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Tremble is the bigwings of his siblings Nat, Pothole, and Valley. He is the son of Queen Moorhen. 


Tremble is friends with Soar and Heat. He saved Tang during the escape from the SkyWing arena. He also went with Heat during their secret visits with Soar giving him cactus for his SandWing wound. Tremble also went with Pothole, and Valley to find Soar when he went to find out who his father was.

Heat was flying away from the sand kingdom, and was flying back to the talons of peace. She looked wounded, and was holding her arm. It was dislocated and badly hurt. Tang came out to meet her and once he saw the wound he called for Tremble, “Tremble come! Heat is hurt!” Instead Nat and Puffer appeared and the SeaWing said, “Tremble is on a mission to find Soar, and he took Pothole, and Nat with him!” 

“What?” Heat roared, “Soar is okay, I know... I know he is.” Heat feinted and Nat caught her. “Let’s bring her to Nautilus, He’ll know what to do.”

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