Victoria is a SandWing, and is one of the main protagonists in 'Owner of a Frozen Heart'. She is one of the Prophesized Ones.


Victoria's egg was stolen by Scorchclaw (quite willingly, I might add) from Queen Thorn and Stonemover. She was taken to Naranja, the leader of Burning Hope. She was the SandWing in the new Prophecy Foresight had given. Victoria, along with Gavin, Kilyris, Stormburst, Burningwind, and Renee, were raised by the minders (Ashia, Tiderush, and Scorchclaw). They were raised in one of the ancient tunnels down below the surface of the desert.


Victoria tends to be fairly smart and optimistic. She can also be serious, but only when she wants to. She practically worships Queen Thorn, freaking out when she found out she was her daughter. Victoria also has a dark side, which is only shown when she gets REALLY mad. It is best to not be in her way when she's mad. She also is very patient, especially with the other dragonets. Victoria's nickname, used by the other dragonets, is 'Tori'. She likes it, thinking Victoria is too long a name for her, even though her friend Stormburst has a bigger name than her. All in all, she is a very kind, patient, and pleasant dragonet to be around.