Trinity is a female Swiftwing and originally was one of FourFlames' OCs. She was to be a protagonist in the formerly upcoming (but now cancelled) fanfiction "Shade of the Heir." Do not use her without her owner's permission.


IMG 1675

Trinity sketch

 Trinity is a white Swiftwing with an orange mane and a long red stripe down her flank (Note, she is not a lightningborn). Her eyes are a deep teal-gray and her underscales are orange. Her eye glow is a light teal.

Trinity is usually very quiet. She doesn't answer questions and does her duty without doing so. She can be extremely mysterious and arrives when you need her to help but never speaks and usually ends up flying away. Some dragons say she is shy. She is not shy. She works as a classified protector for an unknown Pyrrhian organization and is often too busy or too deep in thought to be talked to. If she is with one of her friends, she doesn't usually do the talking. She listens to her friend instead and only answers questions if asked one.


Trinity has fast flying, keen night vision, and aerokinesis, like most Swiftwings.


Trinity has no relationships, because she is incredibly vague, but she does have a couple of friends. Her best friend is Queen Dark Forest, and she has two other friends that are currently unknown.

Quotes == "Swoop about? No, I don't do swooping about."

"Intellectual, I can see that."

"It's top secret. I couldn't tell you even if I wanted to."


Her color scheme has an uncanny resemblence to the character Bravenwolf from Knights of Tenkai.

She was almost going to be a hydrokinetic but it would be weird because she was planned to be red.

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