Tuli is a hero in MudWing folklore. Stories about him range from his apparent birth from a volcano in the Claws of the Clouds mountains to his vanishing.


Though no one living has seen Tuli, he has been described as enormous, muscular, and brilliant - what every MudWing should be.  Most stories claim Tuli is a red-brown MudWing, but one describes him as, "Singed black by the fires he emerged from," in reference to a legend about his birth.


Tuli is the topic of many legends - his birth, life, and possible death are well-studied by many historians.

Most of the researchers agree that the following story is accurate enough.

When his mother found herself burdened by too many eggs, she took Tuli's, who was not red at this time, and flew over the Clouds Mountains.  She dropped it, accidentally into an ancient volcano instead of hard rock.

Most dragons would have died, but, inside the egg, Tuli developed an resistance to fire, as he was just born and still developing.

So, when he hatched, Tuli swam out of the liquid fire, and was taken in by an elderly dragon.

When he was finally fully grown, the dragon who raised him was killed in an attack by SkyWings; who, at the time, rule over most of the territory that we now know as the Mud Kingdom.

Motivated, he joined the fighting forces - and did one of the most memorable things in history.  Tuli's friend was wounded, (Tuli did not know of his fireproofness at the time) and a pair of SkyWings were ready to burn him.  Tuli protected his friend, taking the full force of their flames.  When it disperced, he was completely unaffected, and just as shocked as everyone else.

He then moved up in the ranks like wildfire, and, "led the MudWings on to their Golden Age."  Every dragon wanted to have a child like him, so soon enough blood-red eggs were turning up everywhere, hatching fireproof dragonets. (Though in the current Era, the blood is so diluted that blood-egg dragons are rarer and less resistant, so, no lava swimming.)

Many years into his life, Tuli was a living legend.  However, he was wounded terribly in a border skirmish, and disappeared into the Mountains, apparently, "Back into the fire," which means he jumped into the volcano. This last part is the subject of much controversy, though most dragons think that he probably died from his wounds and his body was put into a volcano rather than being buried.