To finish this song I've been working on for weeks now. Okay, my goal has been acomplished. Very short but...

I'm Okay

How much more, how much more times must I tell you? I'm okay. Yeah, yeah. I'm okay. Fine. Go away. I'm fine. Everybody's looking. So go away. 'Cause I'm okay. Yes, I'm okay. You don't see me. You don't see my tears. I'm telling you, yeah yeah. I'm okay. I'm okay... I'm just fine. Jujujust fine yeah jujujujust fine. I tell you. You don't go away. You tell me you won't. No, not today. Oh just go away... just go away. Yeah, yeah. Every mornin' passing you in the hall. Stop looking worried. Afternoon. You ask if I'm fine. I'm okay. I told you I'm okay. I'm okay. I don't need you. No. Never did. Never will. 'Cause I'm okay. Just okay. I'm okay.