VIVID is my original dragon. If anyone else uses her that's fine but don't claim her as your and don't forget to say she's mine.

I apologize for all spelling-errors.

Vivid is a RainWing/SeaWing hybrid.

She was born on a tropical island in SeaWing territory, and was almost lost when her parents were attacked by a MudWing.

She spends most of her time in her secret underwater garden in a deep-ocean-trench with her pet Mantis Shrimp and sometimes her friend Dorsal.


Creator: Reshiramtookme

Age: 12 (but she doesn't act like it)

Tribe: SeaWing/RainWing

Gender: Female

Occupation: Hiding?

Powers: Water-breathing, long-strong-tail, sharp teeth, night-vision, various water tricks such as Boom Bubble, and Salt Blind.

Representative Animal: Mantis Shrimp

Theme song: Octopuses Garden By the Beatles

Residence: Her secret underwater garden


Vivid is normally a pale blue-green with a rainbow-ish tail.

She has small wings, sharp teeth, and said to be "one of the smartest RainWings around" probably because of her recent travels around Pyrrhia, running from Blister, who wants to use her to spy on the SkyWings. She also has beautiful dark green eyes.


My name is Vivid. I was named Vivid because of the bright colors me and my egg were.

I often spend my time in my secret underwater garden, where I grow all sorts of beautiful plants and edible plants like seaweed and stuff. I also have all sorts of fishy friends that I play with down there. My SeaWing friend, Dorsal, is the only other dragon that knows about my secret garden. We like to play down there, away from other dragons, and with our other friends like Matt, my pet Mantis Shrimp, or Ollie, Dorsal's octopus.


i cant think of anything yet...... 8P

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