Whyren is Luster's creation. DO NOT temper with it without proper clearance.

Background Information
Synthesizer Luster
Prominent Animal Hammerhead Shark
Eye Color Dull White-blue
Creature Information
Alias Whyren, Why
Age 8.5 years
Sex Male
Military Purpose Cloaking device, mass temporary-paralysis
Model Tribe SkyWing
Containment Location Wing E10, 339
Caretaker(s) Parasite (nutrition, health), Future (waste management)
Reaction (positive stimuli) Calm, upset when ceased
Reaction (negative stimuli) Barks, cowers, panics, tries to escape
Powers and Abilities Electromagnetism, enhanced flight
Fears Fire, ice, silence, closed spaces
Notable behavior Clumsy, oblivious to most stimuli


Color Reference on Page 3

Whyren is very tall and long, just large in general. Its terrestrial limbs are rather stout, but its wings are very large, with their respective holes and seams. Horns are asymmetrical and metallic.

It has very soft and light hide, hollow and fragile bones, and is delicate overall. It gets injured easily, and takes a long time to heal itself.

Dislikes restraints and will struggle viciously.


Whyren appears to be a very clueless individual. It rarely learns, and takes multiple mistakes before it realizes it should correct itself. It is not very intelligent, thankfully, and would likely not scheme (unlike other experiments). Unfortunately, it may do poorly on its own.

It is very interested in the actions of others, and likes to follow and imitate our observers and maintenance workers. It is playful and generally harmless, though its sheer size and strength make it a danger, it will not attack without provocation. It is very social, and enjoys company and having our scientists speak to it. It is unknown whether it understands what they are saying; it can comprehend the most basic of intelligence tests, but has yet to communicate with our scientists with understandable draconic. However, it does seem capable of communication with other subjects.

It strongly dislikes fire and ice. It refused to calm down in a small container, so it was moved to a larger unit. It still seems unnerved by the corners.

It is not a threat. It should NOT be shot on sight, or be else-wise intimidated. Doing so will have SEVERE consequences.


Its body is capable of extreme speeds - upwards of twice the highest speed of recorded SkyWings. It can withstand immense pressure and little oxygen. It flies soundlessly. It was designed to fly at high speeds at high altitudes, and scope out and impair enemy forces before the body of the allies arrives.

It is also capable of sensing, creating, and manipulating electromagnetic waves and pulses. It consumes a lot of energy while doing so, and does not attack unless it is in a panic. It has the capability if tampering with and destroying the facility's electrical and power sources; DO NOT inform of it of its capabilities.


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