Warbringer belongs to Byrnwing. If you would would like to use him you may, but please message me and give credit.


Warbringer is slightly larger than a pure bred Skywing. He has a black color scheme, with red colored eyes with an orange tint, and large wings with the iconic Nightwing star-patterned wing undersides.


Warbringer has the standard powers and abilities of a Nightwing and Skywing.

  • Fire breath
  • Extreme endurance, strength, and speed


Warbringer was born to the Skywing General Ares and Queen Battlewinner in the Sky Kingdom before Battlewinner's "accident". Because of his heritage, Warbringer was feared and separated from other Skywings, and this drove him to work harder to show he was even better than the other dragonets. This led to him becoming the general of the Skywing army after his father died.

With his new job he was constantly moving and traveling, soon this led him to find a small volcanic island with two of his soldiers. As he came closer to the island, he soon found himself captured by, what he now reconized were Nightwings. The Nightwings soon realized what he was. But since he belonged to the Sky Kingdom they kept him there in the royal dungeons so that he could not tell others about the secret island. Over time he fell in love his keeper, Stardancer, a dark violet Nightwing with blue eyes and silver specks like stars covering her petite body. He soon wooed her and she began visiting him during the night.

After a month Stardancer found herself with a large black egg. Realizing others would find out about her relationship with Warbringer, she fled with him back to the Sky Kingdom with their large egg. There the egg hatched, producing two dragons, a male named Nightwatcher and a female named Daybreaker. Sadly, Nightwatcher absorbed all of of Daybreaker's fire capabilities. Daybreaker is an animus, specializing in levitating.