Tumbleweed AKA Private Rubber Scales, is a SandWing from Burn's army.  A quite strange and funny character,  Right now, he accompanies Shatter and Ravine on his adventure in Dispassionate and Indiscriminate. Ask for permission before using.  Created by XUbiquitousx.


Tumbleweed has ADHD and strangely enough, scales of thickness like that of maybe a MudWing's.  His scales are not that pale, but have more saturation and not that much vibrant.  He isn't tall or strong or great in stature but is is small and steady, not very weak and thin, but perhaps average size.  His pattern is of diamond shape is different, for the shape's wavelength is smaller, therefore he has smaller but more diamonds on his body.  His horns slightly point down and his left horn has a scratch on it that distinguishes him from others as well.  His tail is regularly barbed like most SandWings, but he does not use it.  The brightest part of his body would be his underbelly, being a light sand color.


As stated, he has ADHD.  He doesn't fear for adventure, but when it come to helping and others, that's what he'll do.  He speaks a lot, even when there's not much to speak about and loves to be random and humorous at most points and as much as he can.