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Please do not ask to be on realstionships if I have no idea who you are, or we've not met much.


"Please dont hurt me, Im a pessimist! Shoot! I mean passifist!"



Extroverted-36% introverted-64%

Inituitive-88% Observant-12%

Thinking-46% Feeling-54%

Judging-42% Prospecting-58%

Assertive-10% Turbulent-90%

"Nothing kills a man faster than his own head."

- Twenty One Pilots


"Im just the same as I was years ago. Dont you understand? Im a loser. Know one you should follow."








"Oh Im sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?"

"I wonder where my sister is... Her lunch is getting cold... and eaten."

"I can keep secrets! Its just the people I tell them to can't!"

"Im smiling. This should scare you."

" Please don't eat me! I have a sister! Eat her!"

"I wasnt lying, I was writing fiction in my mouth."

"Their is plenty of people in this world who would really appreciate it if you shut up."

" Strength in a battle matters less than wisdom. For example, it is wise to not leap headfirst into a bunch of full-grown fire breathing dragons."


  • Wildfire is most likely on the autistic spectrum
  • Has ADD and Slight paranoia
  • Rock music annoys her/ and some Rap music
  • Talks to her self even when shes not alone
  • Has two pet cats named LionHeart, a british short hair/siamese mix and Nala a Torbie.
  • Plays the violin
  • WildFire has never cussed but a great many of her friends do.
  • Many people thinks shes intimidating
  • Her spirit animal is a Owl
  • Her favorite tribes are SkyWings, SandWings and MudWings.
  • Her friends view her as a leader, Which she finds extremely weird
  • She is a Anti-hero
  • Wildfires favorite animal is a Owl
  • Her least favorite tribes are SeaWings and SilkWings
  • Leader of a group against upcoming wars and/or apocalypses