West is the the son of a SeaWing and a TrickWing prince. He is dark purple-blue. He has the frills that a TrickWing has, but still has SeaWing ears. Most girls think he is handsome.


West loves playing pranks on dragons, and is pretty sneaky. He's pretty happy-go-lucky, but he has a serious side as well. He's pretty lucky, so he gambles quite often. When he loses, his temper explodes quite like his mother's. He's a huge flirt.


He wants to have a great fortune, and he always seeks to impress his father, Illusion, the Prince.


His mother and Illusion had a secret love that they didn't want to tell anyone, although SeaWings and TrickWings are mostly friends. They eventually had West, who was raised by his Storm. He met his father when he was 6, and his father gave him two gold-plated enchanted die, that when he hoped for something, then rolled the die, was more likely to happen.


  • Snowdrift was one of the first dragons who actually wanted to be friends with West, and he thinks she is pretty cool.