So, as many of you know, my favorite and arguably the most loved OC on this wikia (hehe, jk xD) is Aiden the FlameWing. And as only a few of you will know, he has a very long story behind his journey. One filled with heart-wrenching loneliness, regret, revenge, tragedy, healing, danger, friendship, sacrifice, love, evil queens, dangerous bounty hunters, and buff MudWing Kings. Very few know the entirity of his journey from the FlameWing cave with Ashta, Ruka, Inferno and his sister in law (forget the name), to his tragic friendship with Serena and Szazo, before finally settling in hi humble home with Fury, Frost Fire, ShadowEye, and Saphire.

A long time has passed. Times have changed, and dragons have come and gone.

So let me ask you. Would you like to see him return? Would you like to see a FlameWing's chronicle continue?


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