellion!

Chapter 15 (Matau99)


Cf'ac'thaglaargog looked down at the silly little mortals who thought they had "won". How foolish! Did they not know that as the Greatest of All Broverlords, an Eldritch Swagifier, the First of the Gnarly Gods, the Founder of the First Council of Mega-Awesomeness, the Unutterable Word, the Flirtatious One, the Beloved of the Dawg, the Heir to the Throne of Bombliness, the Whirler of Worlds,the Arcanity of Brofisting, and the Befriended of the Surge That Nose-Picks, he was as far beyond them as they were beyond the? Perhaps not. But Cf'ac'thaglaargog was patiently broish. His patience for broishness was beyond anything a non-broverlord could imagine.

Being broploded had been... problematic, but it was no more a death for him than being slapped was for a mortal. Still, he did think it best not to return to the Material Plane yet. He would remain on the Plane of Broverlords until such time as he could manifest an asteroid of pure brotanium.

I do pity those unbros, he mused. They have no idea what they have unleashed.

He reached for his cell brone, and typed in Chtonquah'c'thachthu's number, 1-L33T-4UTH0R-SCR1B3. For good measure, he also contacted Fhtakluthrathchthonthoth, Gubrashoggctho, and Mnomkluthhasyog. Chuckling darkly, he sent out the critical text message:

hay guyz

ttly got wasted by those hardscoper n00bs down on the mterl plan

can u help me pls? i need moar mtn dew & doritos 4 my $W4Gmeter 2 go up



Within thirty seconds, Fhtakluthrathchthonthoth answered,

k lol tim 4mortalz 2 get #shrekt

Gubrashoggctho added,


Mnomkluthhasyog commented,

r u srs rite nao? ill hav a proper rumble w/ thos mortalz

But it was Chtonquah'c'thachthu who replied,

Absolutely, Cf'ac'thy. You can count on me, dear.

And with those last, terrifying messages, Shrek, Wreck-It Ralph, Princess Celestia, and Whirlpool appeared on the Material Plane.

"You should've checked yourself before you shrekt yourself," the BROGRELORD whispered insanely.

Chapter Sixteen (Whitefoot&Tigerstripe)

Princess Celestia used her AMAZING ALICORN POWERS to make them all even more Mary-Sue then they already were. Every single one of them cackled insanely, eyes glowing with evil broliness, they proceeded to wreak utmost havoc, spreading their reign of Broliness on the land.

But Princess Celestia had a problem.

Stopping abruptly outside of a restaurant, she stamped her hoof and cried, "This is sexist! I do not want to be a bro! I wish to be a sis." Her eyes glowed even more evilly. The others glanced at each other, fearful. Her mind had obviously been affected by the Supreme Alicornnes that she held. Then, they slowly shook their heads.

"Only...bros..." Ralph whispered. Celestia screamed and teleported off. The others glanced at each other, terrified.

"WE MUST SAVE US ALL!" Shrek screamed.

"Only one way to do that..." Whirlpool answered fearfully. In his talons...he held a single black feather. The others gaped at it.

"Not...her" Ralph whispered. Whirlpool nodded gravely.

"She is crazy enough...She might be able to stop Celestia with our powers combined," he said.

And with that, they all whipped out their brones and texted Cf'ac.


Cf'ac'thaglaargog screamed in fury. Why did Celestia have to do this? Why?! And with her OVERPOWERED ALICORN RAINBOWS (And the Harmony Elements) She could destroy the world and make everything rainbows and kittens! Cf'ac'thaglaargog shuddered. The thought was terrible to behold. He sighed and decided that the way they texted was the only possible way. He texted back:

Fine., It better b n0ice, or ull get even mur shrekt that you skrubs already r.

Then he closed his phone and sat, watching through his brolescope.


Whirlpool glanced at the others and shut off his brone. The others did the same.

"Is there any alternative?" Asked Shrek quietly. Whirlpool got an evil grin.


Before the others could do more than gape in horror, he started the summoning chant that went like


And suddenly

She was summoned


And the world of Celestia's Eyesight went zucchini green with Shipping Pink mixed in.

Chapter 17 (ARM/Waffle)


Clay truly felt scared, and unbroly, but he was the broverlord, so he had to be able to beat the bronies, right? And surely a woman couldn't be a bro, they'd be sis. He laughed at that, and felt more like a bro. He prepared to fight the bronies, when Scarlet said, "You'll be fighting them all at once, by the way. You are the broverlord, right?" Clay felt insecure. All of a sudden, the anti-bros, One Direction teleported in, singing


Clay instantly stopped feeling insecure, just so he could get rid of them. He got ready to fight the bronies. Everyone was released, and they started yelling battlecries.




That brony instantly got shot by an arrow.

And Lauren Faust went in, yelling, "FOR THE MANE SIX!"

Chapter 18 (Foxlover16)

Clay faced the charging bronies, feeling powerless and less broly than ever. He could count at least 127 opponents and... Clay squinted. Surely he was seeing things. But his eyes were not decieving him. Attacking with the rest of the bronies, were ponies. And it wasn't just ponies. There were also unicorns, pegasi, alicorns, griffins, a weird purple and green dragony thing with no wings, and a creature with a bunch of different animal parts doing magic even an animus couldn't achieve. Clay felt very small and unbroly as the bronies attacked. At least he felt that way until a white unicorn with a curled purple mane shot blue sparks at him. 

"OW!" Clay roared. He blasted fire at the unicorn, which made him feel better. He laughed evilly and swatted two charging ponies, one cream colored with a black and pink mane and the other white with a jagged blue mane streaked with cyan. The ponies did not get up again. Clay cackled and attempted to flatten a gray pegasus with a light yellow mane who was eating a muffin beneath his tail. 

Up in the stands, Sunny cried and hid in Tsunami's shoulder. Deathbringer shook his head. 

"The power of the broverlord," he said sadly. "It's driven Clay mad."

In the brorena, a purple alicorn stared at the burned white unicorn with the purple mane, then at the limp bodies of the two Clay had swatted across the arena. Her face darkened. 

"NOBODY HURTS MY FRIENDS!" Twillight Sparkle screamed. She charged at Clay, followed by the other bronies and ponies, including the ones Clay had killed, who had somehow been revived. Clay howled as he drwoned under a sea of enraged bronies.

Chapter Nineteen (Whitefoot)

Suddenly, the action stopped. A blast of rainbowy lightning split the sky, and Princess Sislestia gracefully floated down. She had managed to wipe off most of the zucchini and ships, and she was ready for revenge. With narrowed eyes, she observed with disgust the creature that had hurt her subjects. Then she spread her wings.

The rest of the universe healed their breath. Even the Broverlord Plane was watching. This was surely to be the battle to the death.

Before they could do anything other than draw a breath, however, A huge ball of white energy stared into the sky. Everyone looked upwards, and were shocked to see a winged cat, of all things, flailing inside of it. An excellently handsome SeaWing with a gold earring was busy making his action figures kiss as well. The crowd gasped.


Before anyone could run to cover, a loud him that sounded punctuated with h=kissing was heard. Everyone got dragged towards the ball.


"Yes," he hissed, eyes glowing. "NOW CLAY AND CF'AC'THAGLAARGOG WILL KISS!" The universe gasped. THIS HAD BEEN ALL HIS PLAN AFTER ALL!

Then Celestia resisted. Or tried to.

And suddenly....

The world collapsed into itself and the universe was sent to Mars. It got pretty crowded there.



It worked really well, but Celestia wasn't satisfied. She declared war on the winged kitty and Whirlpool and Clay. Everyone screamed and ran for cover as Cf'ac'thaglaargog took advantage of this chaos and returned. Discord turned towards him, eyes glowing, and everyone stared dueling with special effects like Harry Potter. The rest of the ones who'd survived sat down and munched on popcorn and wore red-and-blue 3D glasses.

The battle, recorded by several dragons on Brones bought for $5.99 ("SHAMELESS ADVERTISING!" Screamed Cf'ac'thaglaargog) Would later get 546,576,132,796,567,001 views on BroTube.

But for now, the war was getting out of hand. Scarlet's arena started to collapse into itself, and everyone was forced to get closer to the wars to survive the ferocious duels. Cf'ac'thaglaargog versus Discord, and Sislestia versus the winged kitty and Clay and Whirlpool?


Chapter Twenty (Seaviper)

Suddenly, a purple light shone in the sky. Seaviper appeared, and her winged black and silver wolf companion, Drark, also appeared. Seaviper screamed; "I HAVE BECOME A TRUE HYBRIDSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FEAR MEH NOW, OH, AND SO IS MY WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!"

She and her wolf shot out a purple and black beam, which made all the brownies and ponies and others things that came at Clay implode. She also made Clay become a true broverlord again, and she and Drark formed a purple and black energy ball around themselves. If anything were to happen, they would not be affected because their power level was over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!

Drark shout out a black energy beam at Whirlpool, who screamed even though nothing happened. Drark laughed at him, and Seaviper screamed; "SERIOUSLY, THAT WAS YOUR PLAN ALL ALONG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Whirpool nodded yes, and she sighed, and epically talonpalmed herself, and Drark followed.

She looked down at Starflight, who was blindly waving around. Drark shot a black beam out of her mouth, and it hit his eyes, and he could see again! He also became very manly-looking, and his manly meter rose by 9999%. The universe was supposed to implode and then explode, but Seaviper and Drark were currently keeping it stable somehow. Seaviper looked at the winged cat, and for some reason her pupils went from round to vertical.

Chapter 21 (Whitestreak)

Cf'ac'thaglaargog and Discord continued to fight to prove who was more broly when suddenly Discord shot a powerful golden beam that once again banished Cf'ac'thaglaargog to the Broverlord plane.

"BUT HOW?!" Cf'ac'thaglaargog yelled.

"I'm actually the SWAG-LORD," Discord said evilly.

Everyone gasped. Swagness was even more powerful than broness.

"AS IF THIS COULDN'T GET ANY MORE OP!" Whitestreak yelled from behind his tree.

Discord then pulled out the Swagger Stick of Swaggy Swag (Looks like the topmost one in this picture), laughing diabolically. "Now I shall rule the universe with my chaotic swag, and no one can stop me!"

"Oh, really?" Morrowseer said. Turns out he was the Swag-Dragon, also known as the SWAGON. Morrowseer then pulled out the Staff of Swag Swag Swaggity Swag (The second one from the top in the picture) and cast a bolt of Swagness at Discord.

Chapter 22 (Mediocre Waffle)

Morrowseer turned Discord into a pile of dust! Although, in the fighting, Lauren Faust decided to hatch her plan!

Lauren Faust destroyed Morrowseer! How? She was Sweg-Lord (sponsored by Mountain Dew and Doritos)! She wanted to conquer the Bro Plane, and become an unstoppable force, but this was her moment to conquer the Sweg Plane, too!

Lauren Faust destroyed everyone, except her loyal subjects, the bronies, along with many pegasisters. She conquered both of the planes, and became the empress of the newly founded Swegpire.

She ruled peacefully for 5000 years, until her death, when a succession crisis has begun. Her faithful subjects, Luna and Celestia were supposed to rule together. Luna ruling the armies, and Celestia ruling the subjects. The rebels, consisting of the vassals in Pyrrhia ruined the peace, and wanted to install a new emperor.. eeerm... Matau? Yeah, Matau!

Chapter 23 (Seaviper)

Ten minutes before Lauren Faust's death

Seaviper and Drark burst into her temple. "YOU THOUGHT YOU KILLED EVERYONE, BUT APPARENTLY YOU MISSED TWO YOU IMPERFECT NON SWEG LORD!" She roared, and then she lunged at Lauren Faust. She ripped her apart within seconds, and when she shrieked before she died; "HOW DARE YOU!" Seaviper put on deal-with-it glasses and her headphones of awesomeness. She then became the Deal-with-it Lord, and she conquered all of the Dealwithit plane.

There, she began to build her empire, and she added defenses that only she could destroy. Her army was growing and strengthening by the minute, and every military participant wore deal-with-it glasses. The door to her palace had a big picture of a pair of deal-with-it glasses on it. And her throne was entirely made up of those.

In her lab, she had thousands of clones of Morrowseer, Whirlpool, and the winged cat, because she was crazy, so why not? All got proper food and care, and slowly, her emipre expanded past its border.

Chapter 24 (Foxlover16)


In Equestria

Princess Luna paced the floor of the castle "Sister," she told Celestia. "We must not attack! Even thy forces are not enough to conquer the dragons."

Princess Celestia shook her head. "No, Luna. With the Crystal Empire's help, we can take down the Pyrrhians and this Seaviper. We can win!"

Luna sighed. "Why must I call thou Princess Celestia, whilst thou simply call me Luna? If we declare war, thy- our- kingdom shall be doomed! Thou shalt not be able to prevail against the dragons."

"She's right!" shouted Derpy Hooves, appearing out of nowhere. "Got any muffins?"

"Here," said a Whirlpool clone, handing her one. "Blueberry flavored." 

Seconds later, the Whirlpool clone kidnapped Luna, Derpy, and Celestia- sorry, Princess Celestia- and took over Equestria.

In the Warrior Cat Land

The Clan leaders were in indesicion.

"We have to take the fight to them!" yelled Rowanstar. "If we just wait here like sitting ducks, we'll never win!" The ShadowClan cats yowled approval.

"Who said we have to win?" asked Onestar. "We should run. Fighting foxes is one thing, but dragons?"

"You fight foxes?" said Foxlover, appearing over Onestar. "Do you win?" 

Onestar puffed out his chest. "Usually. We have good warriors."

"WE ALWAYS WIN!" shouted several Thunder and ShadowClan cats. 

"We don't get foxes," muttered Mistystar. 

Foxlover carried away several screaming cats from every Clan besides RiverClan to sacrifice to foxes.

"Um," said Bramblestar. "We should defend our territory. The dragons can't win if we're in our homeland!" 

"This isn't our homeland!" yelled Sandstorm, to a yowl of consent from many other elders. 

"How about we hide?" said Mistystar. "If the dragons can't find us, they can't catch us."

"Too late," said a Morrowseer clone. "Queen Seaviper is your leader now."

And so Seaviper conquered Equestria and Warrior Cat Land.

Chapter 25 

Sudennly, Luna popped out of a box and screamed "Sorry I am an an an an art trade in in in in a few few few days o o o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n o n 3rd place prizes for a a a a character in in in in a a character in my my my my art can can can CURIOSITIES 5NHYT5BH5H4B"

Chapter 26 (Mediocre Waffle)

Luna, Celestia, and Derpy were being dragged by Whirlpool, when the mane six and a group of 20 royal guards burst into the room, and attacked Whirlpool! They won, bur sustained some losses. Twelve of the royal guards had died, along with Rarity, as she had no fighting skills. Celestia and Luna told the guards to guard all entrances, and allowed the mane six to stay, to help plan an attack against the dragon rebellion, and their leader, Matau. They had no idea of Queen Seaviper's new kingdom.

The seven stood in the battle room, planning attack. They had decided how they would enter Pyrrhia, and what to do afterwards. They planned to attack the MudWings, and ally with the scavengers in the nearby dens. From there, they would attack the Bay of a Thousand Scales, taking the islands for strategical advantages. They would set up camp on the uncolonized islands outside of IceWing territory, allowing a good place to attack from. From there, they would set up camp in the lands between the SandWings and SkyWings. They would attack the SkyWings, and then launch an attack on the SandWings. They would then do a major attack on IceWing territory, most likely resulting in major losses. They would do the final march onto RainWing territory, where scouts had reported Matau in hiding.

After the plan had been set up, they rallied everyone in Equestria, and asked for nearby countries to help, garnering the help of the Griffons. After five weeks up rallying, they launched their attack, and conquered MudWing territory with minimal losses, since they had caught them off guard

Chapter Twenty-Seven (Whitefoot)

Back in the Warriors Plane.... before Seaviper could establish her rule, Whitefoot, Tigerstripe, Gingerheart, and Amberstripe all appeared. All had wings.


He pointed at Whitey. She huffed.


"FINE!"{ Hollered Whiteoot.

Then he picked up Seaviper and flung her to Mars.

Chapter 28(Yves117)


Infinite,lord of the LegendWings,watched over the cats.

"Um...What just happened in the past 2 days?"he asked his messenger,Darkkeeper.

"I think that it's the broliness meter of Jambu."

"Well,I think we're gonna have to umm kill that guy Seaviper,whoever he or she is."

They flew and flew and flew until they reached Seaviper.Infinte opened his mouth and a huge fireball flew out.Then,he slashed Seaviper in the nose.

Suddenly,Yveltal appeared.His majesticness level was soooo high that Seaviper was paralysed."Oblivion Wing!"cried Infinite.Seaviper fainted(In the pokemon way)and Infinte killed her.

BTW A LegendWing is a new tribe that will be described in the Wings of Fire Fanon Tribes and Characters Wiki.

Chapter 29 (Seaviper)

Seaviper screamed, and died. However, they had forgotten about Drark who was in another room. That lead to their big mistake, as she then burst in and fired a black beam at Seaviper. She revived, and roared.

"BY THE POWER OF DEAL WITH IT!!!!!" She roared, and smashed the floor. Every dragon that was not wearing a pair of deal-with-it glasses got flung all the way to the MudWing Kingdom.

"Haha, DEAL WITH IT!" She roared, and then a Morrowseer clone came up. "Your magesty, there are cats attacking your gate, and there had been a report of a new land far away. "I'll go see it." She hissed, cloned herself, and flew away with the Morrowseer clone. Her duplicate came up to the door and said "I am not going to kill you, but now that I own your plane, I could protect it from others. After all, there is a big battle going on about taking over all the planes. She then gave them 1000 clones of Whitefoot.

Chapter 30 Theend222

In another dimension a portal opens up falling out of it is sora, Donald, goofy as they land seeing the cats. Sora grab's his keyblade and prepare's for battle and say's "i am the broest" as they charge into battle agianst flying cats setting a few of them on fire.

Chapter 31 (Mediocre Waffle, AKA that one guy who accidentally started something serious in his own little corner)


After the attack on the MudWing kingdom, the sisters were ready to initiate their second plan, to ally the scavengers in the nearby areas. They succeeded in allying them, promising them more land and riches, and prepared for the attack on the Bay of a Thousand Scales.

The attack started off with the Pegasuses setting up bad weather to harm any dragons in the area. Once they had cleared the area, the Griffons went in, dropping bombs into the water and on the islands, doing hefty damage. Afterwards, scavengers set off on boats, along with many other ponies, to assault the islands. The attack went well, resulting in minimal losses.

They secretly colonized the islands close to IceWing territory, thanks to the help of the scavengers' boats. They set up camp in the lands between the SandWings and SkyWings, with minimal losses. They now prepared their next attack.

Chapter 32 (Foxlover16)

"Soldiers," growled Princess Luna. "Dost thou believe thou art prepared for war?"

"YES!" yelled a billion assorted pegasi, unicorns, and earth ponies. 

"Well, thou art WRONG!" shouted Luna. "Thou art concieted and arrogant wretches if thou believe thou art prepared!" She glared at them so hard that Derpy, her second-in-command, got blown backwards, her muffin incinerated. "Drop and give thee twenty!"

Suddenly Princess Celestia entered the room. Derpy and the soldiers instantly bowed low. Celestia glared pointedly at Luna, who glowered back. Unlike Luna, who had battled the MudWings right in the thick of things, Celestia was spotless. Not a scar or smudge on her. Unlike Luna, who was much skinnier due to eating very small war rations, she looked a little plumper. 

"Sister," snarled Luna. "What brings thou here?"

Celestia shrugged. "I just like everypony bowing to me." She flicked Luna's snout with her tail. "Oh, and Luna? I was thinking of just making you war commander instead of princess. I mean, it's not as though the Equestrian Colonies need another, um..." She took in Luna's rugged appearance. "Um, another, um, princess. And my niece, Mi Amora Cadenza, is taking care of the Crystal Colonies. Not going into battle like some ponies." She shoved her horn against Luna's. "Now bow down, Commander."

Luna gritted her teeth and got on her knees. "Whatever thou wish, sister."

Celestia sashayed away. "I'm queen now."

Derpy had to hold Commander Luna back from ripping off her sister's horn.

Chapter 33 (ThatDragonLayingAround)

It was Monday. Grumpy Cat hated Mondays. And every day. While Grumpy Cat was busy hating Mondays, a clone of Blister slithered up to the cat.

"Grumpy Cat, I need your help in a war," the Blister clone said.

Grumpy Cat replied, "I was in a war once. I hated it."

"But allying with me could be so beneficial," Blister clone said.


Blister clone said, "But it is such a good idea!"


The Blister clone pouted and flew away.


The clone of Blister entered the room. There was a single chair in the room, with a NightWing sitting on it. "Hello, Blister Clone 432. Did Grumpy Cat ally with us?" the NightWing asked. "No." the clone answered. "We needed Grumpy Cat! We needed it so we could use it's grumpy powers!" the NightWing whined. "Well, couldn't you just clone Grumpy Cat?" Blister asked. "That's a great idea!" the NightWing said, and he walked out of the room.

Chapter 34 (Crowning)

While all of this was going on, the Talons of Peace regrouped.

"What should we do?" Said Jambu, which was now the leader.

"WE SHOULD GO TO WAR!" Said Luna, who was mad at her sister, and decided to accept the invitation.

"I don't like war. I don't like peace. Why are we here again?" Said Grumpy Cat, who was secretly part of the Talons of Peace.

"Let's just Avada Kadabra everyone" Said Harry Potter, who returned to Pyrrhia.

Then, Celestia came and destroyed the meeting with a sisblast. Everyone survived the sisblast because Celestia was no longer a sislord.

Luna laughed. Ever since Celestia made Luna commander, Celestia's sis-level went down to almost zero, because she declared herself no longer a sister to Luna.

Celestia cried, but only for a second.

"TIME FOR THE BURNING SUN" she roared. She turned into what looked like Nightmare Moon, but more Celestia-y.

Chapter 35 (Foxlover16)

Luna turned into Nightmare Moon and battled with Daydream Sun (Aka Celestia when Nightmare-y). The other Talons grabbed some popcorn and 3D glasses and watched. 

"I saw a movie once," said Grumpy Cat. "I hated it."

"THOU ART NOT MY SISTER!" Luna screamed. (She had defeated Daydream Sun with her amazing nightmare powers, and thus reverted back to her normal self.) As soon as she spoke the words, her sis meter dropped down drastically.

"You're not mine either," snarled Celestia. Luna punched her in the face like a lady, causing her lady meter to rise. Luna threw Celestia in prison and turned to face the audience. 

"Show's over," she said. "Autographs will be at the Prison For Prisoners, since that is where Celestia now resides."

Jambu, Harry, and the other Talons flocked to the Prison For Prisoners to get autographs. 

"Woo-hoo," grumbled Grumpy Cat. "They're paying me to say that."

Chapter 36 (LunaTheEclipse)

Suddenly, all the autographs burst into flames as Luna (TheEclipse) walked in with an army of Rainbow Factory workers.

"Quickly! Grab Luna!" She pointed at the Princess, and cackled evilly.

"Now, I can finally become the true Princess of the Night! And no one will know the difference! Take her to the Prison for Princesses!"

She continued cackling evilly as she floated away on a cloud of scissors, handing out umbrellas to the Rainbow Factory workers so they wouldn't be killed by the scissor rain. Then, she stopped spotlighting and let other people react.

Chapter 37 (Happy)

"This war must end! We must pick a side!" called Herobrine to all his minions.


Voldemort was agitated because his waffles wern't cooking. They had been in the microwave for a looooong time. "Forget about this stupid Muggle appliances!" he shouted as he took his half-baked waffle out of the micro and stepped over the bodies in his way.

Chapter 38 (Mediocre Waffle)

A waffle jumped out from the freezer, and attacked Voldemort! But he was not just any waffle, he was a wizard waffle! He casts many spells at Voldemort, without Voldemort getting many in, since he was surprised. After a long, glorious fight, the waffle had won! He turned Voldemort into a pile of ash, separating his soul into 42 pieces. He teleported away to avoid being attacked by Herobrine and his goons.


Luna was reigning high, with few subjects to dispute her, since her sister's actions of demoting her to only a commander. This, however, did not change the fact that she still lead battles on Pyrrhia. She now managed diplomacy, however, and was honored well for being such a b0$$ in combat. She ordered an attack on the SkyWing kingdom, which resulted in fairly moderate losses, but still a victory.

The ponies had taken major hold in Pyrrhia, now with captured dragon slaves, they could send them out into the front-lines to fight, so ponies and their allies wouldn't have to risk their lives. They would soon win this rebellion if no attacks were made on them. *Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge*

Chapter 39 (Seaviper)

Seaviper flew over to the contenent known as North America. There, scavengers were everywhere, and they drove a ton of these little machine thingys. There, she found a base, and while sticking her tall in one of the bunkers while getting shot with bullets, she found some sort of bomb. As she flew back to Pyrhia, she acidently cut a wire, and it started a one minute countdown. She, not wanting to be around this thing anymore, put it in th center of Pyrrhia.

She then freed all of the dragon prisoners, and brought everything into her plane except for the ponies. She then put up a huge energy shield around her plane, and no one could enter, exit, or destroy it except for her.

Meanwhile, back out in Pyrriah, the nuke counted down its time before destruction. Soon, it came to ten seconds, and it let out a loud beep. A computerize voice said:

10 Seconds left"











Soon, everything that was not inside the energy shield, was burned and reduced to piles of ash. That was also the same with all the ponies, for they were the only animals that were turned into ash.

Chapter 40 (Mediocre Waffle)

Luna, who in Equestria at the time of the bomb going off, quickly heard new of it. She knew that there was only one wasy to undo it. She had to bond with her sister enough, and raise her sismeter enough, to rewind time and stop it the bomb. She went to her cell, and told her of what had happened.

"Celestia, we have to work together to stop that bomb!"


"But Celestia, think of all of the  ponies that died there!'

"Grrrr, fine, I'll help.But only because of our subjects."

Then, they both apologized to each other, and hugged each other, raising their sismeters drastically. They talked about how they loved ech other, and their memories of each other. Their sismeters were above breaking point, they could do anything, now! 

They combined their powers, and rewinded time, as well as freezing it at the exact moment, but they still had energy in their sismeters. With that energy, they created a giant forcefield, and put all of their subjects in it. They moved Seaviper and their allies out of any field, and went in. They unfroze time, and everything, including the rebellion, had died, except for the ponies, and their allies.

Chapter 41 (Foxlover16)

Luna turned around to hug Celestia, but suddenly her sister hoofcuffed her and shoved her in a giant cage!

"Sister!" Luna shouted. "What art thou doing?"

"Taking over the world!" Celestia said evilly. "And killing you." She nodded at a squad of brainwashed RainWings, who started shooting venom at Luna. The first shot missed. 

"What doesn't kill you," Grumpy Cat growled. "Will hopefully try again."

Suddenly Derpy Hooves flew out of the sky with a cape on and rescued Luna!

"AAAAWWW," complained all the SkyWings that had been hoping to see death.

Chapter 42 (Seaviper)

Ash was everywhere. Ponies proudly pranced across this area. In the area where Seaviper was, a royal prince pony came up and stamped on Seaviper's ash, which had a tinge of purple to it. Suddenly, the ash regrouped into a SeaWing hand, and it shot out and strangled the prince, before he turned to ash. Seaviper came out from the ash, her eyes pitch-black except for small white pupils. Drark came out as well, and soon, all the dragons from her kingdom were coming out, and soon, it spread to Equestria, and all the cats and griffons and whoever lived there ressurected somehow. A purple arura radiated strongly off of Seaviper.

"It seems they have forgotten my true power." She hissed lowly. "Bah, I don't even care if the Ballpon boy army takes over Pyrrhia. They were bound to come out at some point." She hisses, and with a wave of her talon, a large ship came down and shadowed over Pyrrhia. Every dragon and other animal was sucked into the ship, but the ponies were left behind. The ship flew away, and dissapeared somewhere in space.

However, back on Pyrrhia, the brainwashed dragons suddenly let out shrieks. Then laughs. Then balloons Boys began to pour out of their mouths, and every time a BB laughed, another one would appear. Soon, within a minute, there were already 5,000 BB's taking over Pyrrhia. They all began to beat up any living creature with their big metal balloons and signs. The takeover was called The Enragement Child's Great Return, or TECGR.

Chapter 43 (TDLA)

The Blister clone entered the room, and the NightWing was still on the chair.

"Did the cloning work?" the clone asked.

The dragon answered, "Well, I've never cloned a cat before, so it turned out...very strange looking."

A strange creature entered the room. It was a dragon with fur poking up from between its scales. There were triangular shaped ears under its short horns, and the dragon-cat had a huge frown on its face.

The NightWing continued, "But the good news is, the Grumpy Dragon still has grumpy powers, so the plan will still work. Pyrhia will fear me!" Just as the NightWing exited the room, Grumpy Dragon used his grumpy powers to destroy the Blister clone and create a huge hole in the wall. Grumpy Dragon flew through the hole and entered a portal to Pyrhia.

Chapter 44 (Foxlover16)

Grumpy Dragon was just rushing into Pyrrhia when she realized that she didn't care about the Pyrrhians. So she found an island in the Bermuda Triangle and started a group called the Junior Grumpies, where she gave pessimistic advice to hopeful little kids and crushed their dreams. Meanwhile, on Pyrrhia...

The Balloon Boys were ging on a rampage, when a whole bunch of kids stumbled out of the shadow of a giant mountain. One of the kids, who appeared to have gotten the others through the mountain's shadow almost entirely by himself, crumpled to the ground. He had on a black skull T-shirt, black jeans, an old aviator jacket, and a silver skull ring. He was pale, though it seemed he usually was like that, with black hair. A few other kids ran up to him. 

"Nico!" yelled a girl with golden hair and a dark complexion. "Nico, wake up!"

"We need some ambrosia and nectar!" shouted Percy. He crouched next to the girl. "He'll be all right, Hazel."One kid ran up to them with ambrosia and nectar, which they fed to the boy.

"What are we doing here?" demanded Piper McLean. "I hate shadow-traveling."

"We'll able to find potential- and very powerful- allies here, for the new war," said Annabeth. 

"But we needed the forces of both camps?" asked Jason. He winced, looking at the kid in the skull shirt. "Poor Nico. Can he even survive, shadow-traveling so many of us so far?"

Another blond guy with a bow and quiver stood. "He'll live," Will Solace said. "But don't expect anymore shadow-travel for a while."

"Then let's go find some potential, unpredictable, extremely dangerous allies!" said Leo Valdez . "This sounds like so much fun!"

So the entire force of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter combined crushed all the Balloon Boys (with the help of Nico di Angelo, who had recovered enough to summon a bunch of dead dragons). Then they allied with the dragons to defeat the giants, Titans, a bunch of assorted monsters, and Princess Celestia's forces, whom she had made join the Titan/giant's army.

Chapter 44 (Seaviper)

Most of the brainwashed RainWings collapsed, but one turned a pale green. It then threw up Phantom Balloon Boy, or PEC, and in anger, he opened a portal while yelling, "HOW DARE YOU DESTROY MY ARMY! i SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL IN RETURN!" Then countless Phantom Balloon Boys, Phantom Freddys, Phantom Chicas, Phantom Foxys, Phantom Mangles, Phantom Puppets, and Springtraps began to pour out of the portal. Then PEC laughed, and regular Balloon Boys began to appear, and then The Enragement Child's Great Return 2, or TECGR 2 began, along with the Five Night's at Freddy's 3 takeover.

Meanwhile, in space

Seaviper drummed her talons on her chair, Drark floating in a sitting position right next to her. "Say, why don't we get some gravity going?" She said, before she pressed some buttons. Then the engines fired and began to spin the ship around in circles, creating gravity slightly weaker than the gravity on Pyrrhia. "There, much better." She said.

In the battle chamber of the ship, SkyWings were watching life-like holligrams of dragons fighting each other, each cheering as a holligram "slayed" another holligram. In the Rainforest chamber was were the RainWings were, basking under the light or practicing tree-gliding or reading scrolls. In the Forest chamber was were the NightWings were, with some labs in there so they can do expirements. In the Sea chamber was were SeaWings were, swimming in the water or on one of the many islands. In the Ice Chamber was the IceWings, who were playing in snow or making forts, while in the Sand chamber were SandWings doing their busnesss in the market or playing in the sand. In the Mud chamber was MudWings resting under Willow trees or resting in the swamp.

Seaviper went up to a wall, and walked straight through it. Drark morphed into a Seawing, and swam alongside her as they went through the Underwater Kingdom, which was a hidden chamber. There, she curled up onto her throne made out of all the pearls and their colors, while Drark swam into a little house of coral with mother-of-pearl floor. They both feel asleep, comfortable in their private chamber.

Chapter 45 (Rainbow Phoenix Fangirls aka oh no you shouldn't have put Solangelo in here)

Suddenly, a giant rainbow bird came out of nowhere wearing MLG sunglasses and trailing rainbow everything fandom related! All of the ponies screamed at the amazing fandomness and imploded before exploding. All of the SkyWings were blinded for no reason.

"I AM RAINBOW AND I AM HERE TO PUN YU" screamed the bird majestically, then she started to make Shakespeare puns so bad that everyone's ears started bleeding, even the phantom FNAF characters. Jambu (who had decided to appear again for nOo rEASorn) gasped.

"I have heard of this majestical besat!" he cried. All of the Dragonets of Destiny stared at him.

"What's a besat?" asked Sunny, and Tsunami punched her like a lady, which made her lady-meter go up. She got 20 boondollars.

"It's a creature from the Wikilands, summoned by her OTP!@@!@@@" screamed Luna, who was suddenly revived even though she had imploded before exploding.

"OH NO" screeched all the warrior cats, which were still in Pyrrhia even though everyone forgot about them. 'What do we do to get rid of it!!!" asked Freddy, even though he was a phantom and no one cared.

"We have to get her OTP away from Pyrrhia!" said Fatespeaker, who was reading the book What to Do When Faced With a Rainbow Besat, Vol. 5 which told her exactly what to do and included stupid pictures of poorly drawn scavengers constructing flat-packed furniture.

"Well, who's her OTP?" cried Glory. "Quickly, my face is melting from the fandomishness!"

Off in the distance, Rainbow stopped in the middle of a horrible pun when she saw the demigods and squealed so loudly all the glass that ever existed shattered.

"SOLANGELOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!111!!!!!!1" she squeed and fell over backwards, crushing 1000000 million baby lions and Scarlet's arena, and everyone cheered because the baby lions were magically okay.

"...looks like it's Solangelo," said Blister, who came in out of nowhere. This time both Glory and Tsunami punched her like ladies, and the 2-hit combo made them both get extra points. The each got 42 boondollars.

"I shipped something once," said Grumpy Cat. "It was your face and a fist."

Chapter 46 (LorikeetRainWing)

Lorikeet suddenly appeared (she had been invisible the whole time, lawl! The perks of being a stealthy OP RAINWING!). "Did I miss anything?" she said with a horrible smile that stretched literally all the way to her ears, showing off all her teeth. She suddenly noticed Grumpy Cat and grabbed her, screaming like a meme, and threw her like a catapult into Blister's face, who exploded into a bunch of gold coins. Lorikeet received all of them, collecting them by flying straight into them. They disappeared into thin air, reappearing magically in the Lorikeet's Health and Power Status Bar in the bottom left corner of the Wiki Screen, just like they do in video games. Lorikeet smiled self-consciously, admiring her new wealthy power.

Tsunami scowled. "How dare you kill Blister? I thought I would be the one to-"

"It doesn't matter!" Lorikeet squealed, flashing rainbow. "You see, this is a VIDEOGAME! (PLOOOOOOOT TWIIIIIIST!!!!) So Blister will come alive again, and you can kill her."

Suddenly, Queen Scarlet and her shoelace appeared, grinning maniacally and cursing with bleeping sounds muffling the bad-mouthed blabbering.

"BLEEP! BLEEPBLEEPBLEEEEEEEEEEEP! BEEP BEEP BOOP BLEEP," Scarlet shrieked when she saw Glory and attempted to run away, but then her feet were stuck in a puddle of Whirlpool-flavored ice cream and she shrieked some more as she tried to splash through the icky green goop, which had glints of gold in it like the horrid SeaWing's earring.

"SERREO SOTslLKEJLMJELRMJ:LRW!!REWMJT{-" the Shoelace began to code in a very technological way, until the sparkly-eyelash-eye from which its high-pitched girly voice spouted vocabulary began to sink into the Whirlpool ice cream as well. One glimmer of a magenta scrap of fabric and it was gone.

Immediately Scarlet's golden hair vanished. She began to sob, her throat still vibrating with the ghost-like presence of the curses which had poured from her curvy snout like scalding tea which roasted a dragon alive (but not Clay, because he is an OP fireproof-scalebaebro).

Meanwhile, Glory spotted her and stretched her jaws open, about to hit her with Extra-Magical Death Spit, when Silver the sloth sprang in front of Scarlet wearing a tutu. Glory screeched and jerked her own head just in time, hitting Pyrite instead.

Pyrite began to yelp hilariously, flapping about in a tumbly ball of Tumblr, chicken, and orange-yellow peach-scented glamorous scales, before she imploded in an ocean of black RainWing venom, leaving behind her necklace, which disintegrated as well!!!!!! The piece of paper enchanting her was gone too. And THEN, out of Pyrite's late soul, a beautiful hybrid of a NightWing, RainWing, and SandWing popped out from the depths of the scattered grains of DNA. Her name was Desu, and she was the most beautiful maiden-dragoness ever to step talon on Pyrrhia!

Desu was a shimmering purple-black which shone dark green, gold, or pink depending on which angle she stepped into the glowing sunlight (45 degrees, perhaps, or maybe a meme-licious right angle?). She could breathe venomous fire and she had a barbed tail; the only difference between her tail barb and a SandWing's was that hers contained RainWing venom instead, making it DEADLIER! Since she was related to no one except Pyrite, who was dead and nonexistent, which meant that there was no way to cancel out her bootyful faboo venom!!! Oh, and she could change her scales, did I mention that?

Lorikeet screamed.

For, what would happen to Pyrrhia now, with such a deadly new Mary Sue to live?

Chapter 47 (Riokodragon)

But soon after Desu came and became Mary Sueish, the pop culture meter decided to burst, sending the fandom multiverse into catastrophe. The Warriors Cats fandom combined with the Percy Jackson Fandom, creating a combination of cats running around with swords. Charlie the Unicorn merged with My Little Pony, which reduced all plot within the tv show to random phrases being repeated. The brony army decided to take a stand against this, but they were too busy calling each other Charlie to do anything. The HTTYD fandom combined with the Frozen fandom. Yeah, I don't even what to think about that. The Lovecraftian fanon decided it wanted to join Sesame Street. Elm'thulu tickled all children until they died. All the fanfictions were crossovers, and pretty terrible ones at that.

The only one who could stop this mess was the one who had started it all. Jambu. Sadly, Jambu had merged with Grumpy Cat, and decided he didn't want to do anything to help, so everyone was ruined.

For a thousand years (though it might have been less or more, since the Whovians completely messed up everyone's timestreams) this chaotic mashup of pop culture continued on.

Chapter 48 (Noirthe🍵 )

In the middle of all the chaos, a school had appeared.

Tsunami noticed the school. She got an 160 boondollars for noticing it. Suddenly, she got a great idea. It was so magnificent, a lightbulb popped up over her head. Everyone gasped at the sight of the lightbulb.

Tsunami slowly said "This is a game, right? Can't we just log out?" Everyone in the world looked at her and gasped, again.

Starflight shook his head. "Actually, there isn't a log out button, so we can't." Everyone in the world glared at him for crushing their hopes and dreams.

Suddenly, Grumpy Cat (who was outdoors) said "I have a favorite outdoor activity. It's going back inside." and strolled into the school, which got destroyed a few minutes later by some nerf guns.

Everyone suddenly realized how powerful nerf guns were and all abandoned their parties to search for one. Starlight read a sign that said "Stahp" and fainted dramatically. The game system gave him 20 boondollars.

A red panda suddenly warped into the video game. It was so adorable, everyone in the world abandoned the search for nerf guns and tried to kidnap it instead. The red panda pulled out a cup of black tea. Then it took out Wings Of Fire: The Lost Heir and started to read it.

Everyone automatically logged out of the game. They were all in Pyhrria. Unfortunately, Pyhrria was as messed up as the video game because Cf'ac'tha'glaargog was in Pyhrria the whole time and had turned it into the Brolands. Tsunami did another epic facepalm.

"WHY WONT YOU TALK TO ME?!" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog screamed at the minuscule caterpillar.

A pony sneaked up from behind and said "It's too busy dying." The pony evaporated a few seconds later. Twilight Sparkle glared at Cf'ac'tha'glaargog. The glare was so magnificent, she got 80 boondollars even though she was no longer in the game.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog finally noticed everyone staring at him. Before he can say his amazing speech, everyone went to somewhere far away, except the dragonets of destiny, who were trying to wake up Starflight, who was somehow still in a faint. Cf'ac'tha'glaargog snapped his fingers and Sunny also fainted. Glory shot venom at Cf'ac'tha'glaargog, who shrieked like a little girl. A bird fell from the sky at the last moment, and instead the venom hit the dead bird.

Coincidentally, the bird was the one that killed the minuscule caterpillar. Cf'ac'tha'glaargog looked at the bird in triumph.

"Yes! My enemy has FALLEN!" he looked at the dead caterpillar. "We will once again start conquering the universe, you and I!" All of the dragonets of destiny did a facepalm.

Moonwatcher walked into the scene. "The caterpillar is dead..." She covered her snout.

"HOW DARE YOU DOUBT MY WORDS?!? ALL PEOPLE WHO DEFY ME SHALL DIE!" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog shot a missile at her, but Winter jumped up in front of Moon and died.

"NOOO!" cried the Jade Winglet and Cf'ac'tha'glaargog, who was slowly turning into sand because of the power of Cliché. Cf'ac'tha'glaargog's death revived Winter, who sat up. The Jade Winglet sighed in relief. The Brolands changed back into Pyhrria. All of the ponies, rainbow birds, and whatever else that entered the universe went back to the correct universes. All except Grumpy Cat, because he was also Jambu.

Two minutes later, Glory teleported into the rainforest, only to find it inhabited with sloths and no dragons. The Sea Kingdom has no one in it except Queen Coral, Anemone, Auklet, Morray, Whirlpool, and Riptide. Two seconds later Riptide went back to the Talons Of Peace. In the Mud Kingdom, the only dragons there were Clay's siblings and the queen. The Nightwing Village only had a few dragons left. It was the same for all of the other kingdoms.

Everyone realized what had happened. Only the dragons that the fans of Wings Of Fire knew were left.

Chapter 49 (Seaviper)

Meanwhile, back in the video game...

Seaviper let out a delighted screech. Now that Cf'ac'tha'glaargog had been defeated, she can safely unleash her most powerful weapon: The TJ! She then pulled out a bearded dragon from her wing and held it up for all to see.

Then TJ blinked.

All within a 1000000000000000000 mile radius fell back, except for her and Drark, from the extreme power the TJ held. She gained 420 gems and then became the dank meme lord of the video game. With that, she unleashed sanic out onto the world to kill any non fanboy of fangirl of WoF, FNaF, or MLP (ever since Luna converged her) that appeared in the video game. She let out a maniacal screech as she became the most powaful dank meme to set talon onto the Pyrrhia video game.

Chapter 50 (princessfireflyoftherainwings )

Princess Luna walked into the makeshift demigod camp, Derpy hooves following behind. It was a a motley collection of tents in all different colors. They entered a grey tent with a silver owl in the door. Inside were several kids. They spoke to one with black, purple streaked hair, sitting cross legged with a laptop.

" Are you the hacker?" Luna asked. The girl looked up. " Yeah. It turns out to be pretty useful in a videogame universe. So, I'm presuming you need my help for something?"

" Yes." Said Luna. "We need a way to defeat the Dank Meme lord of the universe. To do that, we must find the Overlords, and bring them here to fight SeaViper." The girl nodded. " Ok. I'll check the leaderboards for you, and teleport them here." She opened a new window on her laptop and did something neither Luna nor Derpy hooves could understand. She also magically made a muffin for Derpy Hooves enjoyment.

" Okay, we're in" she spoke. " So, on the SisMeter, Celestia is at bottom with zero points. The overlord is Sunny. Apparently, selling Girl Scout cookies gets you a lot of sispoints. The Bropoint system is completely whacked. As of now, they don't even HAVE a Broverlord. " she scrolled down. looking at the screen confusedly.

"Uhhh. Wow. Apparently those face palms are really epic. Tsunami has over nine thousand times as many epic points as anyone else." Then the screen of the laptop went fuzzy.

" Well that sucks. My computer just crashed. So unfortunately, I can neither teleport them here, ore tell you who the final overlord is."

Luna and Derpy hooves exchanged glances. " So which overlord is it?"

the demigod looked at them.

" The EvuLord. The one with the most evulz."

Chapter 51 (*falls over*)

"ANYBODY MISS ME?" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog screamed, before realizing his only audience was a baked potato.

"nO." The baked potato said.

So Cf'ac'tha'glaargog ate the baked potato.


Bricks were falling from the sky.

Courtesy of the Illuminati.

"NO THE ILLUMINATI SHALL NEVER DEFEAT US!!!" Everyone except Grumpy Cat yelled.

The Illuminati defeated everyone except Grumpy Cat. "I was in the Illuminati once," Said Grumpy Cat. "It was awful."

The Illuminati got mad at GC for saying that, so they tried to defeat him.

They failed.



Clay was watching everything that was happening on TV.

"omg we gotsta stoppit," Glory said while fangirling over a remote control.

"But how?" Tsunami asked.

"Easy. We just combine the powers of the bro lord and the sis lord," Starflight said. "So we have Sunny and..."

"Jambu? Clay? Cf'ac'tha'glaargog?" Tsunami guessed.

"Nope." Said Clay.

"Whirlpool is THE broliest broverlord ever."

Chapter 52 (Noirthe🍵 )

Everyone was shocked. Everyone was so shocked a dragon named Everyone fainted. (Gosh, why do so many dragons faint?)

When Cf'ac'tha'glaargog turned to dust, everyone thought he had died. But the rainbow tie dye ripple had proven them wrong. Also, because Cf'ac'tha'glaargog had eaten the baked potato, he had became 10x stronger.

" I WILL KILL..." Cf'ac'tha'glaargog looked at his script. "WINTER!" he roared.

Winter sneezed. Qibli smirked at him. "Oh, an Icewing catching a COLD? This is the first time I have seen it happen! Are you really Queen Glacier's nephew?" Winter glared at Qibli. He got 90 boondollars.

Moon looked up. She saw an HP and MP bar. "Uh, we're back in a video game. I think."


Clay was busy trying to get Whirlpool to... Wherever he and his friends ended up at.

He sent a text.

Clay: Whirlpool, please come here. You can save the WORLD!

Whirlpool: Why bother? I finally made a portal to TROPICAL PARADISE! YES!

Tsunami looked at Whirlpool's text and facetaloned. She got 200 boondollars and a free ice cream cone. Clay glanced at the ice cream cone. He got a free cupcake.

Clay: Uh, I have an ice cream cone and a cupcake.


Clay: Um, yes. Do you want some images?

Whirlpool: I'm coming.

Clay looked at his phone. "Hey, I just got Whirlpool to come here." Tsunami punched him in the face. She got a cookie. Clay looked at the cookie, unfazed. "Can I eat that?" he asked. Tsunami facetaloned again and got 200 boondollars and another ice cream cone.

Suddenly, Sunny stood up. "I am NOT combining my powers with anyone!" She cried. "I am independant! INDEPENDANT! I'll save the world on my own."

Clay looked up at her. "Don't you want to save the world? The right way? The way that won't kill any dragons?"

"Oh. Uh, yes." Sunny replied, ashamed.


"WE ARE BACK IN THE VIDEO GAME?!" roared WInter. The roar destroyed the video game, and the Jade Winglet went back to Pyhrria.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog was in the middle of his (pointless) speech when he saw the Jade Winglet. He looked at Winter. "I SHALL KILL YOU, WINTER!" he shot a blast of broliness at Winter. Winter sneezed. The sneeze shook the Earth. Cf'ac'tha'glaargog looked at his newest weapon.

"WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING!?!" he roared, pressing several buttons on his stick. The stick broke in half. "NOOO!" cried Cf'ac'tha'glaargog. He picked up the dead miniscule caterpiller. "POWERS ACTIVATE!" he roared (again).

Kinkajou whispered to Moon. "Psst. Is he a Hatchling? I think I saw several movies that said the exact same line in the hatchery." Kinkajou and Moon giggled.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog glared at them. (Why is there so much glaring? Oh. It's my fault. Oops.) 

"It's time.. to bake a pie."

Chapter 53 (Queenvikki232)

Then suddenly an IceWing called Flurry appeared (Queenvikki232's character!). She knew how to defeat Whirlpool, but she was in 15th place in the sixth circle in the IceWIng rankings so no IceWing would listen to her. Ha! She thought. I will move up the rankings then!

Then Moonwatcher walked into the scene. She said "You can't move up the rankings that fast."

Moonwatcher got bricked. She fainted.

Then Winter magically appeared out of nowhere and roared "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?!"

Flurry looked up at Winter with large, innocent eyes. "I didn't do it," she said. "It was an anonymous identity."

Flurry got bricked for being so specific.

Then Flurry and Winter flew up and saw Whirlpool with a pile of bricks. Whirlpool then tried to use the power of crazy shipping to ship Flurry and Winter but made a mistake and accidentally shipped himself and Flurry.

Whirlpool chased Flurry around while Flurry ran away and screamed "HELP! IT'S GOT ME!!! EEK!!!!!"

Then Flurry tripped but Qibli magically appeared out of nowhere like Winter and stabbed Whirlpool in the back with his venomous barb, killing him.

Everyone in Pyrrhia cheered.

Then Winter started chasing Qibli around thinking that Moon would now choose Qibli over him. Then he realized Moon was still unconscious and did an epic facepalm.

He got 50 boondollars.

Then Flurry and Winter flew back to the Ice Kingdom and both got into first place on the rankings because the IceWings apparently thought that Flurry and Winter had defeated Whirlpool.

Then Qibli magically appeared in the scene again and somehow survived in the Ice Kingdom long enough to say "I actually killed Whirlpool." Then he teleported away.

All the IceWings freaked out and tried to fly all at the same time but failed. In all the chaos, the IceWings forgot about the rankings so Winter and Flurry moved all the IceWings to the seventh circle. Then they somehow flew out of the castle without being noticed and caught themselves a polar bear.

But then Flurry stole the polar bear and flew away with it. Winter started to fly after her but then Moon somehow appeared in the scene and Winter flew to her.

With her polar bear carcass dangling between her claws, Flurry flew out to the ocean into the sunset to a land where no dragon had ever been before.

Chapter 54 (Noirthe🍵 )

But then Flurry crashed into a tree (How DOES a tree appear in the middle of nowhere?) and kept flying while eating her polar bear. She finished it, so she decided to go back to the ice kingdom for seconds.

Then Cf'ac'tha'glaargog finished baking his pie, and then he started thinking about what happened with Flurry earlier. She had crashed through the roof and almost ruined his oven. Luckily, he had thrown Flurry into the ice kingdom before that had happened.

Then, with his majestic broliness, he had made an illusion to distract Flurry so she wouldn't interfere again. He looked at the Jade Winglet. They glanced at the pie and gave him a look that said "WHY AREN'T YOU EATING IT?!". It was annoying, so Cf'ac'tha'glaargog splat the pie in Winter's face.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog got 50 boondollars. He added the boondollars to his majestic rainbow wallet.

Qibli looked at the pie on Winter's face. "Lucky. I've never got a pie to the face before. Was it a good experience?" Winter tried to growl at him, but failed and chocked on the pie on his face instead.

Then, Moonwatcher tried to give Winter medicine, but Winter freaked out and ran out of the room. All the dragons in the room facetaloned, including Cf'ac'tha'glaargog.

"That was the most pathetic display I have ever seen. I don't know why I saw that dragon as a enemy in the first place." growled Cf'ac'tha'glaargog. Moon sighed.

"Well, he sorta hates me. I think he thought there was poison in the medicine." Qibli looked over at where Winter had dashed off.

"WINTER! WE'RE A WINGLET! COME BACK!" he roared as loud as he could. A moment later, Winter came back with a baked potato. He looked at the potato in confusion, as if he didn't know it was even there.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog looked at the clock. "Wait, I'm supposed to attend a meeting." he sighed, dramatically. Then, he teleported to wherever he was going.

Then Flurry teleported into the scene. "I'm now in the SEVENTH circle! What did I do wrong?!" she roared. Winter looked at her.

"I think you may have broken a part of the roof of the Ice palace, kicked 4 icewings, and fatally injured one while screaming I GOT BRICKED all over the place, and then saying you were in the 1st circle and going on the stage without permission." Winter said, looking at his email.

"WHAT?!" cried Flurry. "I HAVE GOT TO MOVE UP THE RANKINGS!" and with that, she flew off.


"Oh, it's Flurry. She's now in the 3rd circle. I wonder how she got there so quickly." Winter said, looking at another email.

"Well, that's nice." Qibli said.

Moonwatcher walked in with 50 cup noodles. She started to cook all 50. The rest of the Jade Winglet looked at the cup noodles in amazement. They had never seen anything like it.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog was at the meeting. "I should kill Winter. I really should. UGH! This meeting is SO BORING. Let's play volleyball." all the dragons at the meeting glared at him. One of the dragons stuck a volleyball in the fireplace.

Winter sneezed again. Qibli glanced at him and turned to Moonwatcher. "Hey, Moon, I think Winter is allergic to those." he pointed at the cup noodles. "Don't give any to him."

Winter glared at Qibli. Now I can't try Moon's cooking! WAIT, why the heck WOULD I want her cooking!? You're a disgrace to the royal icewing lineage! Winter thought.


Glory sat on her Throne in the rainforest. Then she remembered that Seaviper existed. Eh, why should I go help with a game? I need to manage my kingdom. She thought, looking at her subjects. She glanced at Jambu, who had separated from Grumpy Cat. "Hey, Jambu, can you go borrow a scroll from Starflight? I'm sure he has plenty of those."

Jambu looked up at her. "I've actually got one! It's called The Hidden Kingdom!" Glory looked at it and gasped. She was on the cover. She was going to show it to her friends, but stopped.

Since Whirlpool died, Sunny decided to save the world by herself. Then she realized the game universe was a game, so there was no point in saving it.

Clay approached Sunny. "Sunny, there was this land that no dragon had ever been to before, so why not go there? Also, I'm bringing the Jade Winglet. Maybe also Cf'ac'tha'glaargog." Sunny looked at him and gasped in horror.

"Cf'ac'tha'glaargog?!? Why?" she asked.

"Oh. The Jade Winglet became friends with him somehow, and also he is strong, so he could be a useful ally." Clay spotted Starflight's cookie jar. "Can I eat those?"

"NO!" Starflight cried, jumping in front of his cookie jar.

Chapter 55 (Princessfireflyoftherainwings))

Sunny pulled out a clipboard from nowhere.

"Would either of you like to buy Girl scout cookies?" The game added to Sunny's Sis Meter.

" Yes, I would love some." Said Clay.

"Wait." Said Sunny. "I thought we left the video game universe? So how is my SisMeter still rising?" She looked at the other dragonets. Tsunami epically facepalmed. The game gave her 50 boondollars and her Epicmeter rose.

"Also that." She added.

"Apparently, the real world is just another dimension within the Game" said Starflight. "It just has better graphics" Sunny gasped.

"So it's REAL!? This means I should go back! It's what a perfect Girl Scout would do!" Tsunami looked at her.

"When did you join Girl Scouts, anyway?

Chapter 56 (Rainstorm239)

Far away, deep in the depths of the land of Who Knows Where, a dragon crouched between the boulders of Idk and the river of Annoying Teenager Slang.

This dragon's name was Vivian Elizabeth Karina Lily Olive Oil Selena Gomez John Cena Gemini Gwendolyn Amara Ashley Diana Lush Perfume Samples Magic Fite Me Sky, or Vi for short.

Vi was the best because her parents were Mary and Gary Sue, the suest of the Sues. They had all the powers ever created by the great overseer Tui T. Sutherland, who was comfortably watching the world go crazy from her office.

Vi had color-change scales with silver speckles on them. She could breathe fire, and she had an IceWing whiplike tail. She could also breathe underwater and make her scales glow, and she radiated heat like a SandWing. However, Vi's one weakness was her love of memes!

When she tried to dominate the world (because that's what typical cliché villains want right?), she would outlaw all memes to destroy all of her weakness. Vi flew into the air with her great SkyWing wings, ready to take over the world.

Chapter 57 (Noirthe🍵 )

The dragons all noticed Vi getting ready and facetaloned. Why had they not noticed this delusional..creature before? The dragonets of destiny sighed.

Starflight looked at all the dragons and they nodded. They can tell Vi had a weakness, memes, just by looking at her getting tempted by a dragon with a sign that had a llama meme on it. The other dragons casually took out signs and phones with memes on them. 

Vi looked at the dragon mob below her and squealed. So many memes! She looked at every single one, until she exploded into a heap of bubble wrap. A girl scout looked at the bubble wrap and all the dragons who were going to jump on it. She whipped them all away with her tail.

"You can't use this bubble wrap unless you get a cookie!" she said while smiling maliciously. All the dragons that didn't have money cried.


Cf'ac'tha'glaargog walked out of the meeting and put on his new pair of sunglasses. He had beat up all the dragons at the meeting.

Suddenly, a coconut splat on his glasses, followed by an orange and a grape. Cf'ac'thaglaargog's gorgeous sunglasses were ruined.  


Winter screamed at the sight of Scarlet's remains. Qibli laughed. "Is it really that scary?" Winter looked at Qibli. 

"How about you trying to look at it?" he moved out of the way so Qibli can see the corpse. Qibli screamed. Kinkajou and Winter roared in laughter. 

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog suddenly teleported in. "WINTER, WERE YOU THE ONE WHO FRUITED MY SUNGLASSES?!?" 

Winter looked at him and sighed. "No." 

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog glared at him. He was obviously lying! "I'M GOING TO KILL YO-" he caught a glimpse of Scarlet's remains. "But first, the bathroom...." he gagged. 

Moon winced. How did the Jade Winglet get here, anyway? Can her clawmates's focus on the important stuff?

Winter looked at his facebook.  

1 new notifications.


Cf'tha'glaargog never achieved his promise.   

Chapter 58 (NosferatutheDeathwing)

Meanwhile in the Driftwing canyons!

"Alright men! Time to end this!" said the Mudwing/Seawing hybrid to his siblings. "But Bigwings! We're not ready!" Nosferatu said. "There's only nine of us, and we suck! Sprout's too young, Sandstorm's in the medic, Sylvia can't compete because she's a scavenger, Fuse doesn't have enough fire, Aquamarine and I can't do it, and you and Hurricane were banned from competing!" Abyss added. "I'm the only one who can compete in the games and there's only one of me!" Nosferatu whined. "No there isn't!" said a mysterious voice. The Deathwing turned and was astonished. His army of clones.

"Hey boss!" all 5467281937710000 clones in unison. "We're here to help!" Nosferatu #2 explained. "Alright! To the Pyrrhian Olympics!" Nosferatu's original yelled. "YEAH!!!" the clones roared in a frenzy. Off they were to the Pyrrhian Olympics, when they crossed a candy store on the way.

2 seconds later!!(Oh come on I told you last time we went over the budget for time transitions like this!)

"For candy! For the conquest of Pyrrhia!" Nosferatu yelled after going power crazy. "YAY!!" his clone army said as it ransacked the candy stores of Pyrrhia. "Great, they're running around crazy... again!" Hurricane said as he face-taloned. "We can't blast them all into space again. Apparently that doesn't work." Sylvia sighed. "I got it! Nosferatu still has that clone making potion in his lab!" Riverbed said. "Time to fight clone with clone."

3 minutes later!(What did I just say!)

All of the Nosferatu clones stared with confused faces. Riverbed, Aqua, Hurricane, Abyss, Fuse, Sprout, Sandstorm, and Sylvia clones all mixed into one clone army. "Your not going to kill us are you!" all of the Nosferatu clones yelled in fear. "Of course not!" Riverbed original said. "We're going to make the ultimate clone army and use our combined powers for good!" Aqua explained. "Can we get candy?" Nosferatu #5467281937710000 asked. "Yep!" Sprout said with his small voice. "YAAAYYY!!" all of the Deathwing clones cheered. "But first! I heard in the Rainforest that some dude name Cf'tha'glaargog is terrorizing everyone!" Riverbed announce. "What are we waiting for! To the Rainforest everyone!" the Aqua clones cheered. "Alright! Road trip!" the Fuse clones cheered. "Time for a road song!" Nosferatu said as he began to sing.

"We're off on the road to the Rainforest." He started.

"We're having the time of our lives!" the clones added in a chorus.

Suddenly, the Nosferatu clones started dancing and singing.

"The world is our oyster! The jungle is our pearl! We're off on our way. Let's give it a whirl!" the all began singing slightly off beat.

"Your tempo is off! STOP SINGING!" the Hurricane clones yelled as each one slapped a Nosferatu clone."Oh come, it's not that bad!" Abyss added. Soon, everyone began singing, and eventually, the Hurricane clones even joined in.

"We're off on the road to the Rainforest.

The home of the beautiful Rainwings.

We'll have a ball in the canopy! We'll dance in the trees.

Let's just hope we don't all annoy Queen Glory!

We've gone over the river and through the woods, and we've certainly fo-o-o-ound.

Like our role models, the original Dragonets of Destiny, Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, and Sunny.

We're Rainforest bound!

Or like the Nightwings when they all escaped from a volcanic island and swore allegiance to Glory.

"We're Rain-forest.... boooooouunnnddd!" They finished off.

Chapter 59 (she who sucks becuase she is writing too much chapters but this one is shorter so it's ok, right?)

Queen Glory looked at the massive crowd of clones. Beside her were 8 deaf Rainwings. For once, the deaf Rainwings were glad that they were deaf. 

Queen Glory sighed. For she was wearing very strong earmuffs, she did not hear the clones singing, but still saw them and gaped at the amount of them. Who woudn't? 

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog grinned at all the clones and beamed. Of course, he did not know that they were planning to kick him out of the Rainforest. My posters for Cf'ac's army worked! Look at all these new members! I knew crayon was better than ink! he thought ethusiastically.  He decided to give them an opening speech. 

Taking out his extremely large megaphone, he shouted to all the clones. "Welcome! I am Cf'ac'thaglaargog, Greatest of All Broverlords, Eldritch Swagifier, First of the Gnarly Gods, Founder of the First Council of Mega-Awesomeness, the Unutterable Word, the Flirtatious One, Beloved of the Dawg, Heir to the Throne of Bombliness, Whirler of Worlds, Arcanity of Brofisting, and Befriended of the Surge That Nose-Pick! I understand that you want to join my WONDERFUL army!" he cried. The Rainwings all covered their ears.

-- Clone point of view

It was proof! Cf'ac was really terrorizing the Rainwings. He even made their ears bleed! The clones charged at him. Suddenly, Hurricane remembered. "Cf'ac'tha'glaargog can't be killed with our natural weapons. We need things like.. Uh, that." he said, pointing to a pitchfork.

So the clones duplicated it 4.9205537e+16 (Yes, I used a calculator to add up all the clones.) times and all rushed at Cf'ac'tha'glaargog, pitchforks raised.

Chapter 60 (perilthechamp)

"What is going on?" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog shouted as the clones swarmed to attack him. But just before he was about to get viciously mauled, ropes wrapped around him and he was pulled up.

In a cloud, Cf'ac'tha'glaargog was approached by several different fandom characters. He tried desperately to remember what there names were and what they were from. He was pretty far off on some of his guesses though.

The cat who he thought was Firestar was Graystripe.

He got Kurt Hummel right.

He thought Agatha was Sophie.

He got Donald Trump right.

He got John Cena right.

He thought Alex was Aaron.

He got Nicholas Cage right.

He got Batman right.

He screwed horribly on the last one and thought that Nick Wilde was Nikki Minaj.

"whY THE HECK AM I HERE?" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog yelled.

"You're being our sacrifice," said a creepy voice in the backround.

Chapter 61 (Seaviper)

Seaviper let out a low cackle. She was the official overlord of the video game, and everyone was to preoccupied with themselves to bother to stop her.

"I always knew RainWings were lazy!" She boasted. And I guess no will will care about this either!" She then let a cackle as a dull neon green beam shot out in a circle, passing past everyone, and they all turned towards a screen. A green SeaWing appeared, it turns out Seaviper was actually Repivaes!

"Greetings dragons of Pyrrhia! Ever since "Seaviper" became the dank meme lord and ruler of the video game, you've all tried to stop her, but were too caught up in yourselves to do so! Well it turns out from that point on it was all me! Repivaes! Bow down before your new GOD!" She let out a triumphant roar as the dragonets of destiny disappeared in a fuzz of pixels.

Meanwhile, deep within the Caves of Canterlot

Seaviper sat in a cell, looking at herself in a crystal. She heard the faint roar of her evil alternate-universe self, Repivaes, echoing throughout the caverns. A face of confidence emerged, and suddenly became an Undertale fangirl! She then used her newly-gained DETERMINATION to smash out of her cell. She then ran, following a pixely star floating through the caverns.

Chapter 62 (NosferatutheDeathwing)

Riverbed and the other hybrid clones all noticed what was happening. "Guys! It's clear as to what we must do!" he shouted valiantly at the clone army. "You don't mean!" Abyss yelled. "Yep. He means it." Fuse said from behind her. Riverbed got out the CANDY CORN OF CRAZINESS AND INSANITY, a magic luminous piece of candy acquired from Misty Mire, and threw it 1,000,000,000 kilometers in the air. Suddenly, every last Nosferatu clone went raving mad, and swarmed up into the sky after the candy, Nosferatu original leading. They all suddenly merged into one giant Nosferatu the size of the Sun and three moons combined.

"CANDY!!!" the giant Deathwing/Rainwing hybrid roared as he swooped at Pyrrhia at 300,000 m/s(speed of light). On impact, everything in the universe, both antimatter, dark matter, and matter, except Nosferatu and his friends, was obliterated without a single subatomic trace. Then there was the void. Nosferatu, Voodoo, Abyss, Fuse, Sylvia, Sprout, Riverbed, Hurricane, Sandstorm, and Aquamarine became lords of the Divine Everything, even though there was nothing. Suddenly, and awesome theater appeared, and everyone teleported inside. The group got concessions(though Nosferatu ate most of them) and watched the movie.

"Om nom. What's this movie about?" Nosferatu asked with his mouth full. Suddenly, the screen turned to a stormy scene in the rainforest. Then Jambu tried to take over, Cf'ac'tha'gaar'gog emerging, and everyone fanon and canon of all dimensions was thrown into a massive swirl of ti-dye and madness. The screening took 2 eons to finish, but to everyone in the theater, it was only 2 seconds, because time and perception of it was completely and utterly annihilated by the Mighty Deathwing Nosferatu!

"Guys! That was so cool!" Sprout yelled as he jumped in his seat. "All of that stuff really happened!?!" Sandstorm said confused. "We must alert the public of this lunacy!" Hurricane yelled. "Yes, but a movie as awesome and filled with plot and action as this would never get their attention." Riverbed explained. "Then we must do what all people do when they need to get a message out to the public without distracting them or rotting their brains with screen-time.... pack it all into an enormous 4 billion page book with densely packed plot, careening side plots, and no pictures or visual aids!" Nosferatu yelled with triumph. "YEAH!" everyone yelled. After 7 billion eons, all nine dragonets and the Scavenger(Sylvia) replaced everything that Nosferatu destroyed and got to the point of the story before the fabric of the multiverse and time were disintegrated.

It took another 5 billion eons until the writing and publishing was done, and Nosferatu was ready to release it to the public. "But Nosferatu, before we unfreeze everyone from time, we need to give this a name!" Voodoo called. "Aw, yes. But what could possibly fit such a story!?!" Nosferatu said at a loss. "Well, we're dragonets of destiny, so maybe something of Wings of Fire?" Riverbed suggested. "Yeah but it wasn't just us, because everyone and everything added on to the plot and side plots." Hurricane said. "Oh my three moons I've got it! WINGS OF FIRE: AN ADD-ON STORY FOR ANYONE!" Nosferatu suggested. Everyone immediately agreed. Everyone ever from the events prior was gathered in an arena ten times that of Scarlet and her granddaughter Blood-stone's arena for the release.

"Everyone! I give you: WINGS OF FIRE: AN ADD-ON STORY FOR ANYONE!" Nosferatu roared into the giant microphone hooked up to the tiny megaphone. Nosferatu, Sylvia, Voodoo, Riverbed, Hurricane, Aqua, Abyss, Fuse, Sandstorm, and Sprout all lived happily ever after for a nice 5 seconds. For everyone else, well.....

It's an add-on story. It's up to you!

Chapter 63

Squid was mad because he hadn't been in the whole story line.

"I want ACTION!" Squid cried. "I want ADVENTURE! I want EXCITEMENT! I want CUPCAKES!"

All of a sudden, a pile of cupcakes appeared at Squid's feet. As he ate them, something began to stir inside him...

Dark Squid's spirit rose out of Squid's body and turned to face Squid. "You say you want action, adventure and excitement? Come with me, and we can rule the world."

Squid grabbed Dark Squid's hand, and they melted into one. Squid became Dark Squid, who was bigger than Squid and had fiery eyes.

Dark Squid rose into the air, cackling with triumph. Time to rule the world!

Chapter 64

Dark Squid was flying 106096234 miles above Pyrrhia when suddenly a voice yelled "Vulpix! Flamethower!" Dark Squid twisted out of the way just in time. He flew upwards and turned around to look at his very stupid attacker that would be dead soon. It was three scavengers on the back of a fat dragon that looked like a mix of a SeaWing and a SkyWing with a red fox on its back too. HAHAHAHA! SOmeone I can kill to terrify to world and make them obey me! Dark Squid was surprised by an apple pie falling out of the sky and into his talons, so he ate it.

Then Dark Squid (Ill just call him Team Rocket) suddenly gained magical animus powers and coldscales so he shot a blast of very cold frostbreath at the scavengers but the one in the cap said "Charizard, dodge it!" Then the one with red hair said "Togepi! Use Sweet Kiss and then Yawn!" And then an egg with arms popped out of a backpack and opened its mouth then shot some bubbles at him. "HAHAHAHA! You think you can defeat me, Team Rocket, with puny bubbles, scavengers? Think again!" He used his animus powers on the bubbles but it didn't work and Team Rocket was so shocked that he was caught in a bubble and plummeted down to Pyrrhia.

However Team Rocket got caught in a hot air balloon with a white cat face on the balloon and he drifted down to Pyrrhia safely.

Meanwhile in Equestria...

Princess Celestia paced back and forth. "Oh, what shall I do? I've had reports of a dark dragon that wanted to take over th entire world! i get it! I must ready our warriors!" Twilight Sparkle ran off to assemble all ponies for battle because she had been secretly listening in.

Meanwhile in Pyrrhia...

Nosferatu accidentally ate a clone of the apple pie Dark Squid ate and then disappeared. The whole entire Pyrrhia fell apart into tie-dye seas and everybody drowned except Moon, Winter, Qibli, Kinkajou, Clay, Peril, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny, and Starlight. Peril had been standing on a ledge despairing because she hated Nosferatu and then she got caught in the tie dye sea. She burned it all away and the dragonets were standing in the Kanto region in a Pokemon anime. They turned around and saw that they were trapped in what they assumed was a giant glass bottle with a gigantic scavenger staring at them. "Cool! Look, there are real dragons in Pokemon: Indigo League!" Moon and Winter fainted right away because they were soo surprised that they could understand the scavenger.

Turtle suddenly flew right into the screen and into the Pokemon anime and shouted "Hey, bros! I've got a brotastic surprise for everybody, bros, and sisters!" He brought along Vermillion whom everybody tried to kill onsite. Then Twilight Sparkle descended from the clouds and annihilated Vermillion with one blast of her newfound super-powerful magical death spit jet. Then Glory flew up and using her mochi swords that simply appeared in her claws bounced Twilight Sparkle right back up to Equestria.

Meanwhile in the clearing Dark Squid landed in...

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Charizard touched down. "I wonder what this is?" said Brock. "It's obviously a SeaWing, Brock! I read the Wings of Fire book and this is most definitely a SeaWing." said Ash. "Pika Pika Chu!" said Pikachu. "But why are we suddenly in the Kanto region? We were just in the Orange Islands!" said Misty.

Dark Squid opened his eyes and suddenly Ash and his friends were in the sky on Charizard. who suddenly turned into a RainWing-SkyWing-IceWing hybrid.

Dark Squid pushed himself up and roared, "I WILL BE THE NEW BROVERLORD! SINCE I JUST KILLED CF'AC'THA'GAAR'GOG AND PARALYZED CLAY!" Then a lightning bolt stuck Dark Squid and turned him into a cutesy little Pichu. "AAAARRRRGGHH!" Then Dark Squid accidentally shocked himself as a Pichu and blew him 109865235 meters away right into the gang of dragonets.

Meanwhile in Equestria...

Princess Celestia was very worried. The situation down in Pyrrhia was very serious. Dark Squid was very close to becoming the Broverlord. "Twilight Sparkle! Please go down there and STOP DARK SQUID! We CANNOT have another world catastrophe!"

Twilight Sparkle was unwilling to go down there, but she did it anyways-she didn't want another world catastrophe either.

Meanwhile in Pyrrhia...

Charizard flew Ash and his friends over to Dark Pichu. "Who're YOU?!" said all the dragonets at once. "And who's this tiny little yellow mouse?" they said too. At that moment Pichu woke up and used his animus powers to create a bomb that instantly exploded but Peril suddenly grew to the size of an ocean and shielded them all from it. Peril shrank back but all that magic it gave off enabled Pichu to turn back into Dark Squid. Then Pikachu suddenly stole the Thunder Stone from Ash and accidentally dropped it and it bounced of Dark Squid which enabled Dark Squid to turn into... The DARK BROVERLORD!!!!!!

Everybody screamed "AAAAAAHHHHHH!" and Dark Squid immediately grew to the size of the Toys-r-us in NYC and had dark swirly patterns on his body. Then he pointed at the ground and it liquefied into a dark ocean with a whirlpool the center. Then Princess Celestia and all the ponies in Equestria, all the Warrior Cats, Eragon and Saphira, Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger, Dumbledore (who magically was awakened by the ocean) Sergei Ponomarenko and Marina Klimova, Darkstalker, Seaviper, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless, Astrid and Stormfly, Snotlout and Hookfang, Ruffnut and Tuffnut with Barf and Belch, and Tara Duncan appeared. Everybody except the ponies and Darkstalker (who had fortold this with his amazing magical prophecy powers) screamed, "WHAT IN THE THREE MOONS/NAME OF MAGISTER/WORLD/BERK/VOLDEMORT AM I DOING HERE?????!!!!"

Then Darkstalker gave Sergei and Marina the power to turn water into ice and they turned the sea into a black ice field and everybody skated around, instructed by Sergei and Marina. They told everybody to draw a pattern on the ice but when Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Barf, and Belch did this, they accidentally exploded the ice and Dark Squid rose out of it. Then Harry Potter shot an Imperio Curse at him and he dove under the ice again. Then Marina patched up the ice and they finished the pattern. Then the ice broke up and everything became wonderful and sunny and glorious with no tsunamis or whirlpools or riptides or coral reefs or flames or qiblis or winter or squids. Speaking of them,..

"AAARRGGGHH! How can SUNNY and GLORY AND TSUNAMI AND WHIRLPOOL AND RIPTIDE AND CORAL AND FLAME AND WINTER AND QIBLI be dead?????" yelled Clay. "Don't forget Peril" said Starlight. "AAAHH NOO! PERIL"S GONE TOOO!" screamed clay. "that's so funny, Clay" said glory. She had also grown to the size of the Toys-r-us in NYC and had camouflaged sunny and glory and Tsunami and Whirlpool and Riptide and Coral and Flame and Winter and Qibli. But they were all dead!

"Don't worry, Clay!" said Tsunami. "See? we're all alive! Well, except for Whirlpool and flame. I mean, that's fine." And peril suddenly appeared right in front of Clay. Then Clay smiled and thought that the world was wonderful.

"by the way, brown dragon, this colorful assortment of humungous scary dragons are only alive because me and Pikachu applied the Thunder Stone to every one of them except Whirlpool and Flame." Clay recoiled when he saw Ash talking to him. But he said, "I am very grateful, little funny scavenger." But Clay wasn't so grateful when Ash used Flamethrower on Glory. "Glory! Dodge it1" said Clay. And then Glory hissed a stream of venom at Charizard but he dodged it. Ash threw a PokeBall at Glory and she went inside.

Glory did not like it one bit inside the PokeBall. Sure, it was her favorite color, and had tons of food, but she hated being trapped inside it. She struggled and pushed against the PokeBall and got out. Then Ash tripped and hit a teleport button which teleported them back to the Orange Islands.

"Wow, Clay! Look! You're the ultimate Broverlord!" said Sunny. But while they were doing this, everyone else that had gathered were begging to go home, so Clay magicked each one home to Berk/Dragon's Edge/Alagaesia/Morgan Hills/Equestria/England/OtherWorld. Then Clay decided that it was very unfair that he was the ultimate Broverlord so he created a land for everybody.

Sunny got the sunny land of happytown. Tsunami got the watery land of fierceaqua. Glory got the colorful land of sarcasticlanda. Riptide and Tsunami became rulers or fierceaqua. Whirlpool got the oily land of seaslugoil. Coral got the Sea kingdom. Flame got the smoky land of grumpycity. Winter got the frigid land of orderville. Qibli got the funny land of carefreeville. Moonwatcher got the comforting land of skyreader. And Clay was the ultimate ruler to make sure nobody ever got hurt, along with the other ultimate ruler Peril whom everybody loved all of a sudden.

But little did they know...

Dark Squid sat, waiting, under the ground. Who knows how this story might turn out? it's up to you, dear reader.

Chapter 65 (oh gosh, i write too much)

Dark Squid waited. And waited. And waited some more.

Under the ice was not fun. But sacrifices must be made.

At last, what he wanted to happen happened. Clay and Peril walked over the very ice that was trapping him. he burst out, punching clay in the face as he did so. Peril lunged at him to defend Clay, but Squid did a sick three-sixty over Peril and landed on top of Clay. Clay leaped out of the way, an Squid turned to see Peril running at him. With his new animous powers, he blasted Peril 92 yards away. Clay lunged on top of him, but he kicked Clay in the underbelly. Squid stopped, sat down and appeared to be meditating.

Clay watched the meditating Squid. A little voice in Clay's head whispered,

You can't trust your friends. Haven't they all betrayed you? Join me, Dark Squid. I can help you get revenge.

Clay closed his eyes and grew in size. When he opened his eyes, they appeared to be flaming. Peril rushed towards him, but stopped suddenly. "Clay," Peril whispered.

"It's not Clay." Clay announced. He narrowed his eyes. "It's Dark Clay."

"WHAT?" Perilthechamp shrieked. He shook his head. "That cannot be possible."

"I thought that, too. but it turns out..." Peril didn't finish her sentence.

Perilthechamp drained his coffee and continued. "We have to stop this. He's already taken over Glory and Winter. We need to-"

"Champy," Peril interrupted. "Your hands are shaking."

He stuffed his hands in his mouth. His lips trembled.

Peril opened her fireproof laptop and went to "Champy," Peril muttered, "come here."

Perilthechamp took a bite of his cookie cake and looked over Peril's shoulder. "Man," Perilthechamp whispered, The Darks have been busy."

DarkSearch said that Winter, Squid, Clay, Glory, Tsunami, Morrowseer and Onyx have been turned Dark, and that they're headed for the SkyWing Arena.

Perilthechamp raced out the door. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Peril shouted.

"THE SKYWING ARENA!" Perilthechamp roared back.

Peril got up, closed the laptop, signaled to Qibli and Moon, and raced off after Perilthechamp.

Sunny and Starflight were the unhappiest, if that was even possible. When Dark Squid rose out of the ice, it had created an earthquake. The earthquake had trapped Sunny and Starflight in a pile of rubble with no way out. And the rubble heap had given Sunny a new attitude.

"Starflight, I want you to know something if we can't make it out." Sunny leaned against Starflight. "I love you."

Starflight's eyes lit up. "Really?"


As the rubble cascaded upon them, Sunnyflight happened.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were having a heated discussion about fire.

(Actually, they weren't, but I've always wanted to say that pun.)

Chapter 66 (epicKieren66)

Perilthechamp, Peril, Qibli, and Moon landed in the arena, to only find a seawing, a nightwing, and two rainwings(?) already there. Perilthechamp knew that these four weren't the dark dragons they were looking for, but it was no reason to ignore. Perilthechamp gestured at Peril, Qibli, and Moon. They nodded. Each one landed, quietly and snuck up behind the waiting dragons. "If you think you're that sneaky, you're not." The seawing sighed. The four dragons turned to face Perilthechamp and her crew. "Who are--" Perilthechamp began, but was interrupted by the seawing, who answered, "I am Abalone. These are some of my friends." Qibli looked at moon, worried. "I am Luminescent, well was Luminescent, before my best friend went dark. I am Amorous." Said the pink rainwing. "I am Kirin, and I believe that we don't want to be enemies." The green rainwing said. "And I am Epic. Always looked up to the dragonets of Destiny. But I cannot ignore this situation, especially if it can corrupt them of all dragons." The nightwing sighed. Perilthechamp gestured again, and Qibli, Peril, and moon stood back. "How do you know that the dark dragons are coming here?" Peril asked. "This," Abalone began, gesturing at his necklace. "I call it the Timedial, It enables me to manipulate time. I saw this attack coming before this whole... corruption happened." Peril grinned. "Hey! That's pretty useful! Maybe we could travel back to before this whole thing happened, and stop it then!" Abalone shook his head. "I've tried that, but it won't work. Trust me, I've tried everyth--" "Incoming!" Amorous and Moon alerted together. Everyone turned to see the huge dragons approaching. Amorous tossed two necklaces at Kirin and Epic, who put them on. their bodies began to melt together. "Clay..." Peril whispered, seeing his huge dark body approaching. Epic and Kirin stopped melting together. "Flee if anything happens, The huge combination of Kirin and Epic said. "HOW!?" Qibli asked Abalone. "Again, I'm animus, and call him," Abalone began, pointing at the fusion, "epicKieren66" Perilthechamp rolled her eyes. "We might not leave this place alive. Ready?" He asked Peril, Moon, and Qibli, who all nodded. Amorous then noticed someone. "So he did come... Oh, what happened to you Blackheart?"

Princess Celestia and Luna both saw it. "They won't be able to succeed, even with the one who can time travel." Luna said Princess Celestia nodded. "In this collision of worlds, anything can happen, but we mustn't ignore this. Find everyone who can fend off this evil, and we shall head towards the skywing arena!" Luna's horn began to glow. All across the world, many creatures heard, There is a darkness in this world, Everyone who want's to fight it, travel towards the skywing palace, so maybe we can end this nightmare. Ash clutched his pokeballs harder, looking at his map to see where this place was. John Cena also began to prepare for this attack. Chuck Norris was already there that moment, and deep underground, more creatures began to assist. "I know you IDIOTS heard the voice too! And thanks to Frisk, I want to help!" The creatures turned towards him. "Flo- Asriel, please, leave this to us." Frisk begged. "Eh, we need everyone to help out with this." Sans said. "WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW! I'M SICK OF HIDING!" Undyne shouted. Frisk nodded. "Please, reader. Help us out with this attack." Frisk begged. "Please..."

Chapter 67 (Misty the Hybrid)

the world broploded because a new villian appeared! "I AM THE GREAT :WEOJ EOIJF!" she yelled, her rain-sea wing scales a tie dye color. tie dieness went everywhere

"OH NO WE ARE ALL DOOMED!" Blaze yelled because she came back from the dead somehow.

Starflight fainted

Misty used her all tribe hybridness to kill :weoj eoijf and her hybrid meter went up 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% and she used her new power to put all of Pyrriah back to where it was before this random chapter. and ran away to the lost continet where none of this is going on.

Chapter 68 because 67 is there (Seaviper)

Seaviper rushed through a crystal cave to suddenly find herself near Frisk and Undyne! "Seeing the characters of Undertale fills you with DETERMINATION." Flashed on the screen, and suddenly the six human souls appeared. Seaviper sucked them in, then became Seaviper Dreemur! Her powa level was so high that the barrier broke and she didn't even have to touch it!

The mountain exploded that the sky palace was on, releasing all the undertale characters! However, because the mountain held the sky palace, it means that the sky palace also blew up, and Queen Scarlet died. SkyWings who were somehow still alive saw her body get blown to pieces cheered, then realized their castle got blown up. Seaviper Dreemur strutted up to dark squid and sassily slapped him, gaining over 9000 lady points and sass points, exploding the two meters because her ladies and Sassanids was over 9000! She then uppercut tied him and blasted him with rainbow beamz and them smacked him so hard with his tail he crashed into the ice kingdom and had 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 health left! She let out a triumphant roar because she waz immune! She then freed everyone was was dark of their dark states, and then cried "FITE ME REPIVAES!" So loud that Repivaes screen cracked!

Chapter 69 (epicKieren66---Technically, it's been two chapters since my last chapter typed, so i have an excuse)

Everyone stared at the aftermath of seaviper's DETERMINATION, blinking. Frisk smiled. "Well, that was a good ending!" Everyone began to cheer! "FINALLY THIS STORY CAN BE OVER WITH!!!" Everyone cheered. Everyone began to cheer. Clouds swarmed around the world, and began raining clams. "Heh, even the weather knows this entire story was a Calamity!" Everyone began to laugh, when master hand slapped everyone except Chuck Norris, who slapped master hand. "YOU ARE ALL SO STUPID!" Master hand somehow shouted. "YOU FORGOT ABOUT THAT!" Everyone gasped as the bodies of the dark dragons turned to dust.

Meanwhile, in a small cave. Sunny's eyes shined like rainbows. "Sunny... what is that about?" Starflight asked. Sunny exploded out of the cave, the dust from the dead dragons surrounding her. "Oh my god! SUNNY IS EVOLVING!" Ash cheered. Sunny's whole body began to glow, until the light disburse. Everyone bowed. "All hail Sunny! The best rainbowz sparkle princess in the universe!" Everything muttered, except for Chuck Norris. "Aw, ****! This wasn't supposed to happen. Frisk! RESET!" Master Hand ordered.


"Fiiiiiiiiiiine! I'm out of here." Master hand vanished, when Rainbowz Sparkle Princess Sunny noticed a figure running in the distance. "YOU FOOLS!" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog yelled. "YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE CLONES!"

Chapter 69 (IT'S NOT OVER)

Perilthechamp stared. "Really? The clones? This fight will be over soon."

Perilthechamp used his author-y powers to obliterate the clones. Everyone stared at him, relieved.

"Finally," Perilthechamp said. "Some peace and quiet."

Everybody cheered.

In a galaxy far, far away, a wolf was reading the news. He read all about all the adventures in Pyrrhia, and how there was everlasting peace there.

He threw his newspaper into the fire place, grabbed his sword and walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

He went back inside, grabbed a copy of War and Peace and walked out again.

When the wolf got to Pyrrhia, everyone stared at him.

"Hi," He said. "I'm evil."

everyone laughed. First of all, what kind of idiot just says, "Hi, I'm evil"? Second, this wolf didn't seem that convincing.

The wolf started reading out of War and Peace. When he finished reading, almost everyone fell asleep. Then he tapped the cover. It morphed into Moby Dick. When he finished reading that, everyone still awake fell asleep. Some of the smaller dragons even died from it's boringness.

He grabbed his sword, cut off everyone's head, then left.

Chapter 70 (NosferatutheDeathwing)

Nosferatu had just eaten a magic apple pie and disappeared. "What the! Where the heck am I?" he said alone into the black void. "That was some good pie. I'll have to find some more." he said as he drifted aimlessly through the void. Suddenly, Nosferatu smelled aromas beyond his wildest dreams. Caramel, candied apples, chocolate, coffee, toffee, mint, peppermint, cakes, cupcakes, pie, and cream filled tarts. Suddenly again, a huge light began to shine, revealing a wonderland of clouds and candy.

"Where am I?" Nosferatu asked. "Oh, people always take the news better with their favorite things." said a mysterious voice. "What the!? Who are you!?! Where the heck am I? Show yourself!" Nosferatu asked and demanded. "Why, your in the Altered Afterlife of course young dragonet." said a floating smile. Suddenly, the smile faded into a dragon like figure. The dragon was violet and pink, in a banded pattern. "My name is Charleston Hammond Eli Samuel Hunter Ivan Richard Edison, or CHESHIRE for short." he said with his grin.

"Afterlife..... so I'm.... dead!?!?!?" Nosferatu panicked. "It appears so my young fanged acquaintance." Cheshire said. "But not to fear friend. This is a wonderful place! You'll definitely fit in here. We've seen how much you like sweets."


"Everyone else here of course! You didn't think this was all for you only did you?"

"Who are they?"

"Well, from grandest to humblest, we have the Queen of Tarts, a grand old dragon whose the matriarch, her husband, and their several children. We also have Celerulean, the royal bard. We have the working class, who create the sweets, and the taste testers, who inspect them." Cheshire explained.

"But I want to go home!" Nosferatu complained. "Alrighty, tell you what. Every year, on October 31st, you'll be set free into the living realm, and at midnight on November 1st, you come back." Cheshire offered. "No! I want to go home permanently!" Nosferatu roared with fury. Then it occurred to him..... everything here was candy!

"If I can't leave, I'll eat my way out!" he said. Nosferatu began chomping mouthfuls of the treats, not even taking a second to breath. "Please, one small dragon like you?" Cheshire laughed. "You can never eat this much candy-"

It was then that there was no more of the paradise. Nosferatu had eaten every last crumb. "WHAT THE!?!" Cheshire said as he faded away. Then Nosferatu woke up. "Ah! Oh man, that apple pie gave my nightmares. And indigestion!" Nosferatu said as he ran for the bathroom.

Chapter 71 (epicKieren66)

Death. Pyhrria was dead. Those who had the slightest bit of determination reached for the reset button. "I'm afraid this story won't have a happy ending!" A voice said in the void. No one could talk, and no one could reach the reset button when a child with a melting face appeared next to the reset button. "I'd gladly press this button and reset EVERYTHING... but I'm not going to do that. Do you know why? B E C A U S E I A L R E A D Y E X I S T I N Y O U ' R E P A T H E T I C W O R L D ! ! !" The child said demonically, then the child disappeared.

The golden bubble shrank, epicKieren66 still alive. "Ugh... That was awful..." epicKieren66 sighed. He glanced from left to right, looking for the wolf. "epicKieren!!!" A voice in epicKieren66's head said. "You can change the story! You are an author!" The voice continued. "Huh!" epicKieren66 grinned. Suddenly, Asriel, the Dragonets of destiny, The Mane six, and ash popped into existence next to him. "Maybe not you..." Ash then disappeared, then red appeared next to epicKieren66. "Who's ready to save the world!?" epicKieren66 asked.q

Chapter 72 (Hazelwing of Thunderclan)

In the Sandkingdom "HEEEEY!!" Screamed Blaze, grabing at the dress. "You ripped it and stained it!" She grasped the dress and pulled it from the nightwing's hands. the nightwing backed of "uhuh sorry? I didn't mean to i" Blaze glared at her. "you RIPPED my PERFECT one of a kind DIMOND embroider Dress!! Now i'll have to repare it!" The nightwing fliched know what was coming next, "Gleeha sew it together again!" Blaze shouted. Gleeha sighed and took the dress and moved to the prison of the keep. She shuffled past crazed criminals and rats till she came to one cell at the back of the prison, the one with the sandwing, the sandwing who talked FOREVER, "oh your back-i love- arent you the night-fruit, smolder loved them too-wing who sews?- i miss him...-back again? Good i - he was so nice- could use the company." Glee shoke her head at palm, palm was CRAZY.

Chapter 73 (Dragonmind218)

"I vote not saving the world. Besides, we need the most OP thing in the universe, OPer than Discord and whatever the heck his name was, Broverlord or whatever. WE FREAKING NEED DARKSTALKER!"

Suddenly, all the things in the universe disappeared except for the dragons. Including oxygen.

All of the dragons died and life was dead once more.


Chapter 74 Prologue (epicKieren66 FlightRewritten)

I stared, blinking at my computer. "Well, that was a horrible ending!" I sighed. WAS THIS REALLY THE END!? I began to type. "I stared, blinking at my computer. "Well, that was a horrible ending! I sighed. WAS THIS REALLY THE END!? I began to type." I read as I typed. realizing that this could go on forever, I stopped typing... oh wait, I am still typing... "Well, i guess that really is it! Thank you for reading the Wings of Fire: An Add-On Story for Anyone!?" I told the other people on the wings of fire wiki. I stood up and left the room, but on my way out, I stepped on a reset button. "Wait! NOOOOO!!!!!"

The stormy sky lit up with white as another bolt of lightning flashed somewhere in the distance. The rain pounded the floor, and the booming of thunder could be heard nearby. Shiny globules ran down the green leaves of the rainforest trees, and splashed down into a puddle somewhere below. Dragons huddled in their huts, trying to keep dry. Today was no day for suntime. Not at all.

Chapter 75 1 (Seaviper)

Seaviper suddenly woke up in the Rainforest, memory wiped clean since the Prolouge. However, since the Prolouge was one chapter ago, she should have her memory back! This paradox caused the sky to rumble, almost as if it knew it would be torn apart. A black crack zigzagged across the sky, as if the fourth wall was breaking. Then a black tentacle oozed out and grabbed her, and began to pull her in. She was pulled into the crack, and it sealed back up.

Moments afterward, lightning began rapidly flashing across the sky, and thunder cracked and boomed like a god was cracking a giant whip and making volcanoes explode. A black meteor suddenly hurdled out of the clouds, nearly crushing Jambu when it landed, creating a huge black crater in the ground. Then a massive black bolt of lightning struck the meteor, causing the top to split open. A purple light shown, then was covered by a black ooze that dripped out of the cracks. Then the meteor suddenly split open, revealing Seaviper, except the left side of her was all black and dripping. Her memories intact and back, and her right eye was a bright lime green and the other on the black side a glowing crimson red.

However, it seemed Repivaes AND Chara have taken control, with Seaviper buried in there somewhere. The power and DETERMINATION coursing through her seemed to have driven her mad, and she raised a hand and pointed it at Jambu, claws open. A gasterblaster suddenly appeared next to her, and a black tentacle shot out from the shadows and grabbed him. The gasterblaster shot a beam out at him and killed him, and Seaviper absorbed his soul. A new Jambu appeared, except he had no memory, manliness, broness, DETERMINATION, swagness, or power in him. "Once I absorb everyone's souls, I will become the absolute GOD of this pathetic world!" She crackled and roared in a maniacal laughter as all reset buttons were erased from time.

Chapter 76 2 (NosferatutheDeathwing)

Nosferatu was back in Leafwing Forest. What the Flamewing just happened!?! he thought to himself as he contemplated the meaning of life. "Oh well, might as well eat candy." he said.

Nosferatu nommed on candy. And this continued for 8 hours.

Another 24 hours......

Another 60 hours.....

This continued for all eternity, until our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, rose to power. "Comrades! The enemy has mobilized all of his forces, and is planning to take away our windmill. Go! Now is the time to fight! Now is the time to died... for Animal Farm!" said Napoleon.

Chapter 3 (77) (perilthechamp)

The storm seemed to destroy everything. Meteors came down like bigger versions of hail, and rain and lightning were everywhere. A dragon couldn't walk without being nearly killed.

Perilthechamp (who I'm gonna call champy) rushed through the storm. He couldn't see at all, and nobody else could either. Panting and out of breath, Champy ran into a tree.

Lightning crashed around him. He tried to remember, but nothing came to mind. He battled consciousness and strained to remember something- anything. A meteor crashed over his head, and he lost the fight.

In his unconscious state, memory rushed by him. But they rushed too fast, too fast to grab.

When Champy finally woke, there were totally different surroundings.

Chapter 4 (78) (epicKieren66)

Epic and Kirin suddenly woke up, the sky filled with meteors. They stood up together, the last few years (it felt like) fogged up. Nothing remained in their memories. "Hey, Epic?" Kirin asked. "What!?" Epic growled in response "This is a perfect time to do that!" Epic stared at the sky. "I guess so..." Epic sighed. They each grabbed a leaf and began to write on then, using ashes left by the meteors. They turned back around, Epic carrying a sign that read, Today is the end of the world. Kirin holding a sigh that read, Tomorrow is the end of the world. Glory ran by and stopped to read the signs. "You're kidding, right Kirin?" Glory asked. "Because I'm fairly certain that today is the end." Epic grinned at Kirin. "Oh..." He sighed. Glory resumed her rush to the nightwing village. "I F O N L Y H E D I D ' N T D O T H A T !" A voice said. Epic and Kirin jumped. "Who's there!" Epic demanded. "T H E W O R L D D I D N ' T N E E D T H A T R E S E T . I T W A S P E R F E C T B E F O R E !" Black tentacles began to reach for Epic and Kirin. "I ' L L R E T U R N T H I S W O R L D T O T H E W A Y I T S H O U L D ' V E B E E N ! BUT FIRST I NEED TO ERADICATE ALL THE USERS WHO'VE EDITED THIS PAGE!".

Chapter 5 (79) (FlightRewritten aka the person who started this nonsense)

Flight was sitting in her cozy apartment in California, sipping coffee from Starbucks and crying over her favorite Harry Potter characters' deaths when she looked out the window and saw meteors falling from the sky. This took her by surprise as California was very very boring and nothing of this sort would ever happen here. Lightning flashed and Flight suddenly grew very scared. Since Flight was the creator of all the problems in the world she had unlimited powers.

Flight was more powerful than Mary and Gary Sue themselves.

She was about to use her owers to summon the dead from every fandom and every corner of the world until she got a text from the Dragonets of Destiny.

Starflight: I believe we're all in dire need of assistance. We've been wiped of our memories and the world is ending.

Clay: Wait, if the world is ending does that mean there won't be any food left?


Starflight: I have a hunch that someone's Seaviper.

Tsunami: Point is, Flight, you're dead.

Flight sobbed rainbow tears and her rotary phone was washed away by a wave of rainbows. Flight suddenly got part of her memory back- she remembered the fight over broliness and how she had sparked the whole thing. Flight sobbed into her talons.

Flight knew she had to make things right before Seaviper stole everyone's soul and destroyed the universe. So Flight, who was too lazy to just fly, enchanted a giant Hedwig plush to fly her to Pyrrhia. She flapped away into the sunset cloudy sky illuminated by lightning and glowing meteors, toward Pyrrhia, which she was sure would be dead as well.

Chapter 5.5 (79.5) (Lapisdragon3)


The wolf was sitting in his leather recliner, reading a copy of Escaping Peril while sipping some tea. He yawned and checked his watch. He had a bit of time to go before he needed to do anything. That was nice. He liked having his day open.

Suddenly, his eyes went wide, and he dropped his tea glass on his pants. The tea sprayed all over him along with the shattered porcelain, but there were no burns. He only drank his lukewarm tea. After a few surprised coughs, he stared at the slightly soggy page.

"What?" he asked himself. "Glory's head? I don't believe this! Tui killed off a main character? And a dragonet at it? Amazing! Superb! Brilliant! I would have never expected this!"

Reading on, his eyes glued to the book, he frowned and sighed. "I knew it," he grumbled to himself, after learning that it was just a trick. He was really hoping for a dead character, not because he particularly hated Glory, but because it would mix things up just a little.

Dissapointed, he went up and changed clothes, then swept up the broken porcelain. Wiping down his chair, he continued to read.

This chapter has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, so just ignore it. I don't care.

Chapter 6 (perilthechamp)

In a galaxy far, far, away, there was a kitten drinking coffee.

But nobody really cares about that kitten.

So let's talk about something different.

The meteors stopped coming down as soon as they had arrived. flashing sign said,


The sign flickered out.

And then the whole universe spontaneously combusted.

Everything was gone. From Wings of Fire to the talking wolf to the coffee drinking kitten to the people typing this.

Nothing survived.

Pretty sad, right?

Well, anyway, this whole universe is dead.


However, all the molecules drifted off into a different universe, and reshaped themselves.

Only things had become a little more different.

Chapter 5 (Queenvikki232)

Everyone gaped at how the chapters went back.

Then Flurry the IceWing suddenly appeared and she spat frostbreath at everything.

Then Peril came and melted the frostbreath.

And then...


But he was no ordinary scavenger...

He was the ugliest of the ugliest.

Most eye-burning of the most eye-burning

Most ear-bleeding of the most ear-bleeding


Then Jack started singing and all the dragons died except for Flurry, who was used to Jack singing and being ugly, and a rock which was on the side that suddenly became a chinchilla and died as well...

Then Flurry ate Jack! 

Everyone reappeared and cheered for Flurry, who was magically moved up to the first circle again...

But Flurry spit Jack out because he tasted so bad.

And everyone died again.

Besides Flurry.

Then Flurry plopped Jack into a lava pool and he died again.

And everyone revived and Flurry took a bath in hand sanitizer.

Then Sandpiper the MudWing, Venom the SandWing, Ember the SkyWing, Hibiscus the RainWing, Starshine the NightWing, and Seashore the SeaWing suddenly appeared, which was crazy because they were all different versions of Flurry.

They gaped at each other.

And ran away screaming in different directions.

Then Moonwatcher ran off as well and Winter tossed aside the baked potato he was miraculously still holding and ran after her yelling "NUUUU MOONWATCHER!!!!!!!!!!"

Then Qibli caught the baked potato and threw it at Cf'ac'tha'glaargog.

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog looked at it and screamed.

Because it was something other than a baked potato...

Chapter 4 (aka we only have three more chapters until this explodes)

Cf'ac'tha'glaargog was holding a portal to another dimension! But should he risk everything to go there?

And how would he access it?

Suddenly, senpai came and activated it for Cf'ac'tha'glaargog!

But as they were whisked away, nobody could help but wonder...

Where were they going?

Chapter 5 (Dimondback the Sandwing)

Suddenly Maximum Ride appered and stole Harry Potters cupcake wich he had been eating while siting in a corner reading this never ending story of incredible broliness. (This thing is gonna implode then explode and its gonna crash the wikia with swaggy broliness)

Chapter 6 (NosferatutheDeathwing)

Nosferatu suddenly realized all of his clones were dead. With that, he grabbed his friends, raced out of the Great Pyrrhian Faire and back to the Rainforest were it all started. Once another clone army was summoned, the clones looked around confusedly. Everything was, one more, a mess they and their tiny brains could not understand. So, once again, though a lot more on key this time, they began singing. The last thing they all remembered was Cf'ac'tha'glaargog terrorizing the realms of the universe. So they sang.

Dragons of the world we shall unite,

Rise up and ready for the fight!

Soon or late the day will be,

When Cf'ac'tha'glaargog is defeated and we are free!

Soon or late the day will be,

When Cf'ac'tha'glaargog is defeated and we are free!

Our fire is dimmed,

Our wings be tired and worn,

But our dreams shall not be broken,

And our hearts, shall not be torn!

Our dreams shall not be broken,

And our hearts shall not be torn!

They sung it several times running, until they just started humming because they got the words mixed up. In the commotion, a Nosferatu clone suddenly turned evil, and started spreading around a new song that would help him get control. In the confusion, the clones and originals just went with whatever tune they heard first, and ithin a minute and thirty seven seconds, they had the new song underway.

Praise to him, the font of all our wisdom,

Long to live! The ruler of our hearts,

Nosferatu mighty leader, mighty leader, watching over us!

Nosferatu mighty leader, might leader watching over us!

Shout, shout, shout out loud,

Snout, snout, fanged and proud!

Give us light, thrill us with your smile!

Teach us all, to be as kind as you!

Nosferatu mighty leader, might leader watching over us!

Nosferatu, Nos-fer-atu, mighty leader, watching over us!

Shout, shout, shout out loud,

Snout, snout, fanged and proud!

Perfect dragon bless us with your image,

Hallowed hybrid, gives us hope, faith, and love,

Nosferatu, Nos-fer-atu mighty leader watching over us!

Nosferatu mighty leader, mighty leader, watching over us!

Shout, shout, shout out loud,

Snout, snout, fanged and proud! 6x

It was then, Nosferatu remember that was his clone and he was the original.

"Hey! Wait a minute, I'm the original!" he yelled.

"No, I am!" said the evil clone.

"No way I am!" said another clone.

"No, I am!" said Riverbed.

Suddenly the mob turned on itself, and infighting began instantly. It was then Nosferatu(original) decided he had enough of this. He grabbed Fuse, covered his and his friends' nostrils, breathed out his Deathwing venom gas, and ignited it with Fuse's fire spark. It blew up.

"Well, this was a failing endeavor. Who wants to go back to the Faire?" he asked.

"Me!" everyone said in unison.

Chapter 7 (Seaviper)

When the universe exploded and reshaped, Seaviper Dreemurr survived since she was a Dreemurr and loads up on Youtube poop and dank memes, increasing her power to the point where it was over 9000! She then gets mad because the universe exploded, and then turns into Seamurr, angel of death, with giant wings made from the fabric of space and time itself, giant and powerful mechanical front talons, long, twisted horns, a long black tentacle tail for the lower body, long floppy ears, two giant shoulder spikes, a case in her chest containing her soul surrounded by indestructible glass, and a black marking below each eye that makes it look like she cried black ink and it stained there.

Override with corruption, she summons a giant skull head that begins sucking in everyone's soul, then depositing it into Seamurr, making her power grow! The sky begins to form black cracks across it, because the forth wall was crumbling, and if it broke, everything would be wiped from existence FOREVER.

Chapter 6 (Lapisdragon3)

"Oh no, the fourth wall is breaking!" shouted Tsunami randomly, her nose stuck in her script. "Whatever shall we do?"

"I now--I mean know--" replied Clay, his voice muffled by the paper in his claws. "Will you help us glue the fourth wall together?"

He raised his head up unconvincingly and looked at the audience. The only thing watching, the wolf, sat on a beanbag drinking his coffee. "Yes!" he said enthusiastically.

"I can't hear you, can you say it louder?" Clay asked.

"YES!" the wolf yelled, almost dropping his coffee mug.

"Great!" replied Clay. "Wave your hand like you are holding a paintbrush, and put the wall back together!"

The wolf did so, luckily with the paw which wasn't holding his coffee. The fourth wall was fixed, and Clay no longer had to do this demeaning role.

Then, the wolf turned his head to look directly at the viewers, and took a sip from his mug.

"What, you didn't think I was really gone, did you?" he laughed, with a malicious grin spreading from ear to ear.

True Chapter 7 aka someone's fav number (Zerodestiny169)

Lucas got out of his tent, which was very close to where the wolf was. He grabbed his sheathed katana and walked towards the wolf, silently. When he was behind the wolf, he whacked the wolf over the head with the sheathed katana. "Yes. I think you're gonna be gone." Suddenly, a random road roller fell on the wolf. Lucas then looked at the viewers and said,"Who wants to fight moi?"

Chapter 88 (*falls over*)

Jambu was mad.

Who were all these young upstarts usurping his role as supreme broverlord? Why did they deserve to be bros? What did they do that was broly?

Jambu created a constant vaccuum that swirled all the broliness into him. Now he was the true broverlord, AND NOBODY COULD DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

Except for, of course, Twilight Sparkle, but what chance did she have?

Chapter Seventy-Nineteen (Lapis)

Twilight Sparkles sat on her couch, drinking root beer, eating chips, and watching "Sesame Street Extreme." She was exhausted after a long day of signing autographs for bronies, and just wanted some relaxation time.

"TWILIGHT, QUICK!" yelled Professor X, suddenly rolling into the room on his wheelchair. "We must assemble the X-Men to take out Jambu! He has become the supreme broverlord and only you can stop him!"

Twilight glared at Professor X. "Can you see what I'm doing? I'm busy."

"NOOO TWILIGHT YOU MUST!" yelled Professor X.

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Let me finish this episode at least. I need to see if Super Grover can defeat Evil Big Bird."

"There's no time!" yelled Professor X.

Twilight Sparkles muttered something unsavory under her breath and glared at Professor X. Professor X knew he had only one option. He put his hands too his head and attempted to use his mind powers to make her get up. BUT TWILIGHT'S POWERS WERE STRONGER AND HIS BRAIN MELTED.

Twilight then went back to watching Sesame Street Extreme.

Cchhaapptteerr nniinneettyy

Sunny sat on her couch and turned the TV on. She flipped through channels until she found the PNC(Pyrrhian National Convention). Sunny was secretly a political junkie, and looooooved watching debates.

She listened to several of the candidates talk, until someone appeared on the screen.


What the heck? Sunny thought. I didn't know he was running for president. Heck, I didn't even know he was interested in politics!

Starflight said several pretty unflattering comments about shrekking all the n00bs like a b0$$, and ended his speech with a dab.

Sunny's heart melted, and she knew exactly who she was going to vote for.


Twilight Sparkle screamed as Sesame Street Extreme was interrupted by a commercial of Starflight dabbing and several catchphrases of his, including,






When Sesame Street Extreme resumed, she grinned as Super Grover beat the heck out of Evil Big Bird.


Jambu was destroying everything with a tye-dye hurricane when he saw a cowering dragon with a pin on his shirt saying Starflight for president 2016.

He decided to spare that dragon.

Chapter 912 (Fliiiiiiiiggghhhhtttt)

Meanwhile Flight had reached Pyrrhia.

Or what had remained of it.

She quickly conjured a TV and a couch and plopped right there with a bag of doritos in her talons. She turned the TV on and watched news coverage of Starflight's latest speech. Then she dabbed in celebration and threw a Vote Starflight 2016 shirt on.

But then, the most horrifying question came upon her.

One that almost tore her world apart, and for this reason she shrieked it to the sky.


And then something even more horrifying made itself apparent.


Chapter 92 has been invaded by politics!(Perilthechamp, the political junkie)

Sunny relaxed on the couch and watched the PNC.

"I am glad to announce I chosen one of the three options for Vice President! I would like to welcome Jambu to the stage!" Starflight said.

Sunny's jaw dropped, and she rushed to tell her friends the news.

Meanwhile, on the TV...

"And I am glad to announce my running mate-Clay!" Whirlpool shouted.


Chapter 93 (Seaviper)

Seaviper seeing Starflight run for president was enough to expel Chara and Repivaes out of her body! However since she still had a ton of souls she remained as Seamurr, so she decided to support Starflight. She teleported over to the debate, and upon seeing Donald Trump, who somehow managed to get here using his plane after all his supporters turned upon him because who would vote for Trump seriously and decided to run here, she quickly reverted to her Angel of death form, crushed Trump with one giant claw, and then reverted back to her God of Hyperdeath form.

Then when she saw Jambu as Voce president, she pulled out Asgore's trident and skewered him with it, then absorbed his soul again and spawned in a regular Jambu who acually had no idea about his past doings. She then elected herself as Vice-Vice president since she is a Semurr and she does what she wants.

Chapter 94 (which is actually chapter 97, not counting the prologue) Perilthechamp, he who writes a lot.

"CUT!" Viper screamed into her cool director megaphone. "How are we going to make a WOF:AAOSFE movie if you guys are goofing around? Flame, get out of that stormtrooper costume! Carnelian, stop chasing Kinkajou around like a lunatic! Jambu, I don't know how you got those aviator goggles, but keep those on. They suit you."

"Viper, we can't just-" Perilthe, but was interrupted.

"Get back in your corner, Perilthechamp!" And Viper sipped her 39th cup of coffee in that hour.

Chapter 95ish maybe? (Lapis)


"You know," Anemone commented to Auklet, "that sounds a lot like a ship name. Whirlclay?"

Auklet thought for a moment. "I guess you're right!" she replied. "So would the Starflight and Jambu ticket be called Starbu? That's sort of a cute name. Starbu Starbu Starbu!"

"Guess what that means," Anemone said with an evil grin stretching across her snout. "We can put them in a ship war."

"But... both are awful ships. I mean, Clay and Whirlpool? Do they even know each other? And Jambu and Starflight would be bickering from day one. No," Auklet said, "I'm sticking with Whirlet here."

"Suit yourself," Anemone replied, "but I still ship Whirlnami."

Suddenly, Donald Trump came back from the dead and appeared. "WHIRLPOOL IS MINE! DONALDPOOL FOR THE WIN! MAKE PYRMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

Anemone muttered something under her breath, and Donald Trump's head exploded. Auklet looked on in shock.

"I need to do a few more enchantments so I'm completely evil by the time Talons of Power comes out," Anemone reasoned. "And plus, I wanted his hair."

Anemone grabbed Donald Trump's hair and put it on her head. She cackled evilly. There was a new presidential candidate in Pyrrhia, and the establishment couldn't do anything about it.

Chapter 96 (Rainfeather the Author)

My name is Albatross . . . and I'm insane.

". . . and you'll never be free, Albatross," my sister, the queen, hissed. "because of what you did to Sapphire,"

The two SkyWings looked on nervously. I couldn't believe they'd always killed their animus dragons! That seemed cruel . . . what if they used their powers for good, like I tried to?

I knew it wasn't fair. THE WORLD wasn't fair! Innocent dragonets had been killed . . . and I would make them pay . . . not only those SkyWings, but my sister, too. I had not killed anybody! I didn't even know I was an animus at the time. The queen always growls about how she could have killed me . . . if she wasn't so generous.

GENEROUS! Generous? My sister, generous? Pah! Unlikely! I had built CASTLES for her! I crafted glittering pearls and emeralds out of THIN AIR for her! For what? So she can remind me of the mistakes long past?

Something inside of me had snapped. I had a long, silver blade in my talons, glinting in the dying light of the sun. I cut her.

My sister slowly sank to her knees. "Wha-what? But . . . I'm the . . . queen, you can't . . ." she died, choking on her own blood.

I smiled as dragons scattered. The time for revenge was near. I grasped the knife in my talons, leaping onto my next victim.

Chapter 100 (not counting the prologue)

A bright flash of light appeared, momentarily blinding everyone. Then a huge 72" flat-screen TV appeared out of nowhere, and dragons came to see what was going on, when at last the TV flared to life.

Everyone watched the story unfold and they saw so many scenes until they realized they were watching what they had just experienced.

They saw everything. Everything they wish they had known.

At the end, the screen went black, and the world went black, and no dragon ever saw the light of day again.

Except one feisty dragonet who was going to find a way.

Carnelian, the wind seemed to whisper. You have so much work ahead of you.

Chapter 101 (Moonblishipper)

Carnelian decided that she was schizophrenic. Why else would the wind be whispering to her? Also, why do people assume that the wind whispers? That is wind stereotyping!

To get into the spirit of things, things being enjoying life by herself in Pyrrhia, Carnelian hacked into the 72" flat-screen plasma TV and downloaded GTA. It was very bro, but also very weird. Where were the broly dragons and the Mary-Sue bronies? She decided that she was going to spend the rest of her life as the broliest of gamers, but then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only Jambu, master of broness in all ways possible could stop them. However, when the world needed him most, he was sleeping. Oh well, Carnelian reasoned. He's a RainWing. He probably won't mind if I posses him for half an hour to become a broverlord, defeat Ozai, and join the Illuminati.

In the dead of the night, which was eternal, Carnelian preformed a very broly wiccan ritual and fused their extremely broly spirits. Why why why was she tie dye? Carnelian thought worriedly. Did that mean her bro meter had gone up? Or down?

Any way, at this point, it didn't matter. It didn't matter seeing as, Prince Zuko, the broest bro of the broverlord Ozai, was approaching. Not to mention Queen Celestia, the OP bronies, and the OP pegasisters had appeared (all sponsored by Big Rico's Pizza. No one does a slice like Rico's. No one.) So Carnelian made the bro decision. She cried. She cried tears. She cried real tears. She cried the tears of a true possessed broverlord.




And Prince Zuko wept with her, because he too was bro. However, Celestia was not. She was a sis, and not much of a sis at that. And so the Fire Nation attacked her instead. Only the Avatar, master of the broliest broly elements could stop them, but he was trapped in the body of the broly Jambu, who was trapped in the body of Carnelian, who had no idea what was going on. This turned out to be quite unfortunate for Celestia.

I won't go into the details, but there were rainbows every where. Absolutely, everywhere.

Chapter 102 (Mango the rainwing)

The rainbows were evil and then they turned indigo and THE EVILIST EVIL PERSON IN THE DERGON WORLD EVEN EVILER THAN DARKSTALKER flew out of a portal wearing a frilly black skirt and screamed "I AM THE SUPREME BRO I AM EVEN BROLIER THAN ZUKO AND JAMBU!" so loud he killed Darkstalker who was alive for a second and all the fish in Pyrrhia.

Two miles away:

Tsunami was trying to catch a fish when the scream hit the fish seconds away from Tsunami catching it.

Riptide appeared beside her and then began singing "This is Halloween" in a very off-tune voice.

Tsunami disappeared, covering her ears from Riptide, who was now singing "Pika Girl". SHe reappeared by the EVILIST EVIL PERSON IN THE DERGON WORLD WHOS EVEN EVILER THAN DARKSTALKER who's name was... Evil Indigo Frilly Despicable Black Cloak (it's not a skirt) Murderer EVILER THAN DARKSTALKER Orca Evil SCarlet Gray Grey Shadow Rotten Apple Pie Killer Of Fruits but who went by Evilmaker.

Tsunami suddenly gained Water Pokemon-Type powers and used Aqua Jet on Evilmaker but Evilmaker's HP was like 12070876307027836508260476237846023764082736407823640872634 and it only decreased it by 1. And then Tsunami gained ICe pokemon type powers and Ice was super effective against evil maker suddenly.

Tsunami used Blizzard on Evilmaker and it made his HP 4. And then he created a RED AND GOLD portal and then the WHOLE FIRE NATION ARMY came out of it and they were all skilled benders like Ozai riding MAGICAL PONIES like Celestia.

Riptide appeared and sung off-key "Ex's and Oh's" so loud that the whole FIRE NATION ARMY AND CELESTIA-CLONES collapsed and decreased EVILMAKERS HP by 4 and then EVILMAKER died.

Then Jambu turned EVIL and so did SUNNY and then they made an evil team and then one of Pyrrhia's moons exploded. And Moon lost her prophcy powers because of that.

Winter and Qibli were so angry they combined like gems and killed Jambu with MAGICAL HARRY POTTER SPELLS that weren't Avada Kedavra.


Suddenly, a bright light appeared! And down from the clouds ascended the broliest of all broverlords, Cf'ac'thaglaargog! Then he brilliantly said,


Everything went tye-dye for the fifty trillionth time, AND WINTER'S HEAD EXPLODED!

"Uh-oh," muttered Moonwatcher. "No more Winterwatcher for me." So she shipped Umbli.


"What?" Said Qibli.

"What?" Said Umber.

"What?" Said Moonwatcher.

"I had a date once," Grumpy Cat muttered. "I hated it. BUT I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU, MOON!"

Chapter 104 (Seaviper)

Seamer retreated into the heavens, for she became a new goddess! She sat in a cosmic chair while sipping her trillionth cup of coffee (Which was actually hot chocolate because she despises coffee) and watched the story unfold before her eyes like the movies. She even put on those glasses to make it 3D so it was more awesome. When she finished, she summoned her trillionth and one cup, only to find it burnt! "HOW DO YOU EVEN BURN HOT CHOCOLATE!" She cried and threw it down, and it descended into pyrrhia, making it rain black burnt hot chocolate, and the black drops turning everything, even the rainbows, black and white!

Since the cup had passed through dimensions magically, a few drops formed together and made SeaInk, who had brown eyes and black scales. She looked at the madness before her and shrugged, not knowing who she was or how she got there, but she decided to stroll along with it anyways. She then ate Cf'ac'thaglaargog's last donut because it was just sitting there.

And all this oncoming madness was just caused by a burnt cup of hot chocolate.

Chapter 105 because 104 is there.

"Wow!" Exclaimed Carnelian. "This is like one of those old movies where everything is black, white, and very boring!" So she played a song on her black and white radio, which turned out to be Staying Alive. So everybody destroyed the radio because they didn't like that song! Carnelian got REEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY MAD AND DESTROYED EVERYBODY EXPLODED!

Except for Riptide, who sang Don't Stop Believing, causing Carnelian to eat a cupcake.

Chapter 106 (Icyxwolf)

Suddenly, Carnelian's cupcake turned into DARKSTALKER. Darkstalker saw Riptide and fired lasers out of his talons which SMOLDERED Riptide. Hearing his name, SMOLDER the AMAZING entered holding a pencil. Then everyone came back to life and hugged Smolder BECUZ SMOLDER DA BOSS. 

But Darkstalker was JELLY and challenged SMOLDER DA BOSS to an eating contest. EPIC MUSIC started playing as they SHOVED PIES IN THEIR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But because SMOLDER IS DA BOSS, Darkstalker begged for mercy and SMOLDER, being the BOSS that he is, became a TROLL and made Darkstalker explode. AND everyone rejoiced and partied and SMOLDER became KING OF ALL THE TRIBES with his pet goldfish.

Chapter 107

Smolder the Amazing got on chat to greet everyone! Besides, he was a chat mod, so he could do important stuff on chat!

He decided to have a nice, friendly chat with everyone on chat, and it went super well! Nobody wanted to mess around with SMOLDER THE AMAZING!

All of a sudden, Riptide provided a link, making SMOLDER THE AMAZING get rickrolled.

Riptide the Amazing Splenderific SeaWing became the broverlord by doing that, and Smolder the Horrible wept silently.

Chapter 108 (Mango the rainwing AKA hi there wtf am i doing here)

Suddenly chat BLEW UP and everybody fled to the canon chat. and then EVERYBODY GOT ALONG until an EVIL CAT NAMED SWEETIE PIE GOT ON CHAT and then it blew up too and everybody died.

And then Riptide the broverlord revived everybody and everybody was like "wtf this is our zillionth time being dead and then being revived"

Being the living dead, all the dragons turned into zombies except proud-dust, who had been at McDragonals critiqing a fanfic, miles away from the zombie apocalypse. Riptide the borverlord turned into a zombie too.

AND THEN PROUD WAS THE ONLY DERG ALIVE so he became broverlord, but then Sweetie Pie killed proud and sweetie pie became the Broverlord and approved UMBLI (UMBLI UMBLLI UMBLI UMBLI UMBLI <3)

Umbli was transported to Book 10 and at the epilogue there was a wedding and sunny crashbombed the wedding, and then turned into a crane, who got eaten by Umber, who was pretenting to be Winter, who was yelling at Umber for pretending to be him, who was kissing Qibli, who was about to be killed by Icicle, who was about to get zapped by a lightning bolt from zeus.

Chapter 109 (how is this still alive)

Jambu was watching TV when all of a sudden, it went static. When he finally fixed it, it was showing some dragon saying to come to the brorena if you are a broverlord.

"Of course I'll come! I am the supreme broverlord, after all!" So he went to the brorena where he saw Whirlpool, Clay, Cf'ac'thaglaargog, and John Cena.

"Now you fight!" said a creepy voice in the backround, and they obliged.

Chapter 110 (MANGO GETS the 110th CHAPTER!)

Whirlpool was absolutely confused to how he got there. But he was very pleased that he might be a broverlord. He smashed his tail into John Cena and that guy flew into a wall. Birds descended all over the arena and pecked everybody to death.

Chapter 111(times 111=12345654321)

Soon after, there was only Jambu. He raised is magical broverlord staff, and rainbows appeared everywhere! He sat on his rainbow throne and ate rainbows! Until, all of a sudden, the rainbows all wilted, and a NightWing with glasses walked up to him.


Everyone gasped. Nerd powers were the strongest of all lord powers! Jambu was slammed into with the force of a trillion scrolls, and Starflight reigned as the ultimate leader! The rainbow staff turned into a white staff, with the ancient dragon language on them! Everyone marveled at his supreme smarts, and he was a kind, fair ruler.

But then that all changed when Pinkie-pie took over as the PARTYLORD! Who will win?

(And will Twilight Sparkle ever eat the cupcake Rainbow Dash keeps giving to her? Find out on next chapter! I'm Perilthechamp, and you're reading a very bizarre story!)

Chapter 112 (ItsCharlooloo)

Twilight rejected Dashie's cupcake only because she was secretly allergic to cupcakes.Starflight used the Force on Twilight to rid her of his world FILLED WITH CUPCAKES!!!! Char morphed into Jambiu and took over Jambu's place in this. . . thing. Jambiu became the NERDLORD's companion and they took over the Multiverse together!!!

Also, Dashie became an assassin and took over Equestria!!!!

Chapter 113 (well, what are you reading this for, silly? The story's down there!)

Pyrrhia, Starflight's Palace, 2:39 AM:

Starflight jumped out of bed. He knew something was wrong. He grabbed his phone and quickly scanned the Lord News website.

"Oh," He whispered. "That's bad."

Equestria, Rainbow Dash's secret hideout, 2:41 AM:

Rainbow Dash grabbed his maximum weapon (a banana gun) and looked at his radar. A blinking black dot flashed, and he grinned and jumped through the portal.

Somewhere over the rainbow, Sunny's Palace, 2:45 AM

Sunny looked at her world-peace-o-meter. Apparently there was some trouble at....Starflight's Palace! She grabbed her happiness bomb(insta-smiles to whoever it hit) and rushed down.

Pyrrhia, Riptide's man cave, 3:25 AM

"CAKE AND STUFF!" Yelled Riptide as he gobbled down his fifth slice of cake. "Party in the USA" played loudly as several SeaWings hid in the corner and clenched their ears.

Chapter 114 (GGarison)

Deathwing came out of a random portal and yelled, "Mortal fools! I will chush you all!" and started stepping on dragons and scavengers alike. Until Darkstalker popped out of the mountains, and said, "Hi can i help?" before being shoved back into the mountain by Deathwing, who would continued his rampage and destroy the world if he wasn't stopped soon.

Then he squished Jambu, Starflight, and the rest of the lords. Which made him the UltimateDestructionLord!!

Is there any hope for the surviving dragons? Who knows!

Chapter 115 (Honeysuckle)

Wind swept over the barren land, reduced to rubble by the Deathwing Lord. But something emerged from the debris.

Something amazing.

Introducing the all-new Kinkajou 2.0. Complete with cupholders, heated seats, and updated vibrant scales. Now at an astonishing price of 1,999,999.99 dragon moneys!

help me

Chapter 116 (Malice the NightWing (hey folks!))

Everyone died THE END

Wait no

They didn't die


Malice the NightWing was sitting in her house drawing fanart when she saw a vision. A pink fluffy unicorn dancing on a rainbow spoke to her in a voice that sounded EXACTLY like Andy Bell. "You, Malice, must become the GEEKLORD. The NERDLORD is NOT the highest power of lords. This ancient secret I tell you now: You are the only one obsessively geeky enough (besides Caninelion but she's not in this story) to take up the high mantle of GEEKLORD."

As soon as the vision ended, Malice fell facefirst in her coffee and died.

And then she revived and realized she SHOULD become the GEEKLORD!!!!!!!!!!

So she invited her friends Permafrost the IceWing, Sahara the SandWing, Midnightwriter the NightWing, Stingray the SeaWing, Ash (a different Ash) the SkyWing, to come over and have a dance party to celebrate her coronation as GEEKLORD!!!!!!!!!

So her friends came and they brought a crown that looked EXACTLY like the one that Queen Amidala wore and crowned her GEEKLORD. Malice immediately became THE MOST AWESOME NIGHTWING TO EVER RULE THE MULTIVERSE and even got an adorable pet tribble!!!!!

Then they had a dance party and they played Led Zeppelin all night until Starflight the SINISTER NERDLORD came over and blew up Malice's stereo. "I HATE LED ZEPPELIN!!!!!!!! AND........ I. HATE. JOHN. WILLIAMS!!!! HIS MUSIC IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!"




And so Malice, using her awesome GEEKLORD POWERS, summoned the power of shipping and SHIPPED PERLISTALKER! Her craziness stunned Starflight, so she used another power: the power of WoF crossover mashups! BOOM suddenly Starflight was no longer Starflight... He was........... OH NO....... HE WAS.......


The world exploded and everyone died. Then everyone shoved pinecones up their noses and revived after some intense nose surgery. Malice laughed evilly and took over the world with her epic Mashup Minions, which included:

  • Spockflight (Spock and Starflight)
  • Darth Vaderseer (Vader and Morrowseer)
  • Fire Lord Darkstalker (Ozai and Darkstalker)
  • Sunny Pie (Sunny and Pinkie Pie)

Together, Malice and her Mashup Minions ruled peacefully over the Multiverse in geekiness. Then the Dark Coffee Spirits tried to take over the world but Malice dunked cookies in them and they were so awed by her GEEKLORD AWESOMENESS that they decided to pay tribute to her, so they made a music album called "Malice is Awesome- a tribute to Malice"

And all was right with the world.

Until Malice's pet tribble decided he wasn't getting enough cookies and summoned DeathWings and Cookie Monster and Barney and Cinderella and...


The Tribble of Doom, or the Doomtribble, as he was now known as, brainwashed Cf'ac'tha'glaargog and made him drown the world in donuts and fanart until everyone was sick of seeing Perilstalker ship pics.

Then Malice, who was secretly gathering her GEEKLORD strength to fight back against the Doomtribble, married Fitz Vacker from Keeper of the Lost Cities, and that made Sophie Foster cry so she shipped her with Keefe Sencen and gained 40,000,000 boondollars.

Chapter Something (this kid)

S was terrified. She had read all the necessary books; this had to work! She took a deep breath and pressed the big red button.


Shadowhunter opened her eyes and groaned. "Where am I," she said quietly. Turns out, she was in the middle of a ring of dragons; Malice in the middle. Malice bowed. "All hail the new Geeklord," she said. "You were so geeky, you actually crossed universes just for your geeky dreams to come true."

Shadowhunter blushed, but she pushed the proffered crown away. "You stay the Geeklord, Malice. But I'd like some incredible power." She gained 45,000,000 boondollars, and 5 booncents.

So an all-powerful, immortal, omniscient, animus allbrid came down from the clouds and granted Shadowhunter animus power without losing her soul. Instead, it would just boost her power if she used it. Shadowhunter made Starflight unblind and he became her best friend. So did Fatespeaker and Sunny. She was really happy, until...

5 months later...

Shadowhunter looked at her watch. "Dang it," she cried. "Dream's over."

And everyone woke up, in a normal world. Shadowhunter was back in her bed, as a dragon still, and everyone was exactly where they should have been.

But, Shadowhunter swore she saw a Perilstalker ship pic, floating in the sky...

​Chapter Nothing by Nobody

Oh, you just assumed​ everything was OK, didn't you? Well, everything was fine for everyone, except for Priya. She coughed up nothing. She saw nothing. Just a void of nothingness, except for a few stray Perilstalker ship pics every now and then.

A few years later in this void of nothingness. . .

Priya has been drifting in the void for four years until there was a small light. She swam to the light and she ended up somewhere filled with burning zombies. "What the-" Something blew up in her face. "Peh! What the heck? I'm leaving!" Priya flew through a portal into the fiery depths.

Somewhere in the Multiverse. . .

Dylan definitely woke up on a different plane. There were ​definitely​ no changelings on Earth from what him and his brothers remember. Speaking of which, where are they?

Allistor yawned. Nothing was burning when he woke up for once, usually something burns unless if Artie's out doing something and not burning breakfast. He got up and found himself surrounded by rainbows. "This better be one of Artie's spells. . ." He gulped.

Arthur smelled smoke, a lot of it. Was he sleep cooking again? Nope. He looked outside. "Why are there bloody fireballing ghosts outside!!!!" He shrieked, curling up into a little ball.

Connor looked outside and saw dragons. Dragons everywhere. Somewhat beautiful and extremely frightening. He hid inside his little cave and tried to fall back asleep.

Peter was. . . somewhere. . .

Chapter: Rainbows By: Burrrrrgunnnndyyyyyyyy

Trillium woke up in ahideous mansion. She was forced to eat tacos, dance like nyan cat, and think abou tDonald Trump. She hatedit. The end (OF THIS CHAPTER)

Chapter 120 (Malice the NightWing and Geeklord)

Suddenly, Malice received a distress call from a tin-can phone replica of the one the use on Wonderpets. "OH NO! THE PHONE, THE PHONE IS RIIIIIIINGING!!!" She yelled/sang as she picked it up.

"Dude, I'm stuck in Taco Mansion. You gotta help me!" It was Princess Trillium, calling for help.

"Never fear, Malice is here!!!" Malice shrieked in a Superman voice. She threw the Wonderpets phone down and rushed to Taco Mansion. It was time for her epic rescue mission, and she needed all of her friends to help her...

Did I mention her friends are from The Unwanteds, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and Star Trek?

Chapter 121 aka The Chapter of Nothingness

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a potato!

"Ooooooohhhh" the small group of dragonets marveled. Then, the potato EXPLODEREDEDED! The dragonets all cried, but Cf'ac'tharglaargog rose from the smoking ruins of the potato and screamed in soprano, "THE CHICKEN IS LYING! TRUE POTATOES DON'T CRY!" The dragonets around him looked confused, so he turned them into potatoes, because potatoes can't be confused!

Then, down from the heavens arrived the POTATOLORD! He was mad at Cf'acthaglaargog's usage of potatoes, so he turned him into a... a... a... TOMATO! All the potatoes were amazed at the sudden character development, because potatoes can't be confused, but the can be amazed! Their amazement transformed Cf'ac'thaglaargog back into himself, and he turned the potatolord into an echidna! Why an echidna? Because his echidna friends didn't friend the potatolord on Facebook, and didn't like any of his comments!

But Perilthechamp, the Creativitylord, didn't like the way the plot was going! Cf'ac'thaglaargog kept showing up at every other chapter, and everyone kept dying and being revived again, and all anyone ever talked about in this particular chapter was potatoes, so he wanted to change things up! He made the Powerful Opressing Operating Perambulator, named POOP for short, and used it so that the chapters wouldn't change all of a sudden, and that- OMYGOSHASQUIRRELIT'SSOCUTE- we wouldn't get off track!

FILLLERRRR YAY (cocoheartzz aka I am not following the crowd)

The next day, Cf'ac'tha'glaargog and Perilchamp made a great agreement, over looking their differences. To destroy this wonderful story before it became sentient. However, as much as they tried shooting lasers, throwing it at Darkstalker, and dating it, nothing would work.

"IM FREE!" A voice came from no where. "What?!" Cf'ac'tha'glaargog called, worried for his own sake. A little mary sue creature said "I am AAOSFA!! Thank you for making me real."

Terrified, the overlords ran away, but they never escaped the room. Instead, they went to their perfect paradise, where Perilchamp could catch all the squirrels he wanted. And Cf'ac'tha'glaargog could destroy as many worlds as he wanted.



Chapter IT'S OVER 9,000! (Blitz the SkyWing)

S.P.A was in panic. What was going on? The potatoes were malfunctioninG!

but that... is a story... for another day. (anyone get the reference? sighs as no-one does.)


THe universe imploded on itself once more, obliterating everything that ever would or could exist. All the stories, and the chapters. Nothing was left except a cracked, meaningless fourth wall.

Until the darkness got bored, and summoned the basic elements, (fire, water, life, earth, wind, and cheese.) and ordered them to do something.

But even they could not exist in the piercing dark, fading away in seconds.

The fourth wall, too, disintegrated. Then the darkness. Then the page. Then the universe. Then the wiki.

Everything was gone.


The determined writers persisted. They could create a new world. And thus, the beginning began again.

But this time, it continued.

The stormy sky lit up with white as another bolt of lightning flashed somewhere in the distance. The rain pounded the floor, and the booming of thunder could be heard nearby. Shiny globules ran down the green leaves of the rainforest trees, and splashed down into a puddle somewhere below. Dragons huddled in their huts, trying to keep dry. Today was no day for suntime. Not at all.

[REDACTED] tried to smile, but his black-and-blue scales once again told him to stop. To stop the destruction, the pain to follow. To let his other side take control. They might be villainous, but the sun was more important than the storm. He sighed. The nagging voice once again protested.

He roared, and another bolt of lightning flashed. He couldn't do this alone. Help, his mind messaged.

For a second, a ti-dye SeaWing appeared before him, but it flashed and disappeared, and dragonet the color of sunshine standing before him.

Try harder. The darkness is coming.

"Hello, you monster. Who has died because of you now? Thousands, millions? I'd hate to erase you, but it's our only chance. The mortals are starting to rebel. The iron claws we've set around them are starting to rust. You must be destroyed to make sure everyone else can thrive, you know. You embody hate, misery, pain, envy, loss, the storm of feelings, [REDACTED]," The dragonet whispered, a sinister, hateful grin spreading across there face.

Another flash of ti-dye SeaWing scales. A cocky grin.

You must fight.

The dragonet stepped forward, their claws glowing with unknown power. Her eyes turned firey gold as she whispered the ancient curse. For a moment, it sounded like 'Cf'ac'tha'g-" but it quickly returned to the normal, unknown language. The language of heroes, of the slayers of evil.

Try harder. The darkness is winning.

The golden dragonet's eyes turned brighter and more extreme than the sun, blindingly powerful. Golden light spread in all directions. Flames danced in wild, crazed patterns around him, circling like sharks. The dragonet's wings and mouth opened, and she floated strangely up. Her mouth spat curses, enchantments.

The normally dragonet-sized goddess warped into a tall, sleek dragoness. She grinned at him for a moment as a cocoon of fire slowly wrapped around him. "Remember Fire Chase?" the goddess asked in the voice of a young mortal dragonet. "GIVE ME BACK MY CATERBROLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted an unknown voice from afar.

Don't stop now. It's still struggling.

[REDACTED]'s mind flashed back to there dragonethood, before they became immortals. The grin flashed off the dragoness's face. The fire cocoon wrapped him, almost up to his head. He knew what would happen when it closed. The dragonness stared at him sadly.

"I'm sorry. I-I... I have to do this. I have to be strong. Don't you remember Dandelion, and Primrose? Their in danger because of you. I have to do this. I'm sorry, br-br--

I can't stop it. It's breaking through.

I'm sorry, brother."

He smiled sadly as the cocoon draped over his head. In less than a second, the storm had vanished. The sun shone through the clouds, the warm breeze cheering everone's spirits. The RainWings came out of their huts for suntime. All was well.

[REDACTED]'s body, now mortal, plummeted through the sky. He tried to soar, but his useless wings flailed helplessly in the-- pegasi -- wind.


--AAOSFA-- [REDACTED] fell unconscious by the height. As his body fell, the goddess above took pity, too much pity, on her brother. She chanted a blessing, and his eyes snapped open, his wings useful once --Darkstalker-- more.

It's too late.

[REDACTED]'s wings snapped open, and he glided toward the rain forest. He looked up, silently thanking his sister for her blessing. The blessing of hope, of sunlight, or safety and flight. All the things he had not been. He glided toward the rain forest, toward --Bro-- his home.

It's over.

the world plummeted into darkness, all the author's hard work, the world they'd so carefully shaped, plummeted into darkness. Through the void exploded out everything there was. Mary sues, MLP, Minecraft, everything.

You really failed. You couldn't even do it. You couldn't even safe this excuse of a story. I should of sent Tui.

To make an entire world of dragons, writers. And still this.

Wait... what? What am I seeing here? A... human? How is a human here? ERR. This is why this story failed, obviously. I had an actual living thing writing this, not one of my puppets.

Anyway, if you think you're so, so clever, then SO BE IT. I'll restart, back to the beginning, but after this failure. You pathetic human can keep writing this... thing.

No, actually. No. I won't accuse you, or anything else, for this. It was me. I failed. Not you.

So go. Keep writing, it is quite amusing. I am still laughing over the broverlord bit. Keep writing with your human freedom. Keep enjoying. Keep striving.

I'll let this timeline do what it wants. It seems more interesting than the others, especially those three boring routes everyone always takes.

So have fun, okay? I'll be waiting. In this patch of flowers. Right where I'll always be.

My name? REALLY. You really don't know? Hah. No one even cares about the plot about me anymore, always obsessed with stuff like... uh... what's his name... D.W. Plaster?

Anyway. Keep writing, okay? Okay. Bye, seeya.

Chapter uh..... 124. I guess. The worship chaptah (Articuna-Dragon)

Suddenly, glorious light shone through the emptiness. A huge pony appeared. She was made of the fourth wall, and the eighth dimension from Buckaroo Bonsai. This pony was turned into an alicorn by John Cena and was so cool, she was the pure force of Sis.

This pony was a gray pegacurn with a lightning yellow mane. They ate Urple Banana God for breakfast. They are the mother of memes, the destroyer of anything they want, Smiter of all. 

This Pgacurn was named Ditzy Doo. 

They looked at all their subjects, who were all reincarnated into ponies, and laughed. Nobody could stop her. Nobody would try. They worshipped her day and night, and loved her. They were all trained and fought to defend Princess.. No, queen... No, Glorious majesty of the dimensions Mz.Doo.

Then, she granted her subjects the power to swag. it's an acronym, standing for:





Then, they all swag. Yes, this is past tense.

Glorious Majesty of the Dimensions Mz. Doo had a child, who was supposed to be queen, but then she was a grandma. The little dragonets were the 6 elements, and rules over all, with Ditzy Doo as their Matriarchy Mother.

Chapter 125 (MaxwelFISH)

It was a dark night.

Batman was eating a potato.


Sir McMarphollog had to save the potato...

But eh, screw it, he was lazy.

Jambu wanted to be the very best.

That no one ever was.

To catch them.

Was his real test.

To sa- "Pokemon? Really? Jambu, last time I saw you, you were trying to figure out how to play Pokemon Go. Now you're Ash?" Dolph Ziggler asked, looking at the pinkish bro dude. "OF COURSE!!" Jambu shouted, grabbed a Pokeball and shoved it down Ziggler's throat.

Kinkajou came by, saw what happened, and said "WELL I'LL BE" and walked away.

Jambu, of course, caught her and shoved a pokeball down her throat. She died.

The End.

Of that story. We still need to learn what happened to Batman, Sir McMarphollog and that potato.

Chapter of Silentnight Palace (totally not Cocoheart nope nope)

The palace was in the dark dimension, large and like prey stalking their victim.

The ruler of this black castle was Jambu, who all along was the most powerful animus in everywhere everytime everyplace. He was the second child born with talons of power and has secretly been controlling this wiki all along.

His name is Gefen.

"Has my secret been revealed? A shame, I rather did like being Jambu." He sighed dramcally, before wickedly grinned and said "now I can have my real fun. Servants, be so kind as too prepare the mind machine, so this never happened to mortals?"

Suddenly, all the forces came and tried to fight Gefen, but failed badly.


Chapter 127

When in doubt, dab it out.

Darkstalker cannot dab, which is what all of Pyrrhia soon learned.

Clay started rapping because he felt like it, and the broliness of Tsunami's sneakers was so broly Jambu's soul was concealed inside them.

But Tsunami doesn't wear sneakers, so a specific someone shouted ANTEATERS, which caused all of life to implode, causing Tsunami's broly, nonexistent sneakers to release Jambu, who ate a Poptart.

Rainbows aren't rainbows.

For sale: Baby shoes. Never used.


Chapter 128

Kinkajou walked home to her hut and ate a pineapple, then had applejacks, then drank Snapple and finally had a pear which caused the world to explode and then go back to normal when she ate a space apple. Sunny had some applesauce, Glory had a grappling hook, Clay ate Applejack, Tsunami and Deathbringer were dappling and Starflight was studying a pear which caused the word to explode then reform with THE KING OF APPLES!!!

Chapter 129 (Greatwhinter707)

An IceWing was staring into a wall. Blood was dripping from it, and the IceWing was laughing as if it were- entertaining. "What have I done?" He said while laughing and blood dripping from his eyes. A figure sat in the corner of the room. It was a dark dragon, all you could see was an outline of a dragon and glowing red eyes. It was nightmarish, and as soon as the shadowy figure stepped the room turned dark. As soon as the light turned on a rotting IceWing carcass was to be seen and the dark dragon was in the other side of the room. There was blood leading from the carcass to a knife and the knife was right in front of the dragon who was smiling evilly now. "Have fun..." the figure said in a dark voice soon throwing the knife toward you. Everything was black and the only memory now was the dark figure smiling.

Chapter 130

"Okay, class, how many pineapples are there on this table?" A cheery school teacher asked, when Cf'ac'thaglaargog materialized and started rapping

Yo, I like turtles

and, um, uh, something that rhymes with turtles

Yeah! I am the best

because I, uh, umm, uh, aced the test, yeah!

Cf'ac'thaglaargog was rudely interrupted by a dragonet asking, "Why are you such a bad rapper?" Cf'ac'thaglaargog screamed and threw a pineapple at him, AND THE PINEAPPLE ATE THE DRAGONET.

"eat me!" the pineapple said while standing on the dragonet's carcass.


Chapter 666 

Suddenly, the world exploded, then they had pie on a traveling space dog, then the world reformed and they had pie there instead, Then suddenly, The Illumanati came down and killed the pineapple, and Gefen, then Gefen got reincarnated, Then Jambu walked over and said "GUYS MY BRO METER IS ONE INCH BELOW THE TOP" This was a tragedy, He Had to be the broest broverlord next to Cf'ac'tha'glarrgog! He Started Crying manly pink tears! then his bro meter when back to the top.

Jambu was at the rainforest, Playing tetris on his phone, Then Glory said "Hey, Jambu, could you get me my phone?" Jambu Walked over to her phone on her work desk, BUT THEN, THE DESK TURNED INTO AN EVIL MONSTER! Then Jambu Killed it with magical death spit, Then Anemone was there and then turned into Cf'ac'tha'glarrgog, and he said "yo, have some oreos." Then the entire Rainforest had an Oreo Party.

Chapter 131

While this oreo party was going on, the evil sea slug ninjas stole the mega oreo. Everyone was sad. But then, Jambu went in and tried to find the slugs (They are suprisingly fast for sea slug ninjas). "HA HA YOU STUPID DRAGONS! WE HAVE THE AWESOME MEGA OREO!" the head slug laughed. Then Jambu realized this would make him supa bro. So Jambu found a rainbow and used it as a boomerang to steal back the mega oreo. Then the puppy army helped Jambu carry the mega oreo back to the party. General Fluffypantz thanked Jambu and Jambu rewarded the General with a giant dog treat. The party was saved!

Chapter 132

Winter was strolling through the hot rainforest until he tripped over a peculiar object. It was gray and circular and had a dial on it. He picked it up and turned the dial to the words Ryan and the Storm. Then a small flash of blue light flashed and Winter disappeared.

It was snowing hard and the air was as cold as the Arctic. Was he in the Arctic? No, he was on Sodor. And this wasn't any snowstorm, but one that had gone all the way from the North Pole to Sodor. Winter felt uneasy.

"Where am I?" Winter asked himself. Winter felt the cold on his scales and loved it. He saw something large coming toward him. He went into a small cave with tracks.

"What in the world are these?" Winter said to himself. He crouched down in the small cave. A purple engine was in front of an incredibly large snowdrift.

Winter was bewildered at the wheeled being. The purple engine sighed, tuned around, and headed for the cave. Winter hid behind a rock. The engine stopped halfway through the entrance and stared.

"Who's there?" The purple engine asked. Winter came out from behind the Rock and they both screamed out of shock. The snow that had piled up loosely poured onto Ryan.

"What are you?" Ryan yelled.

"I was just about to say that!" Winter yelled back. They stared at each other. The two of them told each other their names and what they are.

"Now for the big question," Winter asked Ryan, " how do we get out? You and the snow are completely blocking the entrance and you're way to heavy for me to move."

Chapter 134, technically

Then Winter got punched in the face by Jambu, whose rapping was better than Cf'ac'thaglaargog's. Then Jambu picked Winter up and materialized to-

Sorry for the inconvenience, the author just ran out of ideas.

France. Then he could feel an ancient spirit dwell in his very soul.

3rrpl8er took control of Jambu's soul and used his broverlord power to re-summon the ancient Brolands, where Deathbringer was dead. Sobbing, Jambu/3rrpl8er took his body and laid it on the funeral pyre. Then he started to scream.

Winter arose and punched Jambu/3rrpl8er, and summoned the power of Flowey. Winter/Flowey then transformed into its true form-the caterbrollar from chapters 9 and 10!

"SO THAT'S WHERE YOU WENT!" Screamed Cf'ac'thaglaargog, who then started crying. His broly tears fell to the ground, where they formed into clones of Clay. The clones repetitively dabbed, causing princess Celestia and Whirlpool to arise.

"The gang's all here, then," Said Jambu/3rrpl8er, who was much to cheery to just have been punched in the face. Could it be that it was just a hologram?

The real Jambu/3rrpl8er appeared behind the caterbrollar and stepped on it. But this did not make Cf'ac'thaglaargog sad. Instead, he smiled wickedly-and pointed a knife at Jambu/3rrpl8er's heart. But the knife was made of bubble wrap, so Cf'ac'thaglaargog simply popped it and punched princess Celestia, but it was too late. She had all ready

summoned Bill cipher, who got immediately farted on. Then Whirlpool broke the last dorito, causing all life to be sucked into an empty void of nothingness.

chapter 135 (Gzorich)

meanwhile a skywing rainwing named Crimson was rolling around in the sand.

Then a portal opens and all the Ark: Survival Evolved dinos come running out of it and there are scavengers with tek armor running around and one of them 360* no-scopes thorn.

Chapter 136 (Skyfire or Yes, ive finally started to write on this, you'll see me a lot now)

Look at this strange world you've built for yourselves, pure randomness, Mary Sues, the height of your pathetic human imagination. But what if I was to destroy it? No, I won't, I plan to enter this strange world.

But this story, it combines the lies you've been told mixed with human imagination, imagination, creativity, the only things not pathetic about your hopeful excuse for a species. Around you small minds spin thousands of possibilities for memes, jokes, stories.

Look what you've done here, a entire world, Dragons, writers, ponies, I could crush it so easil, but I won't, not yet at least, not while it can still amuse me. I've failed, I've let your species get too creative, nothing I can do now, I'll just have to enter and tame it.

You dare to ask me for something? You dare to ask me to let this story stay wild? I suppose it was amusing, but I can't let it go on. Yet you continue to beg, asking for this world to stay, I will consider it, consider letting go for f my obligation to keep your species tamed. Maybe you could even redeem yourselves to me, me who lost the only good human I've ever met.

You don't know me?

I'll tell you who I am

I am...

Saphira, Bonded of Eragon now deceased, The Rebuilder of The Dragon Riders, sent to this universe by The Dragon Riders to tame your outof hand species, crush the randomness.

But I think I see, randomness isn't always bad

I enter this world now, you'll see me in a few chapters

chapter 137 (gzorich)

then shrek screams at Skyfire/saphira/whoever you are and no scopes them and then a mlg replay happens and illuminati music plays. also a huge floating eye eats moon (some how) and winter and qibli start fighting it.... and then a giant evil toad eats Shrek.. and crimson is still rolling around in the sand.

chapter 138 ( gzorich) (my first full chapter)

deep in the rainforest a rainwing found a trail of onions and it led to a swamp. Shrek was there and he chased the rainwing back to the rainforest and then shrek ate glory and became the master of the rainwings. then he summoned the all-powerful DOGGO. The DOGGO ate Cf'ac'thaglaargog, but he got away and turned into Cf'ac'thaglaargo,wnqarfsdes;hsnj/17725rwqysy

chapter 139

then shrek dabbed and caused all of pyrrhiato turn into a swamp and the only way to fix it is by adding more chapters!!!!

then skyfire/saphira is revived

Chappa 140million thousand hundred pundred puns. (Articuna-Dragon)

Articuna articunau la arteeeeeeeecunaaa. "Lecuna Dr Arti"

Classicuna nods. Them were in cunclass. "Lecunalecuna= artarti."

" no dip. Articuna- artelcuna. " said aRteeeeeeeeecunaaaa, the teacher. They were learning Articuna language.

Suddenly, the articunameteor exploded on the world, turning everybody into Unexplainables. They all spoke Articuna-Dragon 


Chapter 141 (Misty the Hybrid) (you have to read chapter 67 to understand this)(probably)

all the randomness left the world for a year or two and things went on as usual until Misty came back...


Misty face taloned. "I finally come back just to deal with you agin?"


just then Kinkajou jumped out with her deadly Darkstalker scroll scraps. and turn herself into an animus with them. "TURN THIS DRAGON INTO A DRAGONET THAT IS STILL IN HER EGG AND MY SISTER!" then she smirked. "and will follow my every comand. and will never be able to remember or hear anything about her old life."


"NOOOOOOOOO!" everyone in the world screamed except Kinkajou.

"Yes. I AM NOW THE EVIL LORD HAHAHAHAHA." her evil meter evilbloded and she was now unstopable. until...


"I. am. not. A FUZZ BALL!" The Evil lord yelled.

suddenly Kinkajou turned into black dust because Misty shoved the Eye of Onyx into her talons.

she put it around her neck. "I am now the Evillord. I SUMMON ALL ENTITIES IN THIS GAME TO BE TRAPPED IN THIS CAGE!" her Evil meter evilbloded so much the world was stuck in her rule.

"NOOOOO NOT THE CAGE!" everyone besides the evilruler yelled.


suddenly the author popped in out of nowhere. "do you think anyone remembers this was once a game?"

"dont know. dont care." The Evilruler put deal with it glasses on and sent the author back into her outside the 4th wall area.

"I CREATED YOUUUUUUUUUuuuuuu..." she (I) yelled.

Chapter 142 (im starting to write too much)

with everyone else slowly soffocating in the torture cage (it was only ment for super itty bitty animals) the Evilruler decided to make a castle. first she decided to destroy all the palaces, then made a floating island with the coolest palace ever. then, she destroyed the Eye of Onyx, AND MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! OR GET TURNED INTO ANOTHER DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"you take to many procations." Cf'ac'thaglaargog remarked.

"did you see what happened to :weoj eoijf?" the Evilruler said. "I totally do not want to be the one defeated by a ball of fuzz."

he snorted. "yea i bet :weoj eoijf was soooooooo embarassed when she totally got defeated by that rain-wing."

"yea." then the Evilruler noticed something. "how are you not in the cage?"

"rules." he replied. "rule 1: you cannot in any form do anything to a dragon a higher rank or same rank as you (you can see this on the leader board.) rule 2: your meter can only bro/evil/anythingblode up to 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times. rule 3: you can only be serious for 5 min. then you have to wait 24 hours cause this wiki is for randomness."

"that makes total sense." Misty the Evilruler said.



"oh.... right. toddles."

Chapter 143

"Another day another pizza!!" Clay happily said. "NO" Tsunami hissed as she slapped the pizza out of his hands. The End.

Capter 144 (Misty the Hybrid)

Misty pretended that never happened and sent them back into the cage.

Cf'ac'thaglaargog couldnt contain his giggles and his bro meter went down because of it.

"are you kidding me!!!!!!" Misty yelled and slapped his pizza.

"I WAS GOING TO EAT THAT!!!!!!!" he yelled and his bro meter went down even more, then clay was more of a bro because of it!

"WOOOHOOOO!!!!" Clay yelled and teleported next to Misty with his new broverlord powers.


Clay then bowed down to Misty. "let us now rule the world in harmony, your evilness."

Misty nodded and they lived happily ever after, creating a new Pyhhria.

the end.

Chapter 145 (I need to get a new hobby)

Peril screamed in outrage when the Broverlord and the Evilruler walked off.

"YOU **** SON OF A ***** GET BACK HERE YOU ***** PILE OF ****!!!!!!!!"

Tsunami and Glory joined in, while Starflight and Sunny protested without actually cursing.

suddenly they where all free, and the new era had started.

Clay walked up to them, with pure broness in his eyes. he flicked Cf'ac'thaglaargog off the earth, and then put his wing around Peril. Misty went up to Turtle and put her wing around him. Tsunami went up to Ripetide, Starflight to Fatespeaker, Sunny went hesitantly up to Squid, and Glory and Deathbringer embraced.

suddenly, Misty's evilmeter dropped, and her lovemeter loveploded 100,000,000 times. she was now the queen of love

"LET US ALL BE HAPPY!!!!" she yelled, and went up to her palace and had a party with everyone in the world. the world was finally in harmony.

the real end...

Chapter 146: Tsunami Gets a Gold Star

Cf'ac'thaglargog tumbled back onto the Broverlord plane. "Puny mortals!" he bellowed. Lightning flickered from between his scales menacingly as he evolved into his final form. He became blue. He had a shell. Yes, Cf'ac'thaglaargog's final form was Squirtle.

Appearing next to Peril, he picked her up and slammed her into Clay, knocking them both down into the underworld. "Ha! Flames do nothing against me!" he cried, using his new powers to drown Glory and Starflight. Sunny tried to use her Happybomb, but Cf'ac'thaglaargog deflected it, turning it into a wave of destruction that killed everything except tsunami. She flinched.

"Killing is rude." Tsunami said. cf'ac'thaglaargog's eyes widened. "Rude?" he sniveled. Bu i just wanted to be good. to save the world." he grasped Tsunami's hand. "Thank you for making me realizing my evil ways."

Tsunami smiled.

Then was instantly killed by Cf'ac'thaglaargog, who had been crossing his fingers.

The real end.

Chapter 147 (Misty the Hybrid (will this ever end?)

And then Misty appeared out of nowhere, used her power of love to summon everyone back from the dead, and killed Cf'ac'thaglaargog once and for all...

"WOOHOOO!!!!" everyone in the universe yelled and Misty is now a world wide hero.

the really REAL end



"Ahhhhhh." multiple dragons yelled.

"THAT WAS SOOOOO LOUD!!!!!" Jambu yelled

Glory slapped her brother like a lady causing her lady meter to rise. "THAT WAS AS LOUD AS A CRICKETS CHIRP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY YOU STUPID **** PILE OF ****." 

"NO CURSING!!!!" Kestrel randomly yelled.

"STOP FIGHTING!!!" Misty yelled shutting everyone up. (mostly because she was the queen of all the tribes.)

"I RAISED YOU!!!!" Sunny randomly yelled.


"YOU CANT EVEN BREATH FIRE!!!!" Tsunami yelled.


"you guys we should stop yelling about this..." The Broverlord suggested. everyone had too except Misty but she shut up anyway...

Pyhhria was finally safe and THIS is the finally end.

Chapter 148: Jambu Also Gets a Gold Star

20,000 years later...

Jambu threw the gilded marble to the ground, chanting a tune similar to the Barney theme song. "O, Cf'ac'thaglaargog, how you have made the worlds tremble! The world needs broness! I invoke the name of Cf'ac'thaglaargog, Greatest of All Broverlords, Eldritch Swagifier, First of the Gnarly Gods, Founder of the First Council of Mega-Awesomeness, the Unutterable Word, the Flirtatious One, Beloved of the Dawg, Heir to the Throne of Bombliness, Whirler of Worlds, Arcanity of Brofisting, and Befriended of the Surge That Nose-Picks! I invoke you, Cf'ac'thaglaargog, and I call upon your might to aid me in the creation of a more broly world!"

Cf'ac'thaglaargog appeared behing Jambu. Well done, Jambu. I had been banished to a plane where the broliest bro would disappear. However, I was there so long, not all of my body had returned." Jambu gazed upon the donkey bone jutting out of the area his ear should be. "Nexttime, use a Fig Newton!"

"A Fig... Newton? But those things aren't broly at all! Those are...are........sis-like!"

Cf'ac'thaglaargog's eyes darkened. "Exactly. I am not the bro I once was. You need to summon a sis stronger than I ever dreamed of being."



"Barbie's shoelace?"


"Barbie's shoelace's dog's aunt's cat?"

"What? No! Is that a thing?That franchise has gotten to out of hand. No, I speak of Luna."

"Oh! You mean Barbie's shoelace's dog's aunt's cat's goldfish's parrot's rock's hamburger's eagle?"

"What? No! Luna the pony from that animated show that's making a movie that actually relates to the TV show after 15 years of its existence!"

"Oh. That Luna."

Chapter 149 (Misty the Hybrid)

Luna came, struck Cf'ac'thaglaargog in the privite part, and then Misty sent him back werever he had just came from. "this is a new law: if anyone ever says (not counting this last time) Cf'ac'thaglaargog's nameagain, they will be sentenced with torture, near death, then even worse more torture, and then very brutal death. never say it again."

Chapter 150 (TheUnFathomable's longest chapter)

Jambu gasped. "Luna! How could you do that to him?"

Luna screamed. "It's mind control, I swear it! Thou art a drunken donkey if you think thou would ever do such a thing! Thou Broliest Bro could never do anything to anger thee!" Luna glared at Misty. "Thou art a brutal tyrant for banning Cf'ac'thaglaargog's name! There, I said thy name of thy Broverlord Cf'ac'thaglaargog! Yes shall despair, for nobody can defeat thee! I challenge you to try and torture me!"

Now, this was a rather stupid thing to say. Queen Celestia trotted up to Luna. "How about we finish our fight, sister, if I can call you that." Luna gasped.

"You evil daemon! I shall rip thy horn of and-"

Celestia ran forth, and the two fought. "Jambu, evolve into your final form!" Jammu nodded, turning into Kermit the Frog. "Fries before guys," He cackled, turning Misty into a fry, then eating her.

Celestia and Luna were still fighting. Jambu used his new power to summon Cf'ac'thaglaargog. But Cf'ac'thaglaargog was weakened, and was dying. This made it easy for him to go insane. Power surged through him. He couldn't think, could barely breathe through the pain. He turned into the caterpillar that was mentioned at the start of the story. "This is my final form!" He cackled. He struck Jambu, sending him flying. Jambu struggled to his green Kermit feet.

"Cf'ac'thaglaargog, snap out of it!" He cried, but Cf'ac'thaglaargog had already struck him again. He got ready to hit Jambu a third time, when Luna stepped in the way. "Cf'ac'thaglaargo, realize your ways! I would hate to use my final form to stop you as I did with Celestia." Cf'ac'thaglaargog roared, charging at her. She quickly turned into the Cheshire Cat, the most underestimated and OP character in Alice In Wonderland. They battled, and Cf'ac'thaglaargog overpowered Luna, swiftly killing her before realizing his ways. "Luna! No! I'm so sorry..."

Chapter 151 (Misty the Hybrid)(I use to many run-on sentences)

Turtle cried and begged for Clay to bring Misty back, and so he did, and she promoted Clay to Leader of the Love Council, and Turtle proposed and they got married. She, Turtle, and Glory happily tortured, nearly killed, even more worse tortured and then killed Jambu.

BUT THAT ISNT THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were having a heated discussion about fire. Cf'ac'thaglaargog realized he needed to stop being evil for Luna (cause he loved her), joined in, and then proposed to Luna. She said yes, they got married, and killed Celestia. (their kids are awesome and adorable)

BUT THAT ALSO ISNT THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I have 0 ideas right n0w)

"I AM CLAY THE BROVERLORD AND ALSO THE LEADER OF LOVE COUNCIL!!!!!!!!!!!!" Clay screamed to the world, and Peril flightededed with him and then he proposed and she swooned while saying yes.

THEY GOT MARRIED BUT THAT STILL ISNT THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

starflight suddenly became an Oreo King, (Im eating an oreo right now so....) and his Oreo meter went up dirastically, and now is Oreom Land's King... and Fatespeaker is his queen of Oreos and they had a dragonet. (their dragonet is also awesome)



Chapter 152 (By JadeSky2468)


Now we go to the alternate universe, where more crazy stuff happens....

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WE NEED MORE EXCITEMENT!" Alternate Universe Sunny yelled at her so-called friends, her bronze bracelets jangling. "There hasn't been ANYTHING to do ever since that prophecy which we had to be pulled into happened!"

Sunny's Alternate Universe friends looked at the quick-tempered-and-nothing-like-the-Sunny-we-all-know-and-love-dragonet, hints of skepticism on their faces.

"Ehhhhhh...are you sure, Sunny?" hesitated Alternate Universe Clay, looking up from his scroll titled Tales of the MudWings. "I mean, it's been so long... and even if I did want to go, which I don't, by the way, just so you know, there's nothing particularly exciting happening."

Alternate Universe Starflight shoved a baby cow in his mouth and mumbled, "I second that," which actually came out sounding like," Arf ref-fren dat." But, of course, since Starflight was a total food-aholic, he didn't care.

Alternate Universe Glory (who still ended up being Queen of the RainWings, for some reason), nodded her head. "I hate to say this, Sunny, but I agree. Pyrrhia's been explored already. It's time to relax. Besides, it's not like anything's happening except normal dragon li-"

"GUYS! GUYS! GUYS!" interrupted Alternate Universe Tsunami as she came bounding in, a huge grin on her face. "Come look outside!"

"What's happening, darling?" Alternate Universe Starflight stepped toward his girlfriend, his food forgotten (Tsunami was his girlfriend in this world, anyway.) "What's going on?"

"Sooooo, there is a big giant red thingy in the rainforest outside and I figured I'd come get you because every dragon in Pyrrhia-every dragon that's alive, of course-is gathered around it, trying to figure what it is and I thought you guys should know so you can join the other dragons, too! I mean, what's a friendly commune-around-the-big-giant-red-thingy between friends?" Tsunami burst out, smiling even more.

"Wait... big red thingy? That could be anything," Glory (not our Glory) mused, heading toward the entrance of the cave they were all in. "An unusually large strawberry, a big chair...are we sure Tsunami's not making this up?"

"We're not entirely sure, but this may be what we-what I'm-looking for!" this world's Sunny declared, stomping toward the rainforest. "Come on, guys! Adventure awaits!"


When the five found themselves in the rainforest, they discovered indeed that Tsunami was not lying.

Every dragon in Pyrrhia, including all the alternate-universe versions of our beloved characters, was gathered around what Tsunami had described as the "big giant red thingy." Furthermore, the big giant red thingy was indeed a big giant red thingy. To be more specific, these dragons were gazing at a big red button that was throbbing with light.

Mesmerized by the wonder, Alternate Universe Sunny pushed through the crowd of dragons, almost reverently, toward the big red button. She looked around, a smirk on her face, as she began. "Let's see what happens when I-"

"No, don't, Sunny!" Alternate Universe Clay cut in, waving a scroll from his knapsack in the air. "If I'm right, my research says that if you push that button, our world will-"

Alternate Universe Sunny pushed the button. Clay fainted.

And the world literally exploded.

chapter 4153 (Misty the Hybrid)

"i haz choc chip!" alternate Starflight said.

"and no one cares." Sunny said exactly like spongebob in that meme thing.

"if you haz choc chip, i shall fightz youz forz itz!" Tsunami cried.

the end.

Chapter 154

”Wait,” Clay said. “Didn’t the universe explode?”

The trio stopped talking.

“Where are we, anyway?” Clay pondered. “This doesn’t look similar.”

”Yeah it does.” Tsunami said. “It looks like the rainforest. Only different.”

”Woah, how perceptive of you.” Said Starflight dryly. He was dry toast.

”When did you turn into dry toast?” Tsunami asked Starflight. He shrugged. He had always been dry toast.

“Didn’t Queen Jambu ban toast?” Sunny asked. She was an inquisitive brick.

”What Jambu did doesn’t matter!” Clay said. “What matters is trying to figure out what happened after the explosion!” Clay was a smart cookie. Tsunami sometimes wanted to eat him.

”I think it made all of us objects,” commented Tsunami. She was a green umbrella.

”I wonder what Peril turned into.” Clay pondered.

”Even worse, what‘s Cf’ac’thaglaargog?” Starflight asked. The four dragonet shuddered.

”I wonder if dead dragons are objects,” Clay pondered, thinking of Glory, who had been the only one to die in the explosion. Clay pondered a lot. He was one smart cookie, no pun intended.

”Well, I guess we’ll find out the answers to all of those.” Starflight said. “Let’s go.”

87154 (you will see very clearly who it tiz)

"iz needz cookiez." starflight said.

"iz needz toz stealz cookiez." Tsunami said.


Chapter ??? (Chipper the Crow)

Meanwhile, a seawing/skywing hybrid crashed into another dragon.

Chapter 156 (not me nope nope nope) 

"I IZ A RAINWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cf’ac’thaglaargog shouted.

Luna slapped him. her lady meter rised.

"owwww." he complained. "why did you dooooooo that?"

"Because you tis hallucinating. I had to stop you." Luna stopped a moment. "OH MY GOD I SPEAK NORMALLY NOW!!!!!!!!" She squealed.



"Ahh. But now you need to learn slangs." Cf'ac'thaglaargog concluded.

"What are these... slangs..." 

Cf'ac'thaglaargog open his mouth to say something, but Celestia stopped him!!!


Chapter 157 (Pearl336)

Jacaranda watches everything unfold, a tear streaking down her face as she says “this is beautiful“

THEN SUDDENLY, Cyan flies down from the sky and slaps her, screaming “TO WATCH THINGS LIKE THIS, YOU NEED POPCORN, HERE”

she throws popcorn at her and sits next to her, watching everything.

Chapter 158 (Misty the Hybrid)

"what am i doing here again?" Jambu asked, and then suddenly died.

Glorybringer was behind it all.

Mario pulled up the curtain and found Glorybringer. (if anyone gets this they are awesome)

Glorybringer shot venom at him.

Princess Peach cried.

Luigie comforted her and got slapped by Princess ------- whats her face? oh yeah Daisy...

Luna cured Cf'ac'thaglaargog and he taught Luna how to speak english now-a-days.

Celestia killed Cf'ac'thaglaargog but he came back and killed her.

Luna gave him a kiss.

a lot of little kids yelled "ewwwwww."

I drew a person.

my classmates wanted me to draw something for them.

Luna kicked those children.

the end.

Chapter 159 (ItsCharlooloo)

Waluigi and Changbai team up and slap Jacaranda.

A team of Shy Guys poke Cyan to DEATH then cyan come back and destroy everything killing everyone this is the end everyone thought

ha ha edited by WingingToDestiny

Thistle and his sides show up as well.

Chapter 160 (SuperheroMangaGirl)

Luna turned into a nightwing after she had kissed and then she went to go see what the other dragons were doing because now she was a dragon and there was nothing they could do about it. Also, she had all the nightwing powers and could literally sense the dragonet‘s thoughts. She walked into the area where they were and was amazed to see a cookie, brick, piece of toast, and umbrella arguing with each other.

Chapter 161 (how is this still alive?)

Cf'ac'thaglaargogwhacked the forth wall with his tail, thus breaking it. "I SAY THAT THIS HAS GONE ON FOR TOO LONG!!! THERE SI NO PLOT, NO SENSE OF REALITY OR ANYTHING!!!"

"thats the point..." I said, rolling my eyes.


he then rebuilt the wall, this taking 249,808,573,692,458,743,958 years.

Chapter 162 (Chipper the Crow)

a random Nightwing walks in on all this. She walks right out again, uttering a faint "nope".

Everyone is now ashamed, because Chipper messed with the code, and deleted the fourth wall and all other feelings!

Chapter 163, not that I’m keeping count or anything

Meanwhile, the dragon from the prologue was bored.

”I’m going to get pneumonia out here,” The dragon grumbled. “Hey! Script writer! Get me off this-”

The random, nameless bossy dragon on the top of the hill gets off of the hill.

”Thanks. Oh, it’s you. Not who I expected would have the scroll.”

Blister looked confused. “What, this? I was writing a DarkstalkerXAsha fic.”

The nameless dragon looked confused now. ”Ashastalker is a ship?”

”Apparently. Here, you can read the rough draft.” Blister handed the nameless dragon the scroll.

The nameless dragon saw that, indeed, “The random, nameless bossy dragon on the top of the hill gets off of the hill.” “Blister! This is an animus enchanted scroll!”

Blister‘s eyes widened. “So Asha and Morrowseer really did kiss?” She got a faraway look in her eye.

”You know what this means! We can do whatever we want.”

chapter d4t b01

then crimson (skywing rainwing hybrid I made up) gives a poison dart frog an unicycle, and it transforms into the all-powerful, unkillable,invincible, etc DAT BOOIIIII!!!!1!!11!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

Chapter 165

Darkstalker and Asha - not that Chipper knows who they are - kiss.

chapter h3r3 c0m3 d4t b0i!!!!!111!!!11!!!166

suddenly dat boy ran over darkstalker and in a computer generated voice said "here come dat boi"

Chapter 167 (maaaybe Misty the Hybrid)

Misty decided to run away, so she ran to a random forest. she saw a brick, cookie, umbrella, and a peice of toast arguing with each other. "okeez..." she mumbled and ran away from this entire random story...



PLOT TWIST!!!1!!!11!!!!!!!1!1!111!!!!

(the awful grammar in this chapter is intentional) then it was a plot twist and all the dragon guys eated stuff and punched some stuff.

Chapter 169: RETURN

Then the brolord returned, but he was overran by a very suspicious-looking rainwing and a popular rainwing said "hmmm"

Chapter 170 (Misty the Hybrid)

"geez..." Sunny said. "170 chapters of this random story of no importance at all. aka trsoniaa," she sighed. "now... WHO WANTS GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!?!?!?!?!"

a large group of dragons flocked around her and she got 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.0000000000000000009 boondollors, a free chocolatte bar, and her sis meter rose.

Tsunami facetaloned and her epicmeter rose.

"great... back in the video game." Moon said. "WHO WANTS CUP NOODLES?!?!?!?!?"

Chapter 171 (Pearl336, again)

Cyan touched a one up mushroom, revived and yelled “taste the rainbow!” and slapped changbai, knocking coins out of them. Cyan collected the coins screeched “TIME TO TAKE TIC TACS” ascended to the heavens, while punching the air.

Chapter 172: The Robot Sandwing (Chipper)

A robot SandWing was wandering through the land, grey eyes glowing...

Chapter 173 (misty)

Marea watched from her egg. she watched her parents fighting, then dieing. she looked over at her sisters egg, who didnt care. but Marea wanted to fight.

Chapter 174 (Greatwhinter707)

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!! *Points at next chapter*

Cheepter 17577777

Misty slammed her head on the keyboard...


then, suddenly distracting her, a rainwing came in yelling/singing



but the seagulls

poked at my head-NOT FUN

said, seagulls ARRGH


Misty slapped him.

Chapter 176 (Lemondrop27)

A random IceWing walks in and creates the new world order, which consists of worshiping meerkats and smelling bushes.

Chapter 177 (Rainbow the Fusion)

Suddenly, a meteor struck Pyrrhia, killing everyone. Then everyone was reborn.

Chapter 178 (a FRIKIN person PERSON)

Misty sat back down at her desk.

then she stood up and paced.

she wrote a rough draft of a story.

she threw the rough draft into a fire.

Misty then wrote a comedy.

she threw it into another fire.

she made herself feel bad cause she doesnt know how to write a comedy.

then she wrote a poem.

it was in the prespective of the human Misty

it went like this.

the wind blows

far from here

the wind flies

carrying the birds

the birds nest

and leave the cold

to the humans

well, we may deserve that

i want to fly

as do many humans

but we may

using our frikin fraken airplanes

termites eat wood

trex's eat humans

but they are extinct

so we dont have to worry

I dont have a life

help me

why am i still here?

*runs away from the computer*

Chapter 179 by Locktrap95

One day, Starflight married a rock, it was so awesome, we all took pictures.

However le Sunny and Fatespeaker were jellis, so they tried to kill Rock, but Starflight wouldn't let them

Sunny was killed by rock.

Fatespeaker was rejected and killed by Starflight

Then, all dragons were eaten alive by spicy bois (fire ants for the old schoolers)

and spicy bois dominated the land of Pyrrhia.

they grew wings and called it pantala because the other pantala died of spicy bois that migrated to Pyrrhia to dominate the world.

now spicy bois are the new dragons

fear the spicy bois

Chapter 180 by CanvasTheShipper

one day tha spicy bois were stabbed to death

by mlg parasites

then they possesed them

to create a new tribe

the MLGwings

and their quuen is


and the king is


very mlg

Chapter 181 (Greatwhinter707)

Okay guys this is basically flipping through channels.

Chapter 182 (Maplenutella)

Misty Sat at her desk, watching the world explode. I guess I have to do stuff for that contest now... she thought glumly. But wait! She got an idea! She decided to... not do watever she was doing here. Suddenly, a girl named Shard ran into her... office! It's an office. "They need you to fight off some evil memes and vines with your very bad roasting!"

"Ok..." she grabbed some armour and her maplenutella sword and grabbed her brain for the fight.

Chapter 183 (Cloud the Icewing)

Cloud didn't know what was going on, so she just sent Misty out to battle.

Chapter 184 (i like the name maplenutella...)

Misty stormed into her office. The battle had gone ALL wrong. First, the memes and vines were IMMUNE to bad comebacks, her main attack, then her maplenutella sword BROKE, and the thing was PRICELESS.

"HOW can i get enough money to get a new one? thats the most OP sword in the world!" she sat in her chair, trying to think of how to get a new one.

Chapter 185 (Skyfire)

The great blue dragon from around twenty chapters ago looked at all this and went into a state of shock at the randomness. When she woke up she immediately asked to be moved to another world, because this was just too much for her (Who's even heard of a maplenutella sword?). Her request was accepted, and she was moved to a nice quiet world, with no randomness.

Meanwhile, Misty had an idea, she'd raise money, and form a charity for Misty's maplenutella sword, so she could get a new one, her life was not complete now. Unfortunately everyone was busy rebuilding from the war, so nobody had any money to spare.

Chapter 186 My Friend (Greatwhinter707)

Queen Kawaii and her many, many children approve of this story.

Chapter 187

From behind a multicolor chair, a TV blared to life. “The Broliest Broly Bro Broverlord Brolands Brofight is here at last!”

”The Broliest Broly Bro Broverlord Brolands Brofight!” Jambu cheered. ”I’ll just bring my maplenutella sword and kill everyone.”

”But maplenutella swords are unbroly,” protested Potatoface, Jambu’s personal assistant.

”Oh, yeah.” Jambu furrowed his brow. “I don’t care. I’m so broly, I can use a maplenutella sword and still look broly.”

When he got to the fight, everyone gasped at his broliness. “I am the Broliest!“ he cried

Chapter 188 (Shinepool Seawing queen)

(someone please edit the title of this chapter. Also since there is multiple plots going on I’m going to start a new one feel free to add on!)

Brightnight night sat under a tree until suddenly she had a vision. “Shards shattering, Dragons screaming, A MudWing-SeaWing-SandWing-NightWing-RainWing-SkyWing-IceWing Hybrid hiding, darkness slither, 8 looking, 8 uniting, 8 dining, 8 winning, 8 saving, war rising,.” She spat out. “Dang it I made a propochey I'll just write down what I saw instead.” Said Brightnight. “A crystal shattering, 8 dragons as stated in the propchey, a shadow sliding across the ground, dragons fighting and the 8 dragons either winning or dying. I'll write down the propchey to though.” Said Brightnight as she flew to go tell queen Glory. “Your majesty I had a vision.” She said rushing in and handing Glory the paper. “I will host a meeting with the queens and the dragonets of destiny immediately.” Said Glory as she flew to go tell the others.

Chapter 188 (miraculouslazulitheseawing)

Jambu stoped for a moment and thought. The only thing that could possibly make this un broly sword broly was to dip it in pure essence of bro. Fortunatly Jambu knew just where to find that. He spit some venom on the sword and it began to bro glow with the power of broness. He decided to use the sword to kill the only dragon more bro than him: Peacemaker.

But he was stopped by every warrior cat ever tackling him and attempting to absorb his broness. But a bunch of porgs showed up and did the same. both groups formed into giant porg/cats and started fighting. They were about to destroy the world when Jambu absorbed his broness and all of theirs too, until he was the 2ND MOST BRO BRO IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE! Then he took his sword and searched for Peacemaker.

Chapter 189 (Darkmoon the IceWing NightWing)

In his quest for broness, Jambu got distracted by a dancing toaster. ThEn Venti took the stage, killing A random demon before returning to heaven. 

Then the Sunnyflight shippers tried to take over the world.

Chapter 200

Starflight, the leader of the 'Sunnyflight Should Totally Be Canon', decided the best way to win was to overwhelm the world with numbers. Tui however, watching this in a state of shock, decided this was too far against canon, and frantically started typing Starflight's and Fatestpeaker's wedding.

chapter 201

Suddnely a random overly obessed genetics dragon burst through the door, screaming. "suNNY iS relAted to tSuNAmI and wIntEr!" along with some




family lineage thinbgs

Chapter 202 (Greatwhinter707)

Have you guys noticed this story has no plot?


Ok, bye.

Chapter 197 (Chipper the Crow)

Queen Glory (who was, for some reason, radiating extreme broness from the first chapters) was on a walk in the rainforest when...

Saphira appeared!

And then book Toothless appeared!

And then dragons appeared!

"T-t-t-toothless v-v-very SCARY dr-dr-dr-dr-DRAGON," the small, green dragon said, sitting on Glory's head. Sunny came in and was suddenly a mind-reader! Saphira ate popcorn and asked Starflight for autographs. Starflight wrote his name on her ear instead of her head, but she was still happy with it. But then, le gasp! DARKSTALKER appeared!

Chapter 188

Misty gasped. " NEW MAPLENUTELLA SWORD!" She looked at the chaos. "I leave for 2 MONTHS." And know, after 1 MORE month, she's come back! "Haha no. You're not getting me to leave THAT easily." Misty replied, breaking the fourth wall. Was it already broken? Or did it get fixed? "WHO CARES!?!?!!!"Misty screamed and worked on something k B-) ultimate. When she learns how to Kindle, she will start working on it? Idk.

Chapter 189: (Snowystar32)

Snowystar sighed, looking out the window at all the chaos that was happening. She flicked her tail and her Council Of Sane Characters poofed in. “Snowy, why have you summoned us?” Beetlewhisker asked. “I’ve summoned you all to a meeting to stop This craziness.” She replied, Ruffling her golden wings. “I’ve foin the Erferferstones.” Steven Stone told her. “Good, That’s part of plan 1, Anyone have any ideas?” She meowed, licking her white fur. Blaze shrugged, “I don’t know, ask Glacier.” She said. Snowystar booped the stone that Queen Glacier was contained in. She appeared out of thin air. “Yes your majesty?” She asked, bowing.....

(Note: Please don’t make progrest on my plans, There top secret and I would like to write them, so let’s just say that this is happening in the backgrounnd.)

Chapter 190 (Shadow hunter the Nightwing ((hehehe)))

Shadowhunters owner does not like scrolling through this on mobile but thought this was cool so here she is. Shadow walked around on the rainforest floor, bored and wondering if her friends would show up but then she was more bored and flew to the treetops.

Chapter 191 (Dewdrop the Rainwing-Mudwing)

Dewdrop landed in the Rainforest, holding a chest's worth of empty spaghetti cans. She braced herself, tossing the cans at some random SkyWing.

Chapter 192 (Shadowhunter the Nightwing Seawing)

Rubberboa came and fell everywhere on accident earning himself a few more scars. Then he fell onto a Skywing and they turned into a mini him. All the sudden another Skywing turned into a mini him. And all of them did! He screamed and ran away never to be found again.

Chapter 193 (Misty)

Misty decised that she would...

go on an adventure!

sp tshe didm and afoung a stone tablet with ghis storu one it

lers seeehow long i can go withiut a typo and/or losing my mind!!!!

(.00001% chanve of success)

ok so one time i spelteth eth eth eth so then the eths eths eths decided to go KAPLOWIE and i was like YOULL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE but the eths ethd eths did cause im a cowsrd, but then they toung out i was horrible at life so they felteth pity and tried to killl me instead of torturing me. KAPLOWIE i yelled, oullign out a shot gun. but then i realized it was a shotgun and cursed my gun keeper. IT WAS AN A.K. 47 I NEEDED IDIOT. but antway i somehow make it out and my gunkeeper got fired with a flamethrower so all is gud noe.

hmmm i think i has lost my mind :)

Chapter 1 (Sierra sakura)

Jaimbu sautl and lokd at ada leaf

"wat do u spit on my life"

he askd a quip an hotnightwingsatparty an trieid to gu to da new stor claled Edge store becas losts off cloths r in der (i luv stor liek hot topik n prety dres stor wit adult dres. eeww u are perv for thinki about me in dres, i see u)

he trid to wer sum braknlets to be quiin an seed te eye of onix

"pretty i iwill tri it noa, fit mai i i know when it came"

jaumb begaan gloaw wit light (autor i love light im not goff or anytin, i luv luv de animel n dragin XD) an becum a hawt ruk stah (like justin beaver0

jauum fel powaful an tuk sstuf frum quenins in perrha an wen 2 gloras

"gloras i fel pow" he wispered and sed "i seed te futur an i wil bde quen i hatter then u gurl"

"lif will retur to bro al captors above r fak! tis is ne worl witeh mi as lederr uf rainwig i marred ur boyfrend dethbriger haha

"nu" sed gloras (she sud di in a hole i hat gloras!!) "u r 2 hat broter, wut do i du"

"becum broter liek mi" or becum strang lik me"

"i wil mar winter" gloras muterd (i luv winter he is hawt <<33 bu dragin hawt! don't judg or flam me! i hate u)

"den i will be betr den jaimbuu 4vr he wil di" gloris come to winter bu he no likher shi i isnt cool

"i wan moon na quipli" winter sed, is watch wmoon. then the went to a privat plac an kissd

(i wach it so kawaii mi nose bled)

jaimbusf tol stuv to kil winte and glora bu she no no how (stupid stuc i don;t lik u 2, u tri take tuertle frum kinky)

stuc did died an jaimbu cried bu then wa mainly like muscley and beutiful (jaimbu is secnd hattest neck to winte) he kisd whitout (she is kawaii 2 n bishojo mi frend liek anime) get marrd wit toget

they hed draginets and de were dererederers i lik dem

(autor ship jambiout pls)

jaimb trid to become de best bro n mad it 1ce he kill gloras an rainbus came. 1 dragint wa name rainbu like jaimbuu an ren. he tuk pyrhhai bai strom. he so moe.

pls lv a gud rivew, RR. speshul thanks to nobody bc i have no frends


i dicided not tu contin dis fic becas too muc hat and angr frum fan yu can have my twiter @luvrgurl<3333 but i mit not be on. i figurd i dont hav frend bc i ship jaimbout an no 1 dos. make me sad. you guys r men 2 me. we r suposed 2 luv each othr. u hat me!)

(P.S. qinbter = monbli = wintrwatc = ;inxster all r hawt when ther together)

chapter ∞ (Omnia the allwing)

then Cf'ac'thaglaargog appeared and revived whirlpool and he creeped everybody out and so they banished him to tartar sauce. then Tui realized that the fandom was to big and decided to somun the most feared creature in the world of fandoms...copyright. then withe her army of scholastic lawyers and Ugandan knuckles, she marched on fandom phyrra and conquered it it. also she deported any characters from other fandoms, enslaved all of the OCs and forced the writers to only write 100% canon stuff. OC creation and crossover writing were punishable by enslavement in the plotpoint mines. also she publicly executed Cf'ac'thaglaargog because he was a symbol of everything Tui hated. also smolder died.

Chapter (⊙ω⊙) (Diggertheleopardgeck)

A large white portal opened and many of Digger’s OCs came flooding in. Falconcatcher was being emo as always and she decided to take over Pyrrhia, but was stopped by Cf’ac’thaglaargog and the world ended.

Chapter I have positiveley no Idea (Snowystar32)

Snowystar banged her head against the desk for the 9001th time today.

”WHY DO IDIOTS HAVE TO DO THIS!?!?!?!?!?” She yowled, splitting her guards eardrums and causing their ears to bleed, Suddenly Blaze moonwalked in. “Your Majesty, The work on the Erferfertion is done.” She said. “FINNALLY!” Snowystar yowled. “We can permanently seal Cfarg‘og or whatever his name is, along with all the other crazy characters away in kookooland.” She flicked her tail. “And we also have our army of corgs to guard the only way people can summon them so they can’t be brought back.” Snowystar meowed. Now It was time for the world to have a proper leader that will save it.

Chapter 198 (BarneyIsTheBest)

Glory and Jambo entered the Barney Forest. Barney The Dinosaur greeted them. "Howdy do! Welcome to the Barney Forest! Allow me to take you to Barney Land!" he said happily. He took them to the teleporter that took them to Barney Land. He introduced them to BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff. Then they all had fun at Barney Land!

(To be continued....)

Chapter 199 (GGarison)


All Might had no hope in defeating them alone, so he, Pepsi Man, and Thomas the tank engine defeated them by throwing flamingos and lost souls from the Soul Cairn to defeat them

Bakugo wasn't happy


Chapter 200!!! (Greatwhinter707)

Then the DoD threw a surprise party for everyone who wrote this page.

Chapter 201 (Miraculouslazulitheseawing (again))

Peril got tired of the fourth wall sitting there and looking smug. But tui wouldn’t let her beak it, so instead Peril set on fire. Technically it was the flames that broke it, but Peril is still grounded. Then kinkajou went to Starbucks and discovered caffeine, which began the apocalypse.

Chapter 20LAG (Dewdripdingdong)

The apocalypse started and the entire fanfiction got erased, making a PROPER add on fanfiction (which is not this)

Chapter 12:30 (StarflightTheNightwingDragooonet)

The DoD pushed the apocalypse onto the lost continent and saved everyone's lives. Tsunami slithers back into the ocean.

Chapter... something (Cut-throat the AbyssWing)

Glory sat up. That was a weird dream.

"DEATHBRINGER!" she yelled. he fell through the window, crushing something.

"OMG i just had the weirdest dream!" Deathbringer said.

"Was it about brometers and lady meters and bro overlords and-" (this goes on, explaining the dream) "And apocalypses, and lag?" Glory asked.

"Exactly that." Deathbringer said.

later that day...

It turned out that all the dragons from canon had the same dream.

Everyone tuned at the same time. The tune to Battle cry be imagine Dragons played as a meteor hurtled towards the planet of Pyrrhia and Pantala.

"WAAAAAA!?" Blue exclaimed. Luna fainted and Cricket screamed

"We're all gonna die, Blue i love you!" Blue looked supprised. Sundew looked like she was about to throw up. All the dragons from Pyrrhia looked at the Silkwings, Hivewing an Leafwing.

The ghost of Clearsight appeared.

"You mustn't fear!" She said. Peacemaker said "I THINK I KNOW THAT DRAGON MOON!" while eating a strawberry. Moon and Hope freeked out. All the other Silkwings, Leafwings and Hivewings were teleported to the rainforest. all the Pyrrhian dragons looked at them again. Someone yelled "I KNEW THERE WERE MORE!" It was Qibli.

the comet crashed above the ghost of Clearsight. A dragon with 1,2,3................100 wings and five eyes steped out.

"BLUEBLAUS IENNFND" it said. Everyone crashed into each other. the 100 winged dragon had said, i come in peace. and running around like a maniac was their way to greet another dragon. they smiled. everyone started to scream. the 100 winged dragon started to cry "BLUF UD R FI DH" (MY LIFE IS OVER) and ran away back to space. Clearsight face palmed.

Dragons huddled in their huts. no sun time today...

(Try and make this story normal again?)

The second part of this amazing book can be found Here!(Cut-throat the AbyssWing) or Here! (FlightRewritten)

Chapter 992436873452867 (Snowystar32)

Snowystar yelled in extreme frustratio, Why did everyone have to be insane!?!?!? “Guys, it’s time to take over this dumb place.” she meowed, then pressed THE BIG RED BUTTON! suddenly every flag turned into some pride flag and immortal corgis overrun the universe, killing Jambu,Whirlpool,Burn,Blister And Morrowseer. Then everyone obtained the most delicious cookies in the universe , trademarked by Snowystar. So everyone worshipped her. The end.