Okay, these are kind of hard to read, but they're pictures from the last chapter in Talons of Power. (SPOILER ALERT)

Turtle and Anemone have fought each other and were summoned by Darkstalker. He can't see Turtle but he knows he's there. So he summons Kinkajou because that's who Turtle cares the most about. 

Then Turtle is forced to give up the stick that hides him from Darkstalker. When I read this the first time I guess I thought he gave the stick to Kinkajou but turns out he throws it to Anemone.

So now Darkstalker has completely forgotten about Anemone and has no idea that she exists (picture 1). 

In the second picture, what happens is Kinkajou attacks Darkstalker and hits his eyes with venom. And something happens! His eyes dissolve. He shouts and heals himself, but this proves that although his scales are protected, his eyes and other organs are not. 

So if he doesn't protect those things, there is still a chance to harm him, at least. I'm not currently sure if this would kill him since he's immortal. 

But. There's a chance.

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