The deep blue dragon was flying towards something. It seemed like a cave. An opening appeared out of nowhere. The blue dragon looked around, and then slipped inside.

"What is a SEAWING doing in OUR eggs!?" The blood red DeathWing flicked her tail and suddenly four, deep black and gray dragons appeared behind her.

"What is it, your majesty?" asked the first guard.

"Trying to STEAL one of my eggs! Kill him." The soldiers ran to the cave where the deep blue dragon slipped in.

An opening appeared and the black dragon went inside. "Let me kill him," the guard said, grinning, showing his bloodstained teeth.

The black dragon looked around and saw nothing. Finally did he see a blue tail start to dash towards the exit. The DeathWing flung himself towards the SeaWing's tail. He bit down. The SeaWing screeched and got loose of his sharp teeth. The SeaWing flew out of the caves exit. The DeathWing growled and roared some words that were taken away by the wind.

He did it. He made it out alive. "This egg is the last one." He turned his head around and looked to see if there were any guards following him.

Current landed by a NightWing. "I see you made it out alive," said the deep purple dragon. "Yeah, but look at my tail." Both dragons examined it. "It's all black. And it's spreading." Current looked at Nightfall and, the purple dragon stood back.

The NightWing took Current by the neck. Current scraped at his neck but Nightfall's grip was tighter. The NightWing flung the SeaWing off the cliff. He grinned and started to fly away with the egg.

"The others will never know it was me." He chuckled an evil laugh and headed towards the cave.


Nightfall stared at the other guardians. "Current is dead," Nightfall lied. The others gasped and looked down. "What a shame," said a pale brown SandWing. "At least we have the egg..." Said a deep brown MudWing. "When will it hatch?" hissed a red SkyWing. "Tonight," Nightfall said tapping the black egg.

That night...

"It's hatching!" said Gold. The SandWing looked at the egg and smiled.

"What's happening?" asked a little golden SkyWing.

"Epidemic is hatching," said Amber, the MudWing.

"Who is Epidemic?" Kilimanjaro asked. Velvet, the SkyWing, pointed towards the egg.

"Anaconda! Spacewarper!" Called the golden skywing.

The NightWing and the RainWing ran in the room. "Epidemic is hatching!" All of the guardians said.

A thin crack started at the tip of the egg. Slowly a little gray head popped up from the eggshell. A DeathWing.

"What kind of dragon is that?" Asked Anaconda. "I believe it's a DeathWing, Anaconda." Said Spacewarper.

"The smart little dragonet is right." Said Nightfall proudly. As he said that the little new-born dragonet crawled out of the egg.

"Hello Epidemic..." said Kilimanjaro quietly. The DeathWing looked up at her. "I'm Kilimanjaro, and this is Spacewarper and Anaconda."

"Get away from it!" Hissed Velvet. "We need to start training it... NOW!"

"But it's only a new-born dragonet, Velvet," said Gold.

"Fine." Velvet looked as if she were going to rip one of the dragons in the cave to shreds. "We start training him tomorrow." She flew up to a high ledge in the cave and laid down.

The rest of the guardians went to a part of the cave and started to fall asleep.

"What's her problem?!" ssked Anaconda loudly. "I don't know..." replied Spacewarper. "Look at little Epidemic..." Kilimanjaro seemed to have never stopped looking at the little gray dragonet. Finally they all went to sleep. Except Nightfall.

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