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Wildfire has dark crimson scales, with small, glittering, silver specks on the underside of her wings. Her tail is a mixture of maroon and gold, while her horns are midnight black. Her eyes are a deep purple, with silver teardrop scales next to them.


Wildfire is a shy, smart, helpful, and kind dragonet. Although she is lacking when it comes to fighting skills, she always exceeds in her academic subjects.

Wildfire enjoys reading, writing, drawing, observing nature, and studying the stars. On the other hand, she dislikes battles, war, and close-minded dragons.


Before Jade Mountain Academy, Wildfire would never have called her life enjoyable. She grew up in a little hut outside the SkyWing kingdom alone with her mother, for the queen would not let her live inside because of her un - SkyWing like appearance and personality. She was often lonely, with no other dragonets to play with and with her mother usually away. Furthermore, she had no father to care for her, because he had died soon after her birth – only according to her mother, though.

When she turned four years old, she was sent off to Jade Mountain Academy by her mother, Everest, against her will. At first, she missed her mother greatly, and wished to return to her homeland. However, throughout her first year there, she made friends and learned to enjoy her life. Surprisingly, at the end of the term, Wildfire did not wish to return home.

At the moment, she is in her second year of Jade Mountain Academy, spending time with her best friends – Droplet, a SeaWing, and Chrysanthemum, a RainWing. She also meets an IceWing named Snowstorm.