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Lumiere, the dragon elemental of light, is cursed to turn into the horrible Demise at night.

Lumiere tromped through the woods. It was sunset, and he loved looking at the moon. He romped up to a lone tree in the middle of a flowery meadow. The sun was slowly going down, and the sky grew pink. 

Lumiere did not notice the mysterious black dragon next to him. The midnight-black dragon had a mysterious moon symbol on his forehead. He seemed to have a cloak of Shadows covering his bloodshot eyes. 

"What are you doing at my tree?" it asked with a raspy, evil voice, as if everything happy had dissapeared from the world.

Lumiere looked at the shadow dragon. "Looking at the moonlight!"

"It is beautiful, but do you know who I am?" he asked, showing his white sharp teeth. "No? I am the Shadow Animus. Nobody makes me mad." 

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