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Socrates the Narrator: Once upon a time, long long ago, in a galaxy far far away... There was a dragon named Whirlpool who decided to start his very own snack bar. He invited every dragon in all of Pyrrhia to come and get discounts. Except for Matau 99, who came anyway.

Whirlpool: Welcome everybody! I've just finished putting in picnic tables, a volleyball court, a big screen tv, and of course a whirlpool!

Socrates the Narrator: He cut the red ribbon and dragons flooded the snack bar. Whirlpool turned on the music box, which had been programmed to play every type of song, and it started to play the Macarana.

Blister: Remember this Morrowseer? We danced to this song on our first date.

Socrates the Narrator: Everyone began dancing. Matau 99 walked over to where Whirlpool was tending bar.

Whirlpool: Hey hey hey, how's my favorite fanboy? Sorry about not inviting you. I ran out of invitation cards.

Matau99: It's alright. Can I have your autograph?

Whirlpool: Sure. You hungry?

Socrates the Narrator: He signed Matau 99's arm.

Matau 99: Yes. What have you?

Whirlpool: You name it. I've got PB&J sandwiches, caramel popcorn, ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate chip pancakes, beer, apple juice, burritoes, and  Magical Jelly Beans(patent pending).

Matau 99: I'll take the Magical Jelly Beans.

Whirlpool: Alright. The orange ones  slay your enemies, the black ones allow you to remove your body parts, and the purple ones just give you control over air currents.

Socrates the Narrator: Meanwhile, Dune walked up to Morrowseer.

Dune: So, you're going out with Blister?

Morrowseer: Yes.

Dune: She's a witch!

Morrowseer: What?! No she isn't.

Dune: Yes she is.

Morrowseer: No she isn't.

Dune : Is too.

Morrowseer: Is not. 

Dune:Is too.

Morrowseer: Is not.

Dune: Is too.

Morrowseer: Is not.

Dune: Is too! She turned me into a newt!

Morrowseer: A newt?

Dune: I got better.

Whirlpool: Hey! No Monty Python references allowed!

Music Box: It's the End of the World as we know it, and I feel fine...

Peril: Ooh! I love this song! It makes me feel so sane and peaceful!

Socrates the Narrator: She and Clay started dancing together.

Tsunami: Nice dancing Peril.

Peril. Thanks. no hard feelings?

Tsunami: None. 

Socrates the Narrator: Tsunami smiled at Riptide and started to dance with him.

Coral: Tsunami, stop it! You're going to marry Whirlpool! 

A number of SeaWings: NOOO!!

Socrates the Narrator: 2 minutes later, Queen coral was strapped to a chair with her snout duct taped shut.


Tsunami: Is anyone else a Whirlnami fan?

Everyone: No.

Socrates the Narrator: Everyone went back to what they were doing. Clay and Peril sat down to eat. Whirlpool had arranged an extra large  fireproof table just for them.

Whirlpool: Everything is completely fireproof. I'll bring you an appetizer while you decide on what to order.Enjoy your first date!

Peril and Clay: Thank you Whirlpool.

Socrates the MudWing: Knowing Clay's appetite, Whirlpool brought them the most fitting possible appetizer: His supa-extra-extra-extra-extra large Bazooka Bomb pizza, which was 10 feet in diameter and piled high with chicken, garlic, baked beans, and ghost chili peppers. Then he made made sure every guest had a gas mask before bringing them two mugs of SeaWing Kelp Ale.

Tsunami: Aah! A tarantula bit me! 

Glory: An old Italian legend says that the only cure is to dance the Tarantella, an extremely long, fast paced dance.

Tsunami: Thanks Glory. Whirlpool, do you have Tarantella music? 

Whirlpool: Yes.

Socrates the Narrator: Whirlpool put it on and Tsunami and Riptide started frantically dancing. Starflight walked up to Glory.

Starflight: Actually Glory, that's just a legend. Tarantula bites are only as harmless as bee stings.

Glory: I know, but I saw no reason to tell Tsunami that. Heh heh.

Deathbringer: Hey, Glory! Can I buy you a drink?

Glory: if you must. I hear NightWing moonshine is good.

Deathbringer: Oh, it is. Hey Starflight, look! It's your fan club!

Socrates the Narrator: Starflight whirled around.

Deathbringer: Made you look!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Sunny and Fatespeaker tackled the unfortunate NightWing dragonet and started bickering about who was going to marry Starflight.

Starflight: What have I ever done in life to deserve this?

Matau 99: You left Morrowseer to die!

Starflight: You would not BELIEVE the hate mail I get for that! I didn't even do it on purpose!

Whirlpool: We'll settle this with a debate: Clay will argue the defense, and Matau the prosecution. Blaze will be judge.

Blaze: Yay!

Socrates the Narrator: They set up the debate stage while Blaze models her judges robes.

Male Dragons: Ooooooooh.... 

Blister: Quit staring!

Blaze: Alright, black-dragon-whose-name-I-cant-pronounce 99 can go first.

Matau 99: Thank you your honor. Well Morrowseer was a glorious, brave, and honorable dragon, who simply wanted the best for everyone, especially his tribe. But then Starflight just LET HIM DIE, WRONGFULLY IN COLD BLOOD!


Fatespeaker: No one deserved that death, not even Morrowseer!

Sunny: Exactly!

Socrates the Narrator: They shared a fist bump. Just then Blaze woke up.

Blaze: Zzzz.. hm? Oh, sorry, I fell asleep somewhere around the word glorious. Clay's turn! 

Clay: Morrowseer was swallowed up by lava. Lava is made of fire. Peril is covered in fire. Peril is good. Therefore fire is good. Therefore Starflight did nothing wrong.


Peril: He thinks I'm good..(swoons)

Matau 99: That argument made no sense!

Scarlet: It doesn't have to, I've got a monstor truck!

Socrates the MudWing: She drove away.

Blaze: It made sense to me. Clay wins!

Starflight and Company: Hooray for insane troll logic!

Matau 99: I blame you for this Socrates!

Socrates the Narrator:  Hey, don't break the fourth wall! Now I have to pay big bucks to get it fixed! One of the bricks went missing too...

Matau 99: 8(

Socrates the Narrator: Clay and Peril walked up to the counter.

Clay: Whirlpool, are you going to take our order?

Socrates the Narrator: Whirlpool looked up from where he was kissing Siphonophore.

Whirlpool: What? Oh... sorry... I'll be right with you.

Socrates the Narrator: Meanwhile, Morrowseer walked up to Matau 99.

Morrowseer: Youngster, i'd like to thank you for standing up for me back there. I too used to get a lot of hate mail.

Matau 99: I was happy to. Can I have your autograph?

Morrowseer: Absolutely.

Socrates the Narrator: He signed Matau's other arm. Meanwhile, Mastermind walked up to where Starflight was talking to Fatespeaker and Sunny.

Mastermind: Starflight... I am your father.

Starflight:...I know that already.

Mastermind: oh. Well then. Hey, would you like to have a trivia test?

Starflight: Sure.

Mastermind: What's the capital of Burkina Faso?

Starflight: Ouagadougou. (For the benefit of our lovely readers, that is pronounced wa-gah-doo-goo.)

Mastermind: What's the 10th digit of Pi, counting the 3 at the beginning?

Starflight: 3.

Mastermind: What's the scientific name for the Bornean smooth-tailed tree shrew?

Starflight: Dendrogale melanura.

Mastermind: Give the symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass for Unuquadium.

Starflight: Uuq, 114, and 289, respectively. Though it's moot now, since Unuquadium isn't recognized on the periodic table anymore.

Mastermind: He who has it does not say it.  He who takes it does not know it. He who knows it does not want it. Yet men die for it. What is it?

Starflight: Counterfeit money.

Mastermind: Where's Waldo?

Starflight: Chuck Norris told me not to tell.

Mastermind: Impressive. Most impressive.

Sunny and Fatespeaker: Wow, you know everything Starflight! Jinx! Double jinx! Jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx jinx!

Mastermind: I find your faith... disturbing.

Whirlpool: Alright everybody, it's time for the Mental Volleyball Tournament! Here are the rules: If the ball hits the ground on your side of the net, the other team wins. You can't physically touch the ball, except for when you are serving, and each method of hitting the ball can only be used once. Glory and I will be team captains. You can pick first Glory.

Glory: I pick Starflight.

Whirlpool: I pick Morrowseer.

Glory: I pick Clay.

Whirlpool: I pick Blister.

Glory: I pick Anemone.

Whirlpool: I pick Shark.

Glory: Deathbringer.

Whirlpool: Matau 99. Those are the teams! Any questions? No I don't know why It's called mental Volleyball. let's play!

Socrates the Narrator: They went on to the court and Glory served the ball. Morrowseer used his psychic powers to hit the ball. Then Anemone used her animus powers. Then Blister hit the ball with a fire blast. Then Clay used his powerful lungs to blow the ball over. Then Whirlpool and Shark stirred up a wind with their tails to push the ball back over. Then a bomb that Starflight and Deathbringer had planted in the sand went off, letting out enough air to send the ball flying towards Matau 99. Then, a freak wind blew through, bouncing the ball on Glory's side of the net. Team Whirlpool had won.

Everybody: How did you do that!?

Matau 99: I ate the purple jelly beans. The ones that give you power over air currents.

Socrates the Narrator: Everyone facetaloned. They had only eaten the orange and black jelly beans.

Whirlpool's Team: Hooray for Matau 99!

Whirlpool: This calls for a celebration! Everyone gather in the hot tub and we'll watch TV.

Socrates the Narrator: They did that. Peril kept the hot tub hot, thus protecting the environment. Whirlpool clicked the remote untill he found the Discovery Channel.

TV: On this episode of Mythbusters...

Kestrel: No no no no. Not this.

Socrates the Narrator: She grabbed the remote and found football on the next channel.

Burn: Ooh, the Bears versus the Packers!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Blister grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

TV: Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Fatespeaker.

TV: So stick with us 'cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Sunny.

TV: Brocoli, celery, gotta be, Veggietales!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Morrowseer.

TV: This documentary will follow Attilla the Hun, and how he rose to power and conquered Asia.

Socrates the Narrator: Then Peril. (Don't worry, the remote is fireproof)

TV: Destroy! Build! Destroy!

Socrates the Narrator: Then Clay's Sibs.

TV: Nants, ingonyama, bagithi Baba...

Socrates the Narrator: That was the last straw for some dragons, and an all-out brawl ensued. When it cleared, somehow, Blaze held the remote.

Blaze: Ooh, what does this button do?

Whirlpool: Don't push it! It kills us all  horribly!

Blaze: What about this one?

Whirlpool: It kills us all slightly less horribly.

Blaze: Are all of the buttons murdery?

Whirlpool: No. This one makes cheeseburgers fall from the sky.

Socrates the Narrator: Blaze pushes it and cheeseburgers start to fall from the sky. 

Clay: Yummy!

Socrates the Narrator: Just then, a brick fell on Blaze's head and she sat down hard on the TV remote.



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In loving memory of my friend, Matau99.

For clarification, the brick that fell on Blaze was the one that went missing when Matau 99 broke the fourth wall.