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Wildfire belongs to WildfireTheMudSkyWing. This is my main dragonsona and mascot although I cannot assure you she is 100% accurately like my personality/backstory. Please do not edit this page without my permission; if there are typos I haven't noticed please let me know

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notes; (Ack)

  • Wears a ragged dark maroon pointed hat and cloak
  • wears a blank white mask with dark eye holes
  • Dark red copper overlaid with dark orange rust
  • Talons to her elbow are wrapped in old faded brown cloth
  • Dark green grey eyes
  • Wears another necklace with different dark shaded beads of blue and green
  • Has a dark copper pocketwatch from her father at her neck sometimes.


Extroverted-33% introverted-67%

Intuitive-83% Observant-17%

Thinking-61% Feeling-39%

Judging-44% Prospecting-56%

Assertive-10% Turbulent-90%

"Nothing kills a man faster than his own head."

- Twenty One Pilots



Sona's and OCs can be added to this page; I cant guarantee OCs may have a positive relationship with Wild though...

"If you really think we can be friends... your wrong. All the way through."


"Her positivity isn't... killing me. I actually find it... helpful... That's- Weird."

Most dragons would most likely assume these two wouldn't get along due to Wildfires negativity. However, Wild actually finds Ice to be pretty nice, and the few times they talked was friendly conversation. Wildfire wishes to talk with Iceberry more in the future.


"I actually think...This SandWing could be my friend."

Wildfire thought at first this SandWing was intimidating. After awhile she began to warm up to her.

Wildfire appreciates Saburras loyalty to the rules, even though Wild has a tendency to be rebel towards most of the world.

She has talked to this nice nerdy dragon quite a few times before, mostly about nerdy stuff.

She wonders what Saburra would think of her stealing for homeless dragons.








"It might actually be possible for you to shut up."

"Sarcastic? Me? Never."

"Oh wow. I new you were weak but I didn't realize you were Pathetic."

"Please don't hurt me, I'm a pessimist! Shoot, I mean pacifist!"

"I find your story sadly uninteresting. Could you tell me one that is not incredibly boring?"

"Negativity is really just being cautious! Well, maybe the earth exploding is a little overdramatic BUT STILL."

"Im Nobody, ok? Remember that kid."

"YES. literally. Would you like to spell it out? Y.E.S. Need it tattooed on your forehead?"

"Are you still talking to me? Is that even possible?"

"I honestly ship you with a black hole. Have fun."

"Its called disappointment. Get used to it."

"Touch me and I will rip out your heart and make you watch me eat it. Actually, for a second thought, how bout I just rip off your leg and beat you over the head with it?"

"You know what I hate? When people think that just because I'm negative it means I hate positive people! Actually, I only hate most positive people."

"Hahaha you really don't know me do you?"


  • Talks to her self even when shes not alone
  • Plays the violin
  • Wildfires favorite animal is a Owl
  • She is able to subconsciously block her thoughts and feelings randomly; At these points all a mind-reader would get from her head would be the sound of rain/thunder or a slow whirring
  • Wildfire was originally a Mud/SkyWing daughter of Clay and Peril
  • In another design, she was a cheerful SkyWing who always wore a red wool scarf
  • Half way through designing her I remembered SkyWings dont have green eyes... <3
  • Most likely has Antisocial personality disorder
  • Has Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Can read pretty well; Her favorite stories are about poor dragons rising up to become heroes; either that or stories where most of the characters die
  • Really enjoys listening to piano and orchestral music; She often sneaks to concerts to listen to music
  • Her favorite color is either copper or red
  • Does not actually remember her father; Her last memory of her father is of her falling into a rapid muddy river and her father leaping into it after her. However, she cant seem to recall her fathers face.
  • Her mother doesnt like to and wont talk about her father; their is no pictures of her father anywhere in her home
  • Really good at stealing and lying... rarely feels bad about it later.
  • Every time she enters or exits a building she looks around suspiciously
  • Most likely has Pistanthrophobia, the fear of being betrayed, which is why she has trouble trusting her friends
  • Left taloned