Long ago, a group of dragons in Pyrrhia possessed a strange gift.

Named ‘flames’ after their appearance, this power could emerge in any dragon, seemingly regardless of tribe. This strange, coloured fire was originally regarded as an unique occurrence - caused by a mutation, or perhaps an animus’ magic. It was only when an increasing number of dragons displayed these flames that research was put into them, and how they behaved.

One of the first discoveries was that the flames strangely did not burn - they had different abilities, but most of the time dragons would not be burned by these strange flames like regular fire.

The next discovery was that each flame had a strange ability. Items that were covered in these flames would not burn, but they would gain properties that they otherwise wouldn’t. Even animals could be gifted abilities by the flames - it became common to see a flame-breathing dragon with an animal companion who had been granted unnatural powers.

The gaining of flames seemed to be genetic - the powers and colour of a dragon’s flame had a high likelihood of being passed down to their offspring, and using this information, the flames were able to be grouped into different categories.

Storm flames - an angry red, these flames could break apart anything they touched. Weapons infused with these flames were dangerous to anyone opposing the wielder, and the animals made fierce predators or battle companions.

Rain flames - these were a calm blue, and possess the ability to calm things, slowing them down. Though it may not sound threatening, it can be with the right application - someone fighting a rain flame user may find their strength leaving their body, or completely frozen in place.

Sun flames - these flames were bright yellow, and often described as erratically spiking whenever they burned. They were able to strengthen the abilities of whatever they were used on - anyone with a sun flame-infused weapon could find their strength and speed far exceeding what it was before. Many skilled healers at the time used sun flames, accelerating their patient’s natural healing process until their wounds closed themselves in minutes.

Lightning flames - looking the least like actual fire out of the flames, these green flames moved in unpredictable spikes around their centre. Their hardening ability made any item infused with them nearly indestructible, and there are records of some lightning flame users hardening the air itself, using it to create an impenetrable wall.

Cloud flames - a soft purple, these flames had the ability to make things grow and multiply. This made them useful when wanting to cover large areas or shield multiple dragons, but animals were often the primary weapon of choice for cloud flame users - they were able to create temporary copies, sometimes creating a small army of animals within minutes. This, combined with their ability to make the copies temporarily grow in size, meant that even the most non-threatening insect could become a force to be reckoned with.

Mist flames - these flames were translucent, with an indigo colour, and gave their users the power to create illusions. Though this meant that by themselves they had the least offensive power of the flames, they gave a clever user an advantage, being able to confuse their enemy. In some cases, skilled users were able to create illusions so convincing that more than the eyes were tricked - for example, a dragon stabbed with an illusionary spear, while remaining unharmed, could still collapse from the pain.

Sky flames - the rarest of all flames, these ones looked the most like fire, giving off an orange glow. These flames were able to combine with others to further increase their power, or cancel them out entirely. However, the thing sky flames were most notable for was their ability to override another flame’s affect on an object - an item or animal already infused with another flame could easily be changed to sky, though this would remove any abilities previously given to it by the other flame.

As flame-wielding dragons became more common, they also became more dangerous. Many were conscripted into their tribe’s army, and fights that would otherwise have been small spats became battles that cost dozens of lives. Flame-wielders not loyal to their queen were considered dangerous, and were either killed or driven out.

Eventually, the tribes had decided that these powers were simply too dangerous to be so common. Laws were passed to ban the use of flames without permission from royalty, and the punishments for breaking them were harsh. Dragonets born with flames were taught to never use them, and useless traits quickly become recessive. A small number of flame-wielders fled Pyrrhia, but the majority who had been conscripted were happy to agree to not using their abilities if it meant being left in peace.

Centuries later, a small group of exiled dragons was able to find the records of these abilities. When they learned that the flames no longer existed because royalty feared them, the same thought occured to each dragon - if they were truly so dangerous to the royal families, then that could be their path to revenge on the tribes that had cast them out.

Under the orders of Confusion the NightWing, seven eggs were stolen from their nests, and brought to an animus who was persuaded (through the use of some rather creative threats towards both him and his loved ones) to enchant the dragonet inside each egg to hatch with one of the seven types of flame.

When hatched, the dragonets would be taught how to use their powers and about the unjust society they were supposed  to usurp.

However, dragonets rarely listen to orders. Especially if they know they’re more powerful than you.

Hi I got bored, went "what if the WoF dragons had KHR's dying will flames", and wrote this.

I may make this into an rp if people are interested? IDK, tell me what you think.