Okay I had something sort of amazing things happen to me.

I know it probably won't sound that great, but it kinda is for me.

So, I wrote a blog post yesterday about things that have happened to me and stuff like that. Well, I've been going to a counselor for several years because I have extremely severe anxiety and have ever since I was little, and today I saw her and talked to her about some of the stuff that was going on with me, and she decided to give me this test.

It turns out I have ADD.

I know that doesn't sound that great... But I've spent my whole life feeling different from everybody else. But now.... Now I know there's a reason. I'm not a freak, or a mistake, or crazy, or destined to never have any friends (all of which I might have told myself at some point. Several times...)

I mean, it won't change what happened to me, and to be honest it probably won't change anything about what my school life is like, at least not for a while.... But finally realizing I'm not a freak (and also realizing I've been subconsciously calling myself one for... Wow... About six years) is the best feeling in the world.

I'm not a mistake. I'm just me. I can finally believe that. (Totally not crying right now)

Thank you guys for believing in me. Maybe now I can believe in myself too.