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This Windspire


a typical SwiftWing art by Lightningstrike :P


A typical IceWing art by joy ang

Note this is property of Blizzard! If any one messes with it I will speak with the admins to have you banned!

Windspire is a SwiftWing\IceWing  hybrid.


Windspire has a light shade of grey scales that gleam in the moonlight. He has the IceWing horns but they sparkle pale blue and pink.His eye stripe is a blueish-pink. He has shocking bright blue eyes. He doesn't have the tuft on a SwiftWing's tail but it isn't made of ice either.


Windspire has retractable claws like most SwiftWings,and since IceWings are supposed to have ridged claws, He has very sharp claws.He has abnormally large wings. His freezing death breath isn't as powerful as a regular IceWing's.


Windspire is usually very shy and would rather rely on his wits then his claws. He loves winter and fall and usually will become grumpy around summer seasons.


Windspire's mom divorced about two times. Because he's a hybrid he usually got bullied and when he got older he ran away and on a mountain he met a Moon\IceWing hybrid named Shyne.And then in a snow storm they met a SwiftWing named Eveningstar*.



  • Windspire was originally going to be a Sky\SwiftWing hybrid.
  • He was also going to be a girl.
  • His name was going to be Snowwind.

  • = go to Eveningstar for full details

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