Whiteout is 7, and a character in the fanfiction Wings of Fire: Hope in the War.


Whiteout is the son of Icebreaker, who was consulting a NightWing to make him a prophecy after Ignatius threatened Pyrrhia. He was mostly raised by his mother, who sadly died in the war fighting for her tribe.


Whiteout is shy, and most of all, nervous. He is most nervous around adult NightWings. But if his friends are in trouble, he will try to save them. 

When he tries to do something, he does his best at it. Since he is very small for his tribe, he has more advantages than most IceWings. Whiteout can be particularly naive. A lot, actually.


Whiteout has electric yellow eyes that glow in the dark, hinting he is different then other dragons. His scales are silver with streaks of white going through the silver. His talons are silver. His horns are a snowy white. Whiteout's underbelly scales are a dark teal.


  • Whiteout's voice actor is Silver's, from Sonic the Hedgehog

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