Wind Rider's Winning Pic!Yay Lightning for winning!

This page is about the newest SwiftWing, Wind Rider! 😄 Wind Rider is certainly an odd dragon, with very different parents. IT IS OBVIOUS WHO SHE WAS CREATED BY.

Her parents: Her father is a rich SkyWing named Sicon. Her mother is also a rich SwiftWing named Dancer. Her past reflects things unknown, but what is understandable, most are careful about it when in her presence. She has telekinesis like the SwiftWings, but fire like the SkyWings. She is light gray with a lime green stripe. Her mane is aqua blue with lighter streaks. She has a fiery temper and is a part of the third prophecy, along with Loki (awesome SandWing male with 2 barbs instead of 1) and Pheaseant (burly MudWing). She is brave, kind, and an excellent fighter. She is 8 years old.

Abilities,traits,and past

Her abilities are, telekinesis, fire breathing, and fast flying. See above for looks,has enormous wings She was raised similarly to the other dragonets of destiny and much more carefully.Has similar behavior to Glory. (Please note that I am the only one allowed to role-play may role play Loki and Pheaseant with my permission.) Her parents died shortly after she hatched, according to the prophecy, leaving her to the mercy of the Order Of the Talons (second peace group) and was raised by them. She didn't know that her parents had mountains of treasure and didn't know that they came from different tribes.She tried everything, even studying and training extra-extra-extra hard. She eventually asked Loki to help, as he was born with too much venom, was an animus, and secretly son of Oasis, who was one of the warring sandwing princesses. That got the guardians to tell. She was practically FURIOUS AT THAT. She yelled and stomped and burst flames everywhere. Eventually she calmed down and left for her sleeping cave. In The Last Gust, she meets a SwiftWing named Nighttime and by the end of part one, they are boyfriend and girlfriend.😉


  • She was originally a SeaWing named Hurricane.
  • Her behavior was originally Similar to Starflight's.
  • Her theme song is Thrift shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
  • Her telekinesis color is gold.


  • Wings of Fire:More Than Likely (Phesant)
  • Wings of Fire:In the Desert (Loki)
  • Wings of Fire:The Last Gust (Wind Rider)
    Blarg5 001

    Wind Rider in human form. Art by Tide the Seawing.


  • "That's brilliant.You're stupid."
  • "Dude, I've told you a million times.I use telekinesis only on the guardians"
  • "Whatever feather brain"
  • "Take that you miniature bit of prey"-to the guardians when she pounces on them

Role among the wiki

Wind Rider is a SwiftWing dragon who acts as one of it's guards. She is a dragonet within a prophecy.

She is also the deception of her user, who writes many fanfics, draws many pictures, and RPs in chatrooms.

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