Updraft is a SkyWing OC by Matau99. He's a young dragonet who was orphaned as a egg, and was raised by a minor guard in Scarlet's palace. Unlike apparently a lot of SkyWings, he does not have too much fire. In fact, he doesn't have very much. He is only two years old.


At age 1, his foster parents were killed in a raid by IceWings, who were then killed by SeaWings before he could get revenge, and then the SeaWings were killed by MudWings. This was enough to destroy any tribe loyalty he had had. He then discovered that dragons were more likely to spare him because he was a "young innocent dragonet." He taught himself how to fight by watching others do so, and within six months he could kill an adult dragon. He can't win in fair fights, but there is no reason to fight fair, and he learned that his opponents often were blinded by "kindness." A NightWing gave him a scroll listing every vulnerable part of the body, and he memorized it. His specialty is assassination, although he is proficient in espionage.