Im doing this again. These comments are not spammy things like "cool" or "I love him!" Theyre going to be 2 sentences at minimum, and just some fun comments. NOT INTENDED TO FIX UP OCS. Here are some rules:

1) DO NOT GIVE ME SONAS!! I would like an OC I can judge/comment on safely without judging your actual self/traits

2) Give me an actual page. No pages under 2.5K bytes

3) No Sues. I am not willing to comment on an OP character and have you complain to me

4) MISREPRESENTATION IS A BAD THING! Mind that if you get me to read an OC page, I will definitely check for that

5) Please only give me ONE OC. Please no "Do X or X or X or X or X??" It confuses me and tricks me into doing all of the suggested OCs.

6) Do not give an OC that I have commented on already, unless you have a reason (ex. revamp)! THAT INCLUDES CHARACTERS WITH SOMETHING THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ACTUAL COMMENT! There’s a difference between “I like the appearance!” and “Wow, a new OC from you!”

7) Incorporating all the rules above, you can also request a comment for your friend’s OC. Be a pal!

8) Above all else: Just have fun. My intention isnt trying to help you fix your OC at all. It’s just one comment on your OC to make your day brighter.