Tribes of the Month


MudWings have thick, brown, armor-like scales, occasionally with amber or gold undertones. Their nostrils are located on the top of the snout on a large, flat, head so that they can lay submerged in mud for long periods of time. Their eyes are brown or amber as well, sometimes with yellow rings around the pupils. They have strong, sturdy, muscular bodies built for power and strength. They closely resemble alligators or crocodiles. If warm enough, MudWings will be able to breathe fire. MudWings that hatch from blood-red eggs, which hatch every few years or so, are immune to most of the effects of heat and fire. They can withstand massive amounts of heat with little or no ill effects.
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Month Tribe
January SkyWings
February NightWings
March IceWings
April AviWings
May RainWings
June MudWings
July FlameWings
August LeafWings
September SeaWings
October SwiftWings
November SandWings
December DriftWings

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