A typical RainWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Utopia is a female RainWing.


Utopia has a average RainWing build, but the only exception is that she has a oversized frill. She always has a storm of colors on her scales. This is because she is unable to control what color her scales change. The only part is her frill which Utopia prefers to make a royal purple. Her eye color is a dark grey.


Utopia brings the term of RainWings being lazy to a another level. She is sarcastic and can be rude. These are the times when she does speak. She often sits around for sometimes days sleeping and absorbing the sunlight for nutrition. What she actually does is think, even when she sleeps. Utopia is always thinking about everything, big or small. She rarely voices what she thinks, and she also writes and reads as many scrolls as possible to fill up on information.


She has below average fighting skills, due to her never trying to learn to fight. She is though a skilled "ninja" and is pretty good at sneaking around in any terrain. She is also a survivorlist after reading a bunch of scrolls about it, able to identify various plants and animals. She also carries avarious venoms and some weapons [Normally a long dagger or throwing knives, but she usually fails at using these]. The venoms she has have various usage, from simply poisoning someone to making a limb unusable by disabling the nerves in them.She does excel at using her venom after practicing with it when she's bored. Overall, she is very good in a direct fight but in something else Utopia is good to fight. While not useful in fights, she can also absorb the sunlight from moonlight. This doesn't provide as much energy as the sun would, though.


She is neither a Northern or Southern RainWing, instead traveling the forest as a nomad to research venoms and to write and read.

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