Wendigo trickwing

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Wendigo is a tiny female trickwing. She's the youngest of her siblings. She prefers to kill and take rather than steal, and is quite dangerous. She lives in Centera with her siblings, and she is the only sibling who likes it there.

Wendigo is about fifteen. She was born in Centera with her siblings.

Wendigo wears so much jewelry, it's a wonder she can fly with her small frame. She has golden, silver, copper, and iron necklaces with a plethora of varying jewels including sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, opals, quartz, limestone, amethyst, and many more. She wears five bracelets on each ankle (except her stub), and armbands on all her arms. she has decorative chains wrapped around her tail and wings. In addition to all that, she has jewels studded between her scales.

Wendigo is the smallest of her siblings, and is even smaller than a five year old dragonet. She barely reaches her sister Ace's shoulder. Wendigo is a bright scarlet, and has huge purple eyes. Instead of a front right talon, she has a stub. She was hatched this way, and thinks of it as a curse.

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