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okay so it contains some violence and abuse?

it's not a good idea to read this

kay i'm boiling with anger and rage now when it's supposed to be happness and hyper

so my dad is the owner of my doggo and his abusing her,

so my doggo(it's seven uwu) has a bad habit of leaking pee when she's excited and my dad taunts her bc of this

now,today i came back home from my piano classes and i saw seven in her cage andddddd i ask him why she was here.

and he answered very very rudely doggo peed in three spots(i'm not mentioning that)

and he screams at her if she peed in the cage she'll get more punishment

so i'm going to camp tmr and i don't know what gonna happen? like i'm afraid if something bad happens? like i'm gone

annddddddddd darkspark's taking over my account k bye