Voyage is a 8 year-old male IceWing.


Voyage's egg was left at Jade Mountains, for unknown circumstances. When he hatched, he was found by a female RainWing. The RainWing knew of the couple whose egg had been kidnapped, and brought him back. Voyage was named after his father's love of adventure. However, his name fit him well, as his mother brought him to the frozen lakes with other IceWings, and Voyage loved to discover and "voyage" there.

At the age of three, the SkyWings and MudWings raided under Burn's control. His mother and father were home, but Voyage had gotten lost at the lakes. A MudWing found him, and took him back to the SkyWing arena. She (the MudWing soldier) adopted him, but Burn took him away and left him at the middle of the IceWing kingdom, making sure he would die.

A IceWing patrol found him two days later. She searched for the parents, and soon found them. Voyage was soon living his normal life once again.

When he turned five, Blaze had a near-death experience, a declared a temporary law where no IceWing could leave the kingdom, or get in. However, the IceWing had a plan to escape. His parents accepted that he was leaving. Soon he made a plan. Instead of traveling by land or sky, he would travel by swimming. He knew of a lake that exited the kingdom, unto the RainWing kingdom. He would start this voyage escape at midnight.

Voyage dug under the ice, creating a hole that he could go through. Voyage stopped every one minute to breath through holes in the ice. When he finally got out of the IceWing kingdom, he spent a year at the RainWing kingdom.

Of course, turning 7, he started to venture out towards the SeaWing kingdom and such.


Voyage's build is sleek and slender, unlike his dad. He got his sleekness from his mother. His scales are a blizzard white with gray horns. His secondary scales are a very, very, light blue. His legs and feet fade from a white to grayish blackish.


As his name states, he loves adventure, he loves thrills and such. He also likes mountain climbing. He is very confident. He has a strange habit of not remebering things that happened a week ago, but he can clearly remeber a month from that. It isunlikely tha he ever holds grudges or seeks revenge.