Vesta is a female SkyWing dragonet and one of Stuffed's OCs.


Vesta was a dragonet born with too much fire. Queen Ruby disliked her and wanted to throw her off a mountain, but she knew she could not. So she made a plan. She would train Vesta and make Vesta the guard of her treasure. Vesta did fine for years until Queen Ruby started making her punish prisoners. She got mad at Ruby and with that, melted all her treasure. When Queen Ruby saw what she had done, Ruby charged at her with armor on. But Vesta was quick, seized Queen Ruby's wing, and flew off. Queen Ruby's wing now still has a burn on it.


She has bright red scales with a darker red underbelly and neck. Her eyes are half red half blue and she has splashes of gold all over her body. She wears a gold fire-proof necklece with a flint hanging from the end.

  • A shadow of a Skywing
  • A picture of Vesta (she looks mad!)
  • A Skywing (duh)
  • This is Vesta's necklace, stole from Ruby's treasure
  • pony chibi
  • A SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang.